Quick Way To Find Your PIN

By Kevin Hill on 2 Mar 2007 12:08 pm EST

find your pinIf there is one annoying thing about dealing with the BlackBerry is the number of times you’ll be asked for your PIN. Here’s a quick tip to help find a bunch of information about your BlackBerry at the click of a button. Well, three buttons actually.

Type ALT CAP H on your BlackBerry keyboard and a screen will show up showing you your PIN, your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), signal strength and battery levels, it will also give you some usage stats.

You can also see your Application Version. RIM often provides upgrades and you may wish to see where you are in regards to recent upgrades.

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Quick Way To Find Your PIN


Start to compose an email, and type MYPIN and hit enter. Your Blackberry's PIN will display immediately.

Typing MYVER and hitting enter will show your the BB model and software version

Smart System Codes List

You can obtain various types of information by entering smart code on your device. From your BlackBerry device go into messages and compose a new email, then enter one of the following smart codes in the text feild and press space.

Code: myver
Information Returned: Displays your devices model number and software version.

Code: LD
Information Returned: Displays the local date

Code: LT
Information Returned: Displays the local time

Code: mysig
Information Returned: Displays the information you entered in the BlackBerry Options > Owner screen

Code: mypin
Information Returned: Displays your devices PIN

From an email, text or memo entry type:


Hit space or enter.

Your PIN will be echoed back to you. This is a built-in autotext entry for most current models of Berry.

This is very helpful if someone asks you for your pin, although you may need to edit the output to remove the prefix.



I have a bb pearl 8100 & could not get the PIN feature as you explained to come up? running ver 4.2
Let me know what i can do thx ernie

hi, i tried the thre buttons on my bb 9630 but nothing appears.
is there some other way?
i tried typing myping in the message but nothing..
help please, thanks