QuickLaunch 3.0 now available for Storm devices - 25 copies to give away!

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2010 08:01 am EDT
QuickLaunch 3.0 StormQuickLaunch 3.0 Storm

We just got word that QuickLaunch 3.0 is now available for all Storm devices. Unfortunately it's not quite ready for trackball/trackpad devices just yet, but should available very soon. The new version includes a slew of new updates that continue to make QuickLaunch on the of the top apps for BlackBerry. Features of version 3.0 include:

  • Border size - you can now speciry the border size of the menu to be the default size or 'minimum'
  • Background color - in addition to being able to set images for the menu background you can now specify a color
  • Scheduled reboots - set a specific time of day to automatically reboot your device
  • Larger font option - added a new font size option 'Larger'. easier to read and select menu items
  • Support for Lister, Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio
  • Password toggle shortcut - toggle your device password setting on or off
  • Opera Mini url launch support - you can now launch websites using either the bb native browser or Opera Mini

These are just some of the new features so head check out QuickLaunch in the CrackBerry App Store for a full list of whats new. Version 3.0 is available for $4.99, while anyone that purchased before February 1st of this year can snag it for $1.99. Hit the link below for more.

Contest: We have 25 copies of QuickLaunch 3.0 for the Storm to give away. Keep in mind this is not for trackball/trackpad devices (we'll give that away upon release). Just leave a single comment to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

QuickLaunch 3.0 now available for Storm devices - 25 copies to give away!



I'd love to get another copy of this! I bought it through app world about 3 OS revs and 2 devices ago, and haven't had any luck getting a new activation code....The tech support has not been able to help either....

Quicklaunch is the most valuable software I have ever purchased as it increased my productivity on BlackBerry. Can't wait to get version 3.0. B)

Yes please! I've always wanted one of these apps, but my student budget never allowed for anything other than books and beer! Pick me please CB!!!

...because AppWorld keeps messing up my license rights when I switch devices. Please let me get one and fulfill it through crackberry so that I don't have to deal with AppWorld/RIM anymore! please!

Would like to win this since I could then open my event log and delete some stuff on it. Can't seem to open it any other way.

My Quicklaunch is the most used app on my Storm 2, and an upgrade would be just perfect!!! I miss the "Check for Updates" function that disappeared with the last update!

If I don't win QuickLaunch this time, I'm just going to buy it. But don't think that means I don't want to win!

Since the Storm/Storm 2 are already fast for accessing the menus (comparing to Trackball devices), and this App make it quicker .. really an ace application.
I have recommended it a lot of times to all Storm/2 users and they are all thankful.

Success for this contest, hope I can win a copy or I will wait to upgade it until Slider on my hand.

Before I knew this apps, I really hate Storm2 cause no really improvement upon Storm1 (I sold Strom1 1 month after I win it from a sweeptakes). Until I saw QuickLaunch on my friends Storm1, I regreted it and my next Blackberry was Storm2 and this was the first Apps I bought.

Thanks for the apps hope I can win and save the upgrade price, since I have bought my Storm2 before Feb.

been using since its inception and have remained a loyal client. Other launching apps have come out but none compare.

He just inherited my Storm so this would be a cool way to get him hooked on his "new" Storm!

Cheers, Tee in Texas

I dont know how contests work and I can't stand how this whole pay to upgrade an app thing works. I'd love version 3 but I won't pay 3 bucks for an app I already payed for. That's just plain ridiculous. I'd love to win this. I use it all the time but will gladly delete it if it remains incompatible with 6 when it comes out simply because I'd have to pay for it again.

For once, something comes out for the Storm BEFORE the other BBs! Please enter me in your giveaway contest for QuickLaunch 3.0. Thank you.

I use QL2 religiously and while I would like 3 I do not know if I will buy it yet, so this would be great.

I've always wanted to try this out. After all the reviews I'm just not really sure if I'd use it enough. Would love to win it though to see if I would.

I'd like to take this app on a quick review for my blog, eh?

Some of my fellow owners are curious about how it will look when paired with certain skins or display settings.

My Storm 2 is a slick device, and something like QuickLaunch may make it work (and look?) even better.

Thanks in advance!

QL is a must have for the Storm 2 it consolidates a lot of things in one.
awesome job QL look forward to checking out your new release

What about those of us who purchased v2.2 a mere couple of months ago? Do we not get a discount on the upgrade, too?? Please pick me!

The fact that I am still on my original launch day Storm 1 should be reason enough to win.

Boy do I need this! I already bought it but BBAW won't show it as a previous purchase and I don't want to have to purchase it again!

Wow! This sounds like an amazing app to have. Just picked up a storm 2 and put it on the alltel network and works like a charm. Now it sounds like I need this app.

I had to trade in my storm for another one and updated my pin number to redownload all of my apps and quick launch is missing from my list I contacted support. still waiting for a response. Winning this would solve the problem.