QuickFind for BlackBerry helps you find your way no matter where you go

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2010 02:32 pm EST

From NikkiSoft (makers of QuickLaunch) comes a brand new app called QuickFind. QuickFind is a GPS application that allows you to find previously marked location such as a parked car, landmark or an address using your BlackBerry. The app is ideal for outdoor uses like geocaching, hiking and fishing. QuickgFind will display your location and your target location on a sonar-like display and help you navigate to the destination showing your position, direction, speed and bearing. Upon arrival at the marked point, QuickFind alerts you with a vibrate/LED combo. Never lose your place again with QuickFind at your disposal.


  • Locations can be added by marking your current location, entering known gps coordinates of a location or performing a lookup by entering an address or landmark
  • Locations can be mapped using Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps
  • Turn by turn directions to your destination can be displayed for driving, biking or walking routes in 9 different languages
  • When you approach your destination a configurable alert will go off. You can have several combinations of alerts such as blinking led, audio ping and vibrate.
  • Option to keep your backlight on while navigating
  • Information can be displayed in imperial or metric format

QuickFind is currently only available for the Torch and Storm series and sells for $1.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

More information/download of QuickFind

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Reader comments

QuickFind for BlackBerry helps you find your way no matter where you go


Sounds neat. Would love this. I don't see what it couldn't be adapted to the non-touch devices.......

Has potential. I haven't watched the video yet, so I will ask: How accurate is it supposed to be? Can't I do this via BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps?

I've been testing this app for a few weeks now and it is very neat and useful. Especially if you are the type who has a hard time finding your car in a large parking lot.

"is currently only available for the Torch and Storm series"

As it should be.

BB needs to get away from their 2003 looking phones of tiny screens and huge keyboards. So many other smartphones are taking off on BB and running the front of the pack, and Storm/Torch are the only steps in the right direction a.k.a. no stagnant keyboard

Wrong answer Gatorboi. I chose the Blackberry over other brands because it was the phone I wanted to use. I chose the tiny screen and huge keyboard style because that was I wanted, not because its old fashioned, not because I thought it was cutting edge, its what I wanted. When RIM decides they will no more offer the phone I want, then I'll choose another one. I don't care how my 9650 looks, its the phone that I use to get things done. All of this belongs in another thread where someone in variably declares the Droid the best device ever.
Now to the subject at hand. If this developer doesn't offer this app for my phone someone else will offer something like it.

Turn on geotagging, take a picture of something, view the picture, and then hit menu and choose view picture on map.

This shows you where the picture was taken, now you can see yourself and the spot in bb maps. You can even give you a route to your car, or other place.

Also, blackstar is free in app world, that is a pretty decent gps app.

QuickFind IS available for the 9650. Downloaded last night and works great. There is a drop down menu for compatibility and 9650 is a choice.