Quick Tip: How to turn off auto text for SMS messages

By Kerri Neill on 1 Sep 2011 09:18 am EDT
Disable Word Subsitution

I love the Word Substitution (aka Auto Text) feature on my BlackBerry. I've set up shortcuts for all three of my kids' names, CrackBerry and all sorts of other words. While using the Word Substitution to catch corrections of misspelled words and writing emails is great, some may not want that feature included when it comes to their SMS messages. Turning off this feature is simple no matter which OS your device is running.

  • OS 6 & 7: From within your messages folder, press the BlackBerry Menu key and then select Options. Next, select Text Messaging. Scroll down to Disable Word Subsitution and check the box next to it. Press the BlackBerry menu key again and select Save.
  • OS 5: Go to your Options folder and then select SMS Text. Scroll to the Disable Auto Text and change the option to Yes. Press the BlackBerry menu key and then select save.

Reader comments

Quick Tip: How to turn off auto text for SMS messages


Never an issue for me. There are the occasional times one of my keystroke shortcuts for an AutoText phrase is an acronym I want to use - all I do is hit the delete/backspace key once or twice to make the phrase disappear, then SpaceBar and that overrides the AutoText. Let's me choose case by case instead of turning off one of my FAVE BB features.

I use it for phrases and for capitalization of names, etc. Great for common greetings, "signature" type messages, and phrases common in note taking : "aatt" equals "according to" - smart case, "btr" equals "Baton Rouge" - specified case, "gnp" equals phrase "Good night Pretty Girl" - specified case.

Also use it for e-mail logins and "less sensitive" passwords: "jdg" short for "johndoe4728@gmail.com", and "ppw" short for "***password***"

LOVE AutoText!!!

so how can I remove certain auto text phrases? whenever i type in MN for minnesota, it makes it name or something.. I found the place the other day but cant find it anymore..

No need to remove, just use your "delete/backspace" key twice and the inserted word will disappear and let "MN" stay. I do it all the time with "BR". In Autotext it gives a "(" which I use sometimes, but other times I want "BR" to mean Baton Rouge in a text or BBM. DELETE DELETE when it gives me the "(" gives me back the "BR"

That make sense?

also good for you for "mn" when you want to spell out "minute" type "mn" and hit the spacebar. When you want "MN" as the abbreviation for Minnesota type "MN" spacebar delete delete" and you will get : MN