A Quick Video Tour of the BlackBerry Booth at CES 2011

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2011 03:16 pm EST

CES2011 is a big show for RIM this year, with the BlackBerry PlayBook being their point of focus. For all those who wish they could be there but can't, I figured you'd like to see a quick first person tour of the BlackBerry booth. It's a bit ADD, but you'll get the jist of it. Enjoy!

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A Quick Video Tour of the BlackBerry Booth at CES 2011


I am quite disappointed that we aren't seeing a QNX touchscreen phone ...
I've stood by my Storm, faithful yet grumbling that this was the first -generation and the next will be better. I'm eligible for an upgrade and don't want to deal with the "real" keyboard on the Bold.

Where's the touch-screen-with-a-trackpad that we all saw the pictures of?

I really don't want to go 'Droid... but ... RIM, oh RIM, why doth ye yet forsake me?!?!

"Where's the touch-screen-with-a-trackpad that we all saw the pictures of?"

It's called the Torch on AT&T. :)

Camera pans left...."and what do we got here at the blackberry booth....ah yes...cases!!" Are you serious! The largest electronics show in North America and we can't get any new phones! But WOW!!, look at these cool cases.

Wow, I bet if they had 50 new qnx phones on display, everyone would be whining about which carrier they were for, when the exact release dates are, not seeing the playbook there....or maybe they didn't have the color you want on display! Geez...some of you are never happy and completely selfish about it..."me me me...what about me, if they don't make me happy and do what i want, I'm leaving"....leave, deal with it, or be patient! Stop with all the whining or maybe start your own mobile device company, then you can make all the decisions about where to invest your time and money on new products

As long as the only candy you wanted was a PlayBook! Cannot believe that RIM will not have even ONE LTE phone for Verizon...very disappointed.

Not a big poster here or a big whiner. I don't need or even want a Playbook or IPAD or anything like it and most consumers don't either. The market for the Playbook is quite small in comparison and not what is going to get the average consumer excited about the direction your company is going. I am due for an upgrade soon and most likely will also be moving on. Time will tell.

I guess we all need to buy a Playbook, since they have nothing else to offer, and operate it with our obsolete phones!