Quick TIp: Using the alarm, timer and stopwatch in the native clock application on your BlackBerry Smartphone

BlackBerry Clock Application
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jun 2010 04:45 pm EDT

I'm always amazed when I find something new buried in the native applications on my device. Over the weekend I was playing around with the clock and discovered the built-in timer for the first time (yes, seriously). I knew about the stopwatch function, but somehow never realized there was a timer there as well. I've used the alarm itself as a timer tons and tons of times, doing crazy math to get it set when I needed. So needless to say, after stumbling across the timer feature I'm relieved that my alarm woes are gone. Tag-team this with the awesome Bedside Mode and the clock is one of my most used applications. I apologize if this is a "no-brainer" to some users, but I figured if I didn't know it was there then there must be others who didn't realize it either. Hit the video below for a quick look at the alarm, timer and stopwatch functions within the clock application.

Using the alarm, timer and stopwatch functions in the clock application

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Quick TIp: Using the alarm, timer and stopwatch in the native clock application on your BlackBerry Smartphone


news runing scarce these days.... when i first joined i was amazed at home many new articles were posted per day... now things have run dry :( the lids are getting tighter... even leaks are far and in between. we've reverted to basiscs

News is kinda slow as of late but thats just how it it. Have to remember that although we have loads of "seasoned" BlackBerry users, we get over 2k new users every day as well, so we have to cater to everyone. And leaks aren't our fault they either come or they don't :)

I have to agree. I use to get on crackberry everyday to see what new devices are coming out, new apps, leaks, etc. Just hasn't caught my attention over the last few months. No offense to the OP.

Honestly I didnt even know the 9700 had a built in camcorder mode till last week or so.

I didnt find any icon to video camera record till some people on the forum pointed it out.

So now Im video taping lots of cool stuff!

yes, i knew there was clock/alarm/stopwatch/timer all native. but, i have never used anything but the clock and alarm .. until today.

i needed a stopwatch and ever so conveniently, blackberry was there to serve. :-)

Not gonna lie, I've had my BB for almost 2 years and I actually never knew this. I've had uses for this function too but I Always just used the stopwatch if necessary. Good to know though, thanks :)

And this is why they point out the obvious. Never knew about the C, S, T shortcut. When I was a sales rep I told at least 10-15 people about the site who never heard of it. These "BASIC" posts are the things that grow the community. Keep it up

now that's awesome.

2+ years and more than once I've been annoyed by the extra few seconds it takes to hit the menu and scroll to the timer/stopwatch, and wished there was a quicker way, lol...

many thanks to you, and to Mr. Zeis for posting the general knowledge that spurred this discovery...

I use the timer everyday to make sure I clock back in from lunch on time. Set the timer for 50 minutes, goes off, time to start heading back to my office. It would be fun if someone could tell me how to change the alert. I have a really cool air siren mp3 I could set it to....

I appreciate the newbie tips like this though.

Go to clock app>press menu>scroll to options>press the track pad/ball>scroll to alarm tune>press track pad/ball>then choose from your preloaded ringtones or browse...... More than likely you will have these extra ringtones downloaded on your SD Card so just find your pathway. Any issues reply back to me. You fellow CrackBerry friend.


The clock is one of my most frequented apps... still kills me that they did away with the "R" keyboard shortcut.

As a busy father of four I'm often counted on to prepare dinner. While I'm not always in earshot of the kitchen timer my BB timer has saved many a burnt dinners.:-)

I personally love the articles on more simple, basic functions like this. Even though many people on here may know about this, there are probably a good number that don't know how to access these features. What makes this site great is that it caters to all levels of BlackBerry addicts, not just the hardcore experts.

Are set within the clock fuction. Just press the bb button (to the left of the trackball/pad) and select options from the list. You can change the countdown timer and alarm alert noises there.

Sometimes while fiddling with my BB I also find lots of decent features I would've never imagined. For example, I used to have an old Motorola phone for multiple alarms. Snooze is not enough when you want to set an alarm to sound 5 times a day. I thought RIM was seriously lacking by not letting you set multiple alarms on a BB. But when I was toying around with the native Calendar app I found out that by pressing the menu button there was a "Set Alarm" option. I was shocked to find out how awesome it is! As you were saying on another video, it's odd that the clock app only has ON, OFF, and WEEKDAYS as recurrence options. With the calendar's alarm, there's a lot of room for those. You can go from an alarm set to every weekend day to an alarm set to every 3rd Tuesday of July every year. And it's actually quite simple! It's nowhere near as time-consuming and complicated as creating a New Appointment (I always thought the New Alarm would be as complicated, that's why I always ignored it). You should check it out if you didn't know of it, maybe you'll even be compelled to write an article about it.

My Curve 8330 doesn't appear to *have* the clock app. I have a separate alarm clock app, but it doesn't have the stopwatch or timer features in it. You got me all excited because I'm constantly in need of these things!

If you're still running 4.5 OS then, no, you won't have the clock app. It was introduced in 5.0 OS. The Storm 1 might he had it in 4.7 but I'm not sure. Most devices didn't see it until 5.0.

I thought everyone had it by 4.7, it was there on my Tour on the stock OS. I feel bad for anyone who has had to miss out on this feature. And for what it's worth, most of the "beginner tips" that I know today I learned through these kinds of posts, and I'm still happy to see them even if it is something I figured out on my own. There is always someone who will have their eyes opened for the first time, so thanks for this post!

You will need to put OS on your 8330 that's what I have. With that being said you'll also have threaded text and bedside mode in case u don't know bedside mode is were your berry will show the time while charging during the night. Its great don't need a clock on the night stand anymore

If you want your BB to chime every hour or half hour, download the free app EveryHour. It's from berryblow.com.

I believe I got it from Cracberry.com app store. If not, it might have been BB App World.

I've also just recently heard that you can access email from within the blackberry. What will they come up with next?

I don't get why everyone is hating on the author, I actually discovered the timer and stopwatch features last week. I was typing a text message as I was plugging my phone in and accidentally hit the shortcut key to the stopwatch. I BBMed my brother in amazement and he was like yea, that feature has always been there. Good times!

why this wasn't the most interesting post i still appreciate it because i feel like as much as i paid for my BB i want to know how to dang near build one...i want to know everything and i wasn't aware of this

I just wanted to know if I could change the clock face and found it by accident two weeks after I got my phone. I told some friends who had BBs, they had theirs for quite a while and never knew it was there. I love those two things and there are a lot who don't play with the clock so this will be very helpful to those

Plus with the Stopwatch, you can do Lap/Split times. There doesnt seem to be a limit to the number of laps as I have gone over 500 in one test.

Even better, you send the results via email, PIN, SMS, MMS, or Group Message.

I just found it about 2 weeks ago myself. Needed a timer and out of no where I thought to myself. My effin BB should have one. Hopped into the clock app and there it was.

You guys may also want to know that you can change the appearance of those clocks too. The timer and stopwatch can be digital or analog. Just thought I'd throw that out as well. But you're right the BB is amazing, has so many options!

I appreciate the info on native applications. I don't always have time to explore everything so highlighting these kinds of apps is helpful! Thanks.

Thanks, this info was pretty helpful. I am actually starting to time myself while running and hated using my i-Touch. I really enjoy using it on my Tour, but I am ready to use it on my Bold 9650! Keep the tips coming!

hey guys, i found something cool on my blackberry too, maybe some of you no allready but i didn't. :) if you are listening to you're music, and you want to go to the next or previous song, you can hold the volume keys up and down, if you hold volume up a second then you can go to the next song, volume down ofcourse is previous song, i don't know if it's on every blackberry, i found it on my blackberry curve 8900

kind regards davy