QuickBubble version pops up - 50 copies to be won!

By Ryan Blundell on 11 Apr 2011 01:37 pm EDT

Way back in August of last year, I had a look at an application called QuickBubble. The application focused on features we would typically see in two more popular types of apps – a message popup notification system (email and SMS) and a provider of shortcuts to more frequently used commands (create a new contact, calendar appointment, memo entry or email). The developers were extremely quick to respond to any concerns I had while reviewing QuickBubble. I haven’t heard from them since then and was worried that their bubble had burst. The application had some potential, though I was already impressed with what it had.

A day or so ago, an email from HandRapid popped up on my BlackBerry. They have been hard at work tweaking QuickBubble and have released version

What's new in

  • A new UserInterface.
  • Turn off LED light automatically.
  • Mark Email/PIN as read automatically.
  • You can choice which Email Account you want to view message bubble.
  • Support PIN Message.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service Support.
  • SMS bubble filer function.
  • Optimized the speed of the bubble.
  • Reduced battery consumption.

QuickBubble can be found in the CrackBerry App Store for $7.99; it's currently on sale for $3.99.

Contest: With this new version we have 50 copies of QuickBubble for you to catch. All you have to do is pop a comment in below to be entered. To make it interesting, let us know how you would benefit from the bubbling bonuses this app brings. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

More information/download QuickBubble

Reader comments

QuickBubble version pops up - 50 copies to be won!



anytime I can reduce the amount of fiddling with my Torch, is good times! Put me down for a copy ;-)
I will retweet this contest to the masses!

I would love a free copy of this app! I would use this to my advantage all the time. I'm so sick of having to navigate to my texts in order to reply to someone! Having it pop up and tell me that I have a text and what-not would be a great addition to my blackberry. ♥

I would greatly benefit from this app, because i am constantly forgetting to check my email and this would substantially help me out.

"To make it interesting, let us know how
you would benefit from the bubbling bonuses this app brings"

This app still seems foreign to me even with the write up/review but it still looks very interesting. I like the auto led turn off and marking certain emails / messages as read... Will help with certain notification spams I receive at 3 Am getting woken up by a blinking light.

Anyways I'm always happy to enter contests and always hope for the best. If I win I know I'll make use of this app .. don't know exactly how right now, but I'll find a way then recommend it to friends.

it would be great to have so i do not have to filter through all the crappy emails to get to the ones that are important. IE work stuff verses personal. Also would be great to have certain text messages be flagged for Needy lol. Thanks for the great contest

I would benefit from this app because of the easy to use shortcut and popup while inside of another app functionality. To be able to quickly see a sms or email and respond back will make my phone even better!

It would be really nice to have a bubble app on my phone that is very aware of battery consumption and also brings the feature of reading emails without opening them! NICE APP!

Please I hope you pick me to win because I think with the popups etc to help me know if and when I receive emails is an awesome thing.

Sounds like a cool app! Pick me! I'd find this useful as I have a bunch of "important" work emails regarding free food, coffee, etc that require immediate responses and in order to benefit from. hehehe.

And....plus nobody can say I just want it because its free.... I have a Storm 1 and anymore than 8 apps leaves me with 0.01K of application memory=SLOW STORM. LOL. Any app MUST be useful if it is to be kept.

I need this like air! Although it is a great program, I have been having problems with BerryPopUp in the later versions of OS6. I have tried using BBSAK to add the mailv2 COD files from earlier OS's but it does nothing but brick my device everytime. I don't think I should have to go through these issues just to have a working application, and I don't see an update coming very soon. Pick me please.

Pls2gief. Needs something that'll actually get updated since berrymail (bellshare in general) has forsaken me :(

Wow this app would definitely help my efficiency on my Torch! I would love to have a copy and know it would be used regularly!!

The bubbles would help me satisfy my curiosity of who just emailed me when I'm talking to someone in my office and can't grab my phone and check. It sits there in the charger with the clock function up and then I get the tone and blinking light but no way to politely check. This would be the answer to my dilemma. Thanks for another great contest.

QuickBubble would reduce the amount of time it took to type this and send it out to you for me to win a copy. Thanks in advance!

I think the notification choices would be what I would love the most...whichever email I wanted to bubble up, just displaying the name instead of the address and stuff too. This way I know quickly if I want to really look at the message/mail.
Thanks CB and HandRapid

I have been looking for an app like this since I moved from my coveted pear flip (rip) to my verizon tour! I have always liked the idea that new messages would pop up, rather than just wait to be opened. I a world of go-getters, this app makes my messaging SO much more productive! Pick Me!

I would love to win. I get over 50 emails a day and to check the message icon every time i get a email is time consuming. With this app i can quickly glance at the phone to see what kinda of email it is. if its urgent i can open the email right away and reply.

I'm curious how many of the entries are from people who have tried the app. The horribly broken English instructions are amusing, but at least followable. However, after installing it, it has yet to pop up a bubble notification on any of the SMS, PIN, or email messages that I've received. Even after the suggested reboot.

Yes- the app *looks* slick. After trying it, I wouldn't pay $0.99 for it, much less the somewhat ambitious $7.99.

Been using Option+ for sms pop up, but this app has more option,would like to get one copy to try it out.

I'm always using my blackberry to send and receive emails for my job, this app would help by letting me read my emails easier and use shortcuts to work more efficiently, I'd love a copy!

Pick me please. I could really use this and email would be a ton faster. Pick me and I'll pass along the joy of cberry on my BB.

Being able to quickly create contact, task, calendar, memo or Email anywhere is great. It's definitely more efficient this way.

I would like the program to PoP onto my BB Torch to help with the PoPulation of email and text messages that PoPuP on a daily basis. You would think I was PoPular..

Would make life so much easier with popup notifications instead of having to browse for the new messages

I won't lie.. I totally don't have any idea on how I will use/take advantage of this app. What I do know is that I'd love to try it out.

Thanks for the contests CB, you're great! Keep doing a great job!

This is a useful app. With all the texting I do, this app would help to navigate to communicate quicker. I hope I win. Thank you

It would help me GREATLY if it only had one of its features - the ability to mark all pop-up emails as read!! I have over 600 NEW emails on my bb, things I'd prefer/need to deal with on the computer (if they truly need my attention at all), and never get around to deleting from my berry. Thanks for the contest & opportunity to enter to win a copy of this app. It sounds like a must-have in my world!! CRACKBERRY - you ROCK!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

i would love to win a copy of quickbubble for my bold! im a heavy user in sending emails since i work 12 hours a day!!! thanks alot CB ":)

Anything that lets me tap on my phone less is a very good thing. And this is one of those :) so me please!

"Quote" (let us know how you would benefit from the bubbling bonuses this app brings),well i cant answer that question,because i never used/heard of this app,so im not familiar with it.but what i can say is how i can benefit from the app as a whole...I would benefit from the shortcut's and popups while im doing other things on my blackberry,and not having to be inside the app to see email & sms notifications,so i will be able to respond back immediately!

so "quickly" pop the "bubble" that this app is floating in,so that it falls and lands right into my blackberry

QuickBubble is saving my time by give a glimpse of the messages received, without additional button press, which complete my BlackBerry functionality.

I hate having to go to my messages when I am in the middle of something to see what the latest message is. This would help with that problem.

Wow! Big wow here! This is indeed timely. With BerryPopUp working badly on OS 6, I am very sure this will work flawlessly in my berry. Can already imagine BerryPopUp being replaced by QuickBubble!

I want this app so much! Let me win this please!

This iS great, all the bubbles will speeed things up! And if I don't like the message, then just... pop!