The quickest way to share on BlackBerry 10? Just tap!

Tap and go with NFC on BlackBerry 10

By DJ Reyes on 7 May 2013 10:37 am EDT

Have you noticed that straight out of the box or whenever you perform a wipe and reinstall of BlackBerry 10, NFC is on by default. I have always wondered why NFC is enabled by default on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Now I know why. BlackBerry want to you make use of it any which way you can. From sharing files, pictures, browser links, right down to adding contacts to BBM.

Now, I've been using NFC already, from sharing files and photos to adding contacts. How I had been doing that was by going to the picture or file then tapping Share, selecting NFC and then bump the devices together. There's an easier way to do it however.

This quick tip comes from the BlackBerry Developer group in the Netherlands. They recently had a get together and discovered the awesomeness of NFC on BlackBerry 10. There is no need to even tap the Share option to share via NFC. As long as you and the person you want to share to or add to BBM have NFC turned on, then it's as simple as tapping the devices together.

Want to add a contact to BBM? Open BBM and bump the phones together.

Want to share a file or photo? Go to the file or photo, then tap the phones together.

This even works with sharing browsing links. Just have the browser open to the web link you want to share and tap the phones together. It is that simple.

Since discovering this feature I have kept NFC on and I'm using it share with friends and family more than I have been. Go out and try it now. It really makes you wonder what other treats and features can be discovered on BlackBerry 10.

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The quickest way to share on BlackBerry 10? Just tap!


Can you tap it against any other NFC enabled phone or does it have to be a BlackBerry 10 device? Is there a list of compatible devices?


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Does the phone that you are sharing to need to have the same app open? Or can they simply tap my phone with nothing open and whatever I have open will be shared?

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No, the phone that you're sharing to does not need to have any app open. They just have to have NFC turned on.

You can't really transfer files through NFC, but it can be used to initiate a bluetooth connection between two phones for file transfer.

I've transferred 5MB music files and photographs of 1.5MB and it works fine. It really is the easiest way to transfer files between devices. When I was on vacation my wife took some pictures that I wanted to post so she shared them with NFC, we tapped and that was it. I didn't realize you don't have to tap on share though so I learned something new today.

I just don't leave NFC on because of battery life. I don't use it that often to share anything so until I start using it constantly, I'll only turn it on and then off when needed.

Great tip though.

p.s. great idea to go to share > NFC if you have NFC turned off instead of going into settings > network connections > NFC > On. Just quicker and then turn it off when you're done

exactly. NFC drains the battery! that's because the bluetooth is also turned on in the background by default even though there is no icon. NFC won't transfer the file by itself, bluetooth is the bearer.

When can I start using NFC to buy things? Does anyone know of places you can use NFC, ime. Tim Hortons or parking?


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Go to France or Spain you will have no problems, will even be able to use it in some hotels and as your wallet

I tried this last weekend with my wife's S3 and it would never work. It would vibrate and make a sound but no transfer. Only way I could do it was over WiFi.

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Same exact thing happened to me with my Z10 and wife's S3. Anyone get this to work between these 2 phones?

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You are correct. I've transferred images from my Z10 to S3 with S Beam and NFC turned on.

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Mine didn't even work between my Z10 and my 9900. It worked from the 9900 TO the Z10, but not the other way. :(

Oh wow. If they don't need an app open, then that is brilliant.

I will sure be using this many many times. I even think that I will just turn on all the NFC on the BlackBerry 10 phones in our family, since battery life is not really effected.


Blackberry Faithful

This has always been available on os7, it was far quicker than pressing buttons and going down that long menu

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I tried to share with a lumia 920 and nothing happened and when they tried to send me a video it went through but said the video wasn't supported

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Idk if this has been asked cause I didn't read the comments and new to the whole NFC thing didn't get BB7 so can you NFC with and NFC enabled phone or only with another BlackBerry?

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Awesome! Just tried it to send to a galaxy s2 and it just poof worked. I love saving steps.

Thanks for the tip

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Also works in BlackBerry World with apps, games, music, and videos. Just go to the item and tap to an NFC enabled phone. It's pretty sweet. "Hey, check out this awesome new album!" TAP! BAM! BOOM! ...transferred

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(BB10 phone that is.) It takes the other person to the items page. Kinda like the website share.

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Tried the NFC BBM invite with s friend who also has a z10. It's a great feature you can do it with most Samsung phones too I believe. I hope CIBC enables a NFC option soon.

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I just tried this between my wife's and my Z10s and transferred nothing. The phones vibrated and that was it. We're on Verizon. Got my hopes up for nothing. :'(

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I leave NFC off because I need to squeeze the last drops of life from my battery on a busy day. Hopefully they will add NFC to wifi and Bluetooth as the communication methods that can be toggled via the swipe down menu in the home screen.

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This is wonderful, but I apologize if this is a stupid question... If both phones have NFC enabled and each has a photo displayed, when you tap the two phones together are the two photos shared between the two phones?

I tried to send some pictures and it works. I guess BBM contacts won't work for us.

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Great tip DJ. One question. Now that you have NFC constantly on, what kind of effect does it have on your battery life?

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I bought my wife a Z10 and we tap our phones together to share things all the time. It's an amazing feature. When one of us snaps some cool photos, we just tap our phones together to share them. Videos too.

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So NFC is used for setting up communication but Bluetooth is required for the transport? Both must be enabled...correct? Someone had indicated that both were required. Can someone confirm?

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you dont have to.
Z10 automatically sets on and off bluetooth connection for transfer. tried succesfully with a 9900 and both phones had BT off.

Another reason to love my Z10! :D

OMG this has got to be THE tip of the month. had no idea. just tried with the wifes 9900 and worked flawlessly. great for sharing baby photos! :)

thank you DJ Reyes!

You can share via NFC with Android phones as well. iPhone people are out of luck because they don't have NFC.

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Just a tip if you have a BlackBerry flip case it will block the NFC connection. Kind of sucks you taking out of the case to use nfc

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Will it work if you have a skin Case on your phone or does it have to be naked.

Power by BlackBerry Z10

I'm using plastic case on SGN2 and bumper on z10, it's hardly touch each others back but still can transfer files

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forgot Tmobile 9900 doesn't have NFC. They disabled it. Bastards.
However, NCF is set to ON on my Tmobile Z10.

This needs to be marketed. WHERE IS THE COMMERCIAL!? Along with a commercial for the other cool features. Blackberry will gain customers. More commercials so we can SELL LIKE HELL!!!

I think Samsung should use z10 in their SG4 graduation party commercial in the file sharing scene. That would make the lady with iphone more jealous hahaha

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Tried it with my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note...I'm with the crew where it makes a sound and vibrates, but no file transferred.

I just tried it from my Z10 to a 9930. Transferred a picture 1.5MB, and a web page link. Very cool! I did not know about this before!

DOES NOT WORK between most Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. I turned it off and gave up until these companies agree on a standard.

I tweeted out this capability a couple weeks ago, and it just so happens that a BlackBerry Netherlands development group follows me...

Am I the only one who does not want it that easy? Yes, it is cool and convenient and I admit I am thrilled but I use BlackBerry for security it offers. Just too easy for comfort to me. To each his own I guess.

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Is there anything special you need to do to initiate a bluetooth transfer with NFC? Or do you just tap the phones together and it switches to bluetooth on its own?

No, but only because apple thinks NFC is stupid.

But coming soon on iPhone 5S: iNFC, which is totally not the same as NFC, and is way better.

But seriously, i5 doesn't have an NFC chip, so no dice.

Somebody should do a battery drain test to prove that NFC does not use / sap any battery in background.

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Thanks for the short cut advice. And I do think it pulls down the battery life if it is always on. I turned mine off a while back to help extend battery life, and seems to have helped.

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I just don't get it. If this capability existed on the iPhone, everyone would be saying that it was incredible and that apple invented it.

Instead, the iPhone has:
No NFC - ignored
A fixed battery - ignored
No DNLA - ignored
No email security - ignored
A small screen - ignored
Non standard ports - ignored
No memory card slot - ignored
Breaks when dropped - ignored

And analysts slag off The Z10? What?????

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Mine work from z10 and SGN2 vice versa, only from my note it keeps asking to pair but when i confirm it automatically transferred. So does from z10 and bold 9900 vice versa.

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I've tried it on Window phone and ever a couple androids. Not successful. I have not been able to transfer anything.

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I use nfc with three tags I have programmed. One at home to automagically turn wifi on, bluetooth off, volume up, and BBM status to home.

Another in the car to turn bluetooth on, open my music, turn off wifi, and change my status to driving.

The third tag is on my desk at work to turn the BT off, wifi on, ringer volume low and status to 'hard at work '.

MyProfilesPro is the app I useand I bought the tags at

Only problem is that BlackBerry hasn't opened up or provided all the API's needed to make it truly stunning. Hopefully they'll be there in 10.1 OS.

Never tried sharing phone to phone. Will attempt tonight with my Z10 and my son's Curve.

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Hi, not sure if there is any settings for this, but is there anyway to enable sound for my NFC? I am using Z10 currently when i tap it only vibrates and no sound, if using other NFC phones there is a sound made i can enable or disable. it. thanks.