Quick Tip: How to send your contact information with vCards on OS6 and OS7

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Nov 2011 10:46 am EST

Send vcard

Have you ever been asked for your business card only to realize you ran out? Are there moments when you want to send your number, email, and pin to a friend but don't want to type everything out? Well have no fear your BlackBerry device makes it really simple to share your contact information (and anyone else's in your address book but that's our little secret). It's the perfect alternative to copying and pasting or trying to scan a PIN barcode. 

First things first you'll need to set yourself up as a contact. Once that's out of the way it's easy to attach to an open message as a vcard (.vcf) that your recipient can download right into their contact list. A vCard is an electronic version of your business card and is basically all the information you entered in earlier (name, phone number, email address), in a format you can share with your peers. So next time you want to exchange info simply whip out your BlackBerry and follow these steps. In a matter of seconds they'll have all your info.

There are two very easy methods for sending: directly from your contacts list or by attaching into an open message (i.e. Text, BBM, PIN, email). All the receiving party needs to do is open the message, view the attachment and add it to their contacts all with just a couple of clicks. Plus it's used by many popular applications (i.e. Outlook) and compatible with other platforms.

Send from contacts application

Send from contacts application 

From the home screen, scroll to and click on the contacts application. Navigate to the name or contact you wish to send and press the menu key and select Send Contact Card. Next, choose the method you wish to send the card: Email, PIN, Text Message, Bluetooth (OS7), or forward to BBM contact. For emails and PIN messages, a new message box appears with a little book icon while text messages is a miniature address card. Final step is just entering in who it's going to and pressing send. This last step does involve typing in the actual address if they don't exist in your contact list.

Attach a contact to a message 

Attach a contact to a message

Now if you're already in an active conversation or message you can send from here as well. You would just press the menu key and perform the action that corresponds with the message type: click Attach > Contact for emails/SMS, click Send > BlackBerry contact in BBM, or click Attach Contact when sending a PIN message. From there just scroll to and select the contact to send. See that wasn't so hard and won't take up too much of your time.

So next time you meet someone new, attend a networking event, or get a request to forward your info, who needs business cards when you have your BlackBerry.

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Quick Tip: How to send your contact information with vCards on OS6 and OS7


I make 3 entries into Contacts of my info for use with vCards. 1) My info as it relates to business - with full biz name, job job title, all work numbers, LinkedIn in custom field, corp office/inside sales backup guy in custom field, Biz Logo as photo, etc - no personal e-mail,twitter, facebook, etc. 2) Fully detailed personal entry: both biz and pers numbers and e-mails, other pers info in custom fields: twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 3) minimum personal details - no home address, no work info, no online info except basic -mail address

Use variation of full name, shortened name, nickname to keep them separate in contacts, use biz logo for 1), personal photo for 2), no photo for 3)

Lets me use vCards regardless of type of person I want to send to!

Can I email vcf contacts from Outlook on my PC to my Blackberry?

I tried it and the vcf attachent was missing when I opened the email on my phone (9780 OS6).

That's what I did and the email showed up empty. My outbox on my PC clearly shows the email had a vcf attachment in it.

It will be nice if BB will set a custom option, meaning to facilitate us the option to choose what details from the contact to send over vcf card! And not to make 3-5 diferent profile....

Try opening the contact in your outlook, choose the option send, there should be 3-options (send business card, in internet format (v Card) and in Outlook format. Choose the internet format (v Card). The nice thing is once you receive and click on it, it automatically opens in your address book and you can save from there.