Quick tip: Setting multiple alarms on your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Jared DiPane on 11 Jun 2010 11:11 am EDT
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The BlackBerry calendar application not only allows you to set new events, but also will allow you to add alarms easily. For those of you who use alarms throughout the day as reminders, you can now set alarms to wake you up, walk your dog, take medicines or whatever other reminders you may need throughout the day. What's great about this is that you are easily able to set multiple alarms for the same day, and they don't have to be the same time as yesterday or tomorrow's alarms. Now, how do you add these you may ask, well lets take a look at this very simple procedure.

All you will need to do in order to set up your various alarms for that day would be to enter your calendar application, press menu and then scroll to new alarm. Here you can set a subject for your alarm - a quick reminder of why your phone is ringing - followed by the scheduled time of the alarm, and finally the occurrence. After you have selected all your details you can go ahead and save it, and move on to your next alarm. You will be able to set as many as you wish now for each day, you can have them go off at various times, and set them to reoccur on a schedule that works best for you.

For those of you who have overlooked this functionality, don't worry, you are far from the only one who has done this. So, what are you waiting for, don't you have some alarms to go set or something? As always, any helpful hints you may find or information you wish to share, be sure to jump in the forums and let the CrackBerry world know, or send us an email to tips(at)crackberry.com.

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Quick tip: Setting multiple alarms on your BlackBerry Smartphone


I'm replying to the first post so people see this.

After setting the alarm, it will automatically change your calendar's general options setting of "show alarms on calendar." This means that if you use your clock applicataion's alarm to wake you up in the morning, you will have a calendar entry every day along with the new alarm you just created.

You will need to go into calendar>options>general options>show alarms. Change to no.

You will have to do this each time you set a new alarm... unless you don't mind having your wakeup shown in your calendar for every single day.

Was worried that this would appear on my Outlook calendar with BES. Just tested it and alarms do not show up in Outlook. Important for folks who share their calendar with co-workers/admins and don't need everyone seeing your personal alarms.

I too had no idea you could set multiple alarms in the calendar. I'm one who got suckered into buying Moblyo Multi-alarm to have more than one alarm and ability to snooze thru a BES-locked phone. Once I upgraded to 5.0 OS it stopped working and no support from the vendor.

Thank you so much for adding that! I did not know you could hide alarms from the calendar. Being a forgetful person, I have to put everything on my calendar; The alarms just created clutter and I always wished I could change that. This has seriously made my day. :D

Sprint 8330m, v4.5.0.186, Only has the option for "new" which brings up a new appointment. There is no option for "new alarm".
Have we found this as a new feature in 5.0 that leaves us 4.x users behind?

Yay! I was one of the ones that didn't realize you could set multiple alarms via the calendar app...thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy at this moment!

I used to use this... until my Storm 2 audible alarm alert failed to sound after .607 upgrade. Now I have to use a 3rd party alarm.

This was one of my favourite features when I upgraded from 8330 to 9700. I like it because I have my home-screen calendar, but don't like things such as my medication reminders showing up 4 times a day in my calendar with actual events I need to attend.

You can also set these alarms from within the Clock application. The alarms set up in the Clock application are the same alarms that are set up from directly within the Calendar and will show in the calendar unless you turn the option off.

I needed this function earlier this week and couldn't figure out how to do it or if it could even be done. Now I know that it is possible. I hope that they incorporate this into the actual clock function somewhere down the line but for now, this will do. Thanks!

What's great about this is the new (new to me) functionality of the phone allows the phone to become more of what I wished it was. for a long time, I wished I had a way to set alarms throughout the day for various things and have to have the phone set to do one thing, then have the phone set to do the next one, and then the next one, and have to set the alarm 19 different times thoughout the day and then again at night to make sure I can get up the next day and do it all again. THis is a great and an Excellent story, thank you for writing it even though most people think we should all know it by now.


I dont like the monthly view in the BB calendar because of it doesnt have an overview about the meetings in a concret day if I scroll through all the days. I use e-Mobile Planner App which helps me to solve it, but better would be a default function in the calendar.

This is really interesting. I'm actually gonna change a few of my Calendar reminders to Alarms, as I think the snooze function will be handy and will stop me brushing important reminders aside so easily, cheers for the tip!

I tried this when I had the Bold 9000 and the one thing I don't like about it is the alarm shows up on my calendar as an entry. It throws me off because I think I have an appointment everyday. I wish RIM did it in a way where it's hidden and does not show up in the calendar.

If its showing in the calendar you are doing it wrong. Go to "new alarm" not "new" as "new" will set an appointment, which is what shows up in calendar.

And this is how us crackberry addicts stay addicted...by little things like this...I can't believe I didn't know that's where multipke alarms were.

THE TORCH CAN SET UP MULTIPLE ALARMS USING YOUR ALARM RINGTONE! You just have to know where to find it. Took me a little while to find it.
While you are in your calendar, push the menu button and go to SET NEW ALARM. It will show up on your clock like the main alarm but not on your activity list.
Just goes to show, always check the menu button on different screens when looking for a way to do things :-D.