QuickLaunch 3.0 Quick Review - loads of new features

By Michael Hepples on 19 Aug 2010 04:53 pm EDT

We have covered QuickLaunch time and again on the blogs since it's inception, and even had a review of it posted by one of our CrackBerry Idol contestants. Quite frankly, it's one of the most popular applications out there, lending a huge amount of functionality to your device in one place. With the latest update to 3.0, this application has taken another step further from it's humble beginnings as a mere shortcut app to something bigger. I ran the first version of QuickLaunch, and the difference now is mind-boggling with tons of features and functions available to tweak the app to your exact specifications.

The 3.0 update has brought a lot of changes to it, and reders several apps I had on my device completely unnecessary, adding Scheduled Reboots, Screen Capture in System Menu, even the ability to set a shortcut to a subpage of the Options menu. I personally have mine set to my Themes submenu, allowing for a quick change whenever I feel the need.


The visual customization that has been allowed in the new version is tailor-made for those that need to make their apps unique, with the ability to set not only the border size, but the transparency of the background and even an image to use as a "wallpaper" or set a color for the menu. The app now has support for Opera Mini and CrunchSMS, allowing users to open links and send SMS messages without having to use the native applications.


One feature I have found to be incredibly useful for me is the ability to toggle my password on and off, allowing me to quickly set me password on when I'm at the office and remove it when I leave.The app runs smoothly as always, and makes multitasking a breeze with the ability to launch it anywhere, no matter what you happen to be doing.

If you haven't tried QuickLaunch yet, I would seriously recommend taking a look. If you're already running an older version and haven't upgraded yet, you know how valuable of a tool this app is, and the upgrade is more than worth it. Available for multiple devices in the CB store, on sale for $3.99 until the 27th.

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QuickLaunch 3.0 Quick Review - loads of new features


QuckLaunch saves me so much time! And, I can disable my camera shutter sound with it (the GF isn't as excited about this feature as I am ;)

Whenever people ask me what my favorite Blackberry app is, I tell them, hands down, QuickLaunch. At first, it was a very easy to use shortcut app. Now, it's that PLUS the combination of 3 or 4 other apps. A must buy!

Beta tested this app on my 8320, 8900 and 9700 (still have on all 3) would not have a BB without this app love it
Cheetah great work as always on 3.0 :-D

Hey- can you tell me how to access the password toggle option- that's cool!

Wait- i found it under QuickLaunch Function>password toggle

The customer support at Nikkisoft is excellent. I recently lost QL off my phone and completely lost it from app world - they sent me a discount code and directed me to mobihand to download it again for free.

Best app ever bought and from the best app creators too.

They work except for the part where it still asks you whether or not you want to reboot now or later. Meterberry option 3 allowed it to reboot automatically with no input. Still, it works well enough that I could get rid of Meterberry. Great app!

I have quicklaunch 2.21 in my bold 9000, and i my trying to get the 3.0 version. Is it possible? Do I have to repurchase the app?

Depends. According to Nikkisoft, they don't charge you for minor upgrades (2.21-2.5 for example) but you don't pay full price for Major upgrades (2.21 - 3.0 for example). I had QL 2.?? and when i went to upgrade it was charging me $1.99. Not bad if you ask me.

But if you recently got it, it's possible that you could do a major upgrade for free....

hay anyone know what theme that is and weather its free? i'm looking for a OS6 theme for Curve 8520 that actually works on OS 4.6 :)

I recently bought QL2 and received a free upgrade. For the power QL offers it's so cheap anyway.

I reckon you should keep the password enabled when you leave the office too. If you lose your BlackBerry or it's stolen all your data (including remote access to your email settings) are open to anyone!

- Robert.

Just purchased 3.0. But it gave me the password for 2.x. So its saying "invalid password". Frak! I need my quicklaunch back, lol

I want to purchase this ap for my Torch from the ap store, but says it's not compatible with it...? Is this true or just outdated info?

I really like the icon set, anybody know what it is?

I haven't upgraded to 3.0, but after reading the article, I will be ... best app for my BB

App World2.0 is still showing v2.xxx for $4.99... When do they update app world about these sales or updates? Oh well, ill just click the link I guess..

it keeps saying to enter email and its a valid and keeps telling me to sign in to upgrade which i already am wat gives ??????

I accidentally bought a copy of 2.21.3 again instead of the new 3.0. Grrrr I'm not smart late at night. Help nikkisoft!!!

I purchased what I thought was going to be an upgrade from 2.21.3 for my 8520. After purchasing and receiving the link
I found I just re-purchased the same version. According to NikkiSofts web site the 3.0 upgrade is for the Storm only

Same issue as someone above.
The store let me have a free upgrade, it worked great for 5 minutes but now is asking me for an activation code and not taking the original one I (and mobihand) are showing.
Going thru QL w/drawal - getting the shakes...

I just called crackberry and spoke to a CR. He said that he would put a ticket in and that I should check the site in about an hour. The $3.99 should be the cart price then. I will check back at about 1 p.m. EST.

If u r having issues updating and you bought the app just go back to where you bought it try to re-download it should prompt u to purchase the upgrade which is $1.99...I have been using QL since it first came out and customer svcs is the best...never had a prob and dev do work with you if you should have a prob...I buy most of my apps through CB or Mobihand and both my acct gets automatically linked because I asked Mobihand to link them so all my purchases can be in the same spot....Enjoy!

Uggg... even though Mobihand didn't show an upgrade for the 8900 when I first logged on, when I clicked on QuickLaunch 3.0, it showed a 3.0 page with a list of devices and OS's (e.g., 4.6, 5.x) -- including the 8900. So it LOOKED to me as if 3.x was actually available for the 8900. So I went ahead, did the purchase (at $3.99), got the download link -- and saw that it was still 2.x. Ugggh! Now I own two licenses for 2.x for the same Blackberry...

Oh well. I wrote to Mobihand and explained it. Hopefully they'll help me straighten this out. Also trying to write to Nikkisoft on the "contact us" page, but for some reason it sits forever when I click "send". Tried this in both Firefox and Chrome... Little arrows to the right of "send" keep going in circles on both browsers (15 mins now!). Thinking something wrong with the site.

Hopefully I'll get through to either Mobihand or Nikkisoft, and hopefully they'll have 3.x available for the 8900 soon too! Really looking forward to it.

Cheetah Ace is aware of the issue, and is working hard on an update for the 8900. He'll also respond to your Mobihand email, MH gets the developer involved in any "dispute", so I'm sure he'll get you taken care of as soon as he can.

This is only abailable for the 9700, 96xx, and Storm 2 currently. A version for the 8900 should be available in two weeks.

It takes a picture of your current screen and saves it to your Pictures Folder. Very useful when trying to describe a problem or error code.

when you update from 2.0 or which ever 2 version you got you will get the 3.0 that works with the torch it works on mine just fine.

I love my Quicklaunch! I'm just waiting for it to get approved by BB App World so I can upgrade to 3.0 (wish I had bought from Mobihand directly).

Will the device transfer for non-mobihand purchases be within the 3.0 as well?

I love quicklaunch as well. I'm having some problems with this version though. I have a 9650, and trying to use the background transparency, it doesn't seem to work properly. other than that, it seems ok.

Got it figured out. You need to do a click on the transparency bar before adjusting it.

suggestion for you and for anyone else with more than one BB. I have two BB's and one problem I have constantly is everytime I have to change my pin, it resets the pins for ALL the app's. So you wind up with all the duplicate versions of your apps registered to the new pin. This is a nightmare! What I finally did was use a second email address to register the second BB with the help of the fine folks at the crackberry store.