QuickLaunch 1.0 Released for the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jan 2009 08:15 pm EST

QuickLaunch for the BlackBerry Storm

* Update: 0mie put together a hands-on video of QuickLaunch. Check it out after the jump!!! *

After a lot of community development, beta testing and excitement, the folks at NikkiSoft have now released QuickLaunch 1.0 for the BlackBerry Storm.

QuickLaunch is a must have application for every Blackberry Storm owner . With an interface that is seamlessly integrated with the look of the Storm OS (Operating System), QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application on your Storm with ease and style.

Designed specifically for the Storm, QuickLaunch allows you to setup shortcuts to various functions such as Websites, Email and SMS addresses, Phone numbers, 3rd Party Apps, Videos, Images, Audio files, Device Info, Bluetooth Configuration and other functions. Configure a convenience key to activate BB Quick Launch and when pushed a menu will popup showing a scrollable list of your configured actions. The menu can be shown on any screen so you can perform any action without backing up and navigating through your homescreen and folders. Quick easy access to what you want to do wherever you are!


  • Website Launcher
  • Speed Dialer
  • Email & SMS address shortcuts
  • Device Info (PIN, OS Version, Battery Status, Free Memory etc)
  • Launches 3rd Party Apps
  • Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Delete your Call Logs
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • BlackBerry Options
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Bluetooth Configuration
  • Event Log
  • and more!

QuickLaunch sells for $4.99. A free trial is not available, but if you jump over to the official QuickLaunch forum thread you'll find no shortage of good people to help you out with any inquiries you may have. 

Hands on with QuickLaunch for the BlackBerry Storm

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QuickLaunch 1.0 Released for the BlackBerry Storm!


I have been beta testing it for a while and now we have official launch. It's a MUST have app. :D

Go CBT and CheetahAce!!!

This looks to be one of the most useful apps for the storm so far. Kudos. Wish I would have jumped in early enough to get a beta version for free. I think this should be crackberry's next contest..maybe 5 lucky winners get free copies :) If not i'll buy it soon anyways!

Tested the beta and agree that it is a MUST HAVE. Very useful app. Conrats to Cheetah for getting it done!

looks cool, but 4.99 is too steep imho. this should be 1.99 tops! for the time being ill be okay with just the icons on my home screen

... for a "simple" shortcut. If level pro is being priced at 4.99, which provides a usable tool, and this is utilized as a shortcut, i just can't see the comparison in price. I have to agree with darvish!

It can launch programs that are not running. You have to run the 3rd party app one time for QL to "grab" it and then you can close the 3rd party app out. Apparently RIM makes it difficult for developers to access all of the BB. By launching the 3rd party app, it provides data on how/where the app is run from. It is not necessary to keep any apps running once you have it stored in QL
After this you would use QL to launch that 3rd party app. It just saves you time from having to look around on your home screen to execute an application.

This is actually a pretty decent way to get the apps in the list.

With Quicklaunch on my 8830, I had to go into Status - Advanced Options - Applications just to get the actual module name, then remember the name and enter it into QL (as an example, to get the Garmin app in QL, I would have to enter "gmbb8830", or for Facebook, "net_rim_bb_facebook").

So, you would have to know the exact name of the module to add to QL. With the ability to "grab" an open application, you don't have to worry about the module name.

now don't get me wrong...i am all about the new/new and improved apps for the storm...anything to enhance the phone is good in my book. but...why does there seem to be a charge for every app for the storm? even the small somewhat insignificant ones are sometimes $5...just seems wrong to me..and i understand, people gotta make their money,just seems like you're paying for it more for the sheer fact that it's something different on your phone...like i said, maybe it's just me...

Probably would have a lite version free if it was an iPhone/iPod Touch application ... but wait, Blackberry folks are happy to pay for everything ... might as well here too, right?

most of your applications out like VibAndRing and LED Status all cost around 5 bucks and more...this application is well worth the price of 5 dollars just like Aerize Alerts. it has a lot of functionality unlike some of the other apps that cost more then 5 dollars

I wonder if this is because BBs are targeted at the "professional" who may be more willing to pay for an app as opposed to "MacNation" which is comprised of members of a community willing to share

I think free is a little too low :) But i agree $5 is def. too high for such a simple app. i was going to buy it anyways, but the developer is saying he will charge for major upgrades. i am a big fan of free upgrades for life for mobile apps for many reasons. i am waiting for the free trial because of those 2 issues. i am hoping once i try it, it will justify $5 in these tough times.

seems like a good concept, but only if you didn't have to open the program first then close it out just for it to be recognized and to save memory. The great thing about the Storm OS is you can put just about anything you'd launch most often on your home screen... the only thing that might be convenient about this program is the web pages or the SMS/MMS/Email functions. But at the same time, is that even speedier than clicking a button to your email/sms/messaging and hitting the compose message button? It eliminates maybe one step that is all of what, 5 seconds long? I dunno... the developers had a great idea, but I guess because the way the BB OS works, this program isn't as useful as it may seem. Kinda sucks for the developer, although I still think people will use it and say that it's useful for them.

Cmon now sending a text message or making a phone call is not a 1 step process. Sending out a simple text on the storm can take up to 4-5 clicks. Lets see here.

Step 1 compose(or click contacts)
Step 2 type in name to contact
Step 3 bb button to decide how to contact them
Step 4 choosing what number to contact.

I don't like spending extra money on apps anymore then the next person, but i did for this. What it came down to was is it worth $5 to eliminate those steps 5-10 times a day for the next two years? For me the answer was definitely!!

Not to mention clearing up my home screen and making websites easier to get to.

One of the things I hate doing the most on the Storm is all of the clicking I need to do to send a text message to my wifes cell phone. This is the process: click SMS on home screen, click compose, click SMS Text, type B (for her name), select Mobile, click in text input portion of screen and type.I HATE IT!! This process makes me want my Moto Q back where i just held down a speed dial number of two digits ( i could assign 99 shortcut numbers to ANYTHING) and started typing. does anyone know if i can make this shortcut with QL?

If I understand what you are asking, then yes you can. You can set up different shortcuts for various contacts. You can set up SMS/Email/Phone shortcuts for any of your contacts. I have heard that some people have up to 50 items in their list - without on any effect on performance. Once you set it up, all you do is click on the convenience key and then select the contact you have saved to QL and BAM it takes you right to the SMS screen with that person's number in the field. Just type and away and send!

Not to get into a pissing contest, but why would i spend $7.50 on an app that QL does for $5? Not to mention the fact that you can open up applications, websites, etc. with the cheaper program? Quicktext seems like a great app for those that aren't storm users and can take advantage of the keypad shortcuts. For the Storm though it seems like QL has you beat in function and price.

I think once a demo version of this app becomes available a lot of users who question the apps usefulness will be quick to sing a different tune. Just like many other great apps, it requires a bit of initial configuration, but once that is done it really shines. It amazes me how some will pass judgment before even giving it a fair shake.

Ok guess I don't get some of the comments on cost of this app. hmmm $5 for an app I will use every time I pick up my phone? 2 touches and I am doing what I want, hmm seems like a no brainer to me... Worth $5 all day...

So ALL the applications you have in the Quick Launch Program have to be running all the time??? I thought this was a "bad" thing to have a bunch of apps. running.... Am I wrong???

"X" application only has to be opened once to allow QL to access "X". Once that happens, you are able to set up "X" application in QL. Then you can use QL to execute "X". When you are finished with "X" you just close it like you would any other program. It is not necessary to have any/all applications running once you have added them to QL. PM me if you have any questions, I will help/explain so you are comfortable with your purchase.

I apologize in advance for the number of quotes - just trying to illustrate a point. Thanks =)

well like some people said here, if there was a trial or something maybe i would be more open to paying for it. like i said its not that i dont think it is worth some $, just not 5$. how about .99 or 1.99....

and just because other developers charge 5+$ for crappy programs doesnt mean that this developer has to charge that much. have you stopped to think that maybe those other developers dont sell their software because of their high price? also you could still make up the difference in cost or even make more if you lowered the price and make it a price point at which it is more enticing for people to buy

Dude, it's 5 bucks. You can't even eat at Burger King for 5 bucks. And you've left like, 14 comments about the price. If you don't have 5 bucks, or don't like the app, then don't get it. Pretty simple. B*tching all day ain't gonna change anything. Whoever made this app is entitled to making a PROFIT, not doing you a charity, cheapskate.

...because while the other apps may not need to constantly run in the background, QL DOES. And that makes me wonder if it'll slow the Storm down.

I hesitate to add constant-run apps, which is why WeatherBug was quickly deleted from my Storm. Is QL another resource hog, or does it tread lightly from a memory standpoint?

QL does not run in the background. You open the app via convenience key or icon, make your selection, it opens the app or performs the shortcut and then QL exits so there is no resource hogging. When you add a 3rd party app you open the app then open QL, add the app in QL, close QL and close the 3rd party app. Then whenever you want to run the app just start QL and click the selection. Again, QL is not running in the background ever.

Yo Kev, any idea or ballpark on when themes will start to appear on the storm??? ohh yea and ive been getting JVM errors on my storm i got 529 and app error 522 so verizon is sending me a new phone, they said it may be because of 3rd party apps, but i was wondering if anyone knew what this happens....thanks guys

keep up the crack!

Once the app store opens, simple stuff like this will be 99 cents or free. I know you folks hate hearing the word iPhone but they set the standard for what this is worth. For $4.99, I say no without the chance to at least try it out for free.

I agree with pilotnh. This app may be useful, but it's pretty simple to program. ~$5 is too much. Pass.

I think people have missed the point in calling this the most useful Storm app. I think that title goes to Cell Avant's Talk Lock. It performs a function that can't be accomplished by any other means on my Storm. I never hung up on anyone before using the product, but I did switch to speaker mode on many occasions. I know it's still in beta, but I haven't had a snag with it yet. Oh, and it was free (for now)!

Actually there is another program and it's called StormLock which you can purchase for $1.50. I think it's better than TalkLock and it blends in with the theme on the Storm. Check it out. I used to use TalkLock but once I tried StormLock there was no turning back.

I have to say this is one application I absolutely love. I'm glad to see it made its way to the Storm.

Seems my daughters only communicate through SMS these days. I have a QL entry to SMS my daughter. With just two clicks, I can enter my text and then send.

On my 8830, I have a Today Plus theme - I want to see appointments and such instead of icons, so having QL on a convienence key is a much better option.

As far as having an application open to add it to the list, this is actually a nice advantage to what we have on the 8830 version. Every application has a module name. As as example, to add Facebook to QL, on the 8830, you would have to enter "net_rim_bb_facebook". If you don't know the module name, you have to go into Options - Advanced Options - Applications, click on the application and find the correct module name. You can't copy/paste module names, so you have to write it down or remember it to add.

By having the application open first, you don't need to know the module name. You just click on the app you want to add. I hope this makes its way to other versions of QL soon.

The idea behind it is to take mutiple keystrokes and shorten them down to just a couple of clicks. For me, it is well worth it!

I had requested to be a beta tester and was then asked to send my PIN. I did but never got a reply.

Anyhow, I just took a chance and purchased Quick Launch and happy I did. This guy did a great job with it and it makes it all that more easier to use the BB Storm.

Worth the $4.99 and then some.

is this app availale for other device like the Bold or Curve 8900 ?
Checked the website and wasn´t able to find anything....

At this time is not, but a few people have requested such an application, and the developer is aware of this. If/when something is developed for other devices, you will certainly here about here on CB. Thanks for the interest!

Great app for me, thanks for building this. However, unless I'm missing something I'm unsure about a couple of capabilities:

1) I can't seem to open my browser to the Bookmark Default Screen that it always opens to.

2) I have 2 email accounts set up, and I can't figure out how to properly set up shortcuts to open each of those folders, or else to just open the Messages folder (where all emails and SMS are consolidated.

3) It would also be nice to create folders to categorize shortcuts, such as a folder of SMS shortcuts. Organization!

Am I missing anything? Thx.

1. RIM's OS wont let the default browser open without a url.
2. Working on getting folders to work.
3. Contact Group functionality will be released in the next upgrade in a day or 2.

This program looks easy to program but it wasn't. The RIM OS is not friendly at all and most of the things I do in QL are restricted by the OS. I had to figure out sneaky little ways to get around it.


I have no doubt that this wasn't easy to program, and hope you didn't read my suggestions as inferring that. I appreciate the coding here. I've done quite a bit of beta testing in my day, as well as developing, so I was just passing along some info for you to consider as you continued developing the software.

:-) Have a nice day. Andy

PIM that WORKS for the Storm?? One that will actually handle both portait and landscape mode? The 2 I've seen so far don't seem to mention whether or not you can (Today Professional and Eplanner). Aggendus definitely doesnt plus these other apps are a bit on the pricey side...much more than QL .

Sorry for asking this question here!


OK, first off this is a fantastic app. This app kept me from going back to the Curve. I lived by the shortcuts on the Curve where you can turn off the "dial from homescreen". I almost gave up the Storm because of the wasted time navigating to where i needed to go. I installed this app and now I am loving my Storm. I cannot thank the QuickLaunch team enough!!!! Great job you deserve a pat on the back and your $4.99.

I downloaded it last night, I really like it but my only problem is in portrait mode I cant get rid of the keyboard.

I downloaded it last night, I really like it but my only problem is in portrait mode I cant get rid of the keyboard.

Hi. Downloaded this from CB's store. Unfortunately I don't have a registration code or order number.

Can anyone help? Or can I get this from Crackberry again?


Hi there. Can you set up QL to go to BB Messenger and specifically a contact on your BBM list?

If so, can someone help me find out how?


Yes and No - you can get it set up to go to BB Messenger, but at this time you cannot get it to go a specific contact (this may or may not be available at a later date). When you are on the add application screen - make sure the add application is the "net_rim_bb_qm_peer" then just name it what you would like, click BB button and viola, you have a wonderful little shortcut to BB messenger.

The program claims to recognize 3rd party apps but it doesn't if they are just loaded on the BB. Then it states the app must be running but even with the app running QL cannot find the 3rd party app.

Bold claims but poor implementation.

I deleted the program since it does not work!