Quick Tip: How to modify the e-mail signature on your BlackBerry device

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Jun 2011 04:12 pm EDT
BlackBerry Email Signature

A couple of months ago we ran a poll asking you if you kept the standard email signature inserted after every outgoing message. Some said they enjoyed bragging about owning a BB, others thought it was a great way to let people know they weren't on their computer, while a few refuse to use it. My personal belief is that there are some people you don't want seeing that "Sent via BlackBerry by" line at the bottom. I'll give you a little hint: my boss who sends messages to my personal email. Let's just say when a person calls in sick they technically should be working from home. 

That's why there are two ways BIS users can add/modify their email signature after they initially setup their email account. You can either login to your carrier's BlackBerry Internet Service site on your computer or access directly from the BlackBerry device. Now you'll be able to create a signature that is more in tune with whatever you enjoy.

In a nutshell all you need to do is go into the Email Setup application on your device. If prompted, you'll need to re-enter your login credentials to your BIS account. Next, highlight the email account you wish to modify and click on the menu key to edit. From here you can scroll down to the signature field located under General Options and type in your new outgoing message. Finally, and most important, remember to save your settings when closing out of the application.

You can enter up to 200 characters in the field so you'll have plenty of room to create something just right. At the moment the ability to add a picture or image is unavailable.

OS 5 

OS5 Personal Email Setup
  • Home screen -> Setup Folder -> Personal Email Setup Icon -> Login -> Choose email account and edit

      OS 6

      OS6 Email Setup
      • Home screen -> Setup Icon -> Email Accounts -> Internet Mail Account (if prompted) -> Select account and edit
      • Home screen -> Messages Icon -> Options -> Email Account Management -> Choose email account and edit

      There you have folks a quick and easy way to add your own personal touch to your emails. So I'm going to throw this question out there for all of you. Do you use the same signature for each email activated on your device or do you like to change things up a bit and create a new one for each account? Let us know in the comments below.

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      Quick Tip: How to modify the e-mail signature on your BlackBerry device


      I would be nice if you could modify all your sigs at once, or have one sig to apply to all email profiles. I have 6 email profiles on my BB, and thus, 6 different sigs that need to be updated when I change it. I do use the same sig for each email.

      On the above note, the application 'Smart Sig' is one of my top 5 must have apps - it allows you to create different signatures for different email accounts, gives much more flexibility in what you can write than the standard BB setup, and also allows you to keep the standard BB signature, meaning that you can auto insert your SmartSig signature and your device standard 'Sent using BlackBerry' (or whatever you replace it with) too.

      As I say, I'd totally recommend SmartSig to any power users who want more customisation and use multiple email accounts.

      This must be an attempt to see how many BB's we can brick in a day.

      I haven't attempted the email setup 'update' but until a little more is known about the problem...........I'm not going to risk bricking my phone so I can play with my signature.

      I'm just saying.................................

      Nice tip, thank you.

      I have had problems signing into the BIS server via the internet to change this and have been stuck with my carrier's default signature that goes on about how I'm "contract-free", until now.

      I downloaded the update in question and had no problems on my 9700.

      +1 for the Game of Thrones reference, Watching and recording Season 1 Episode 10 as I write this.

      if you have blackberry enterprise service, this is not the directions to change that signature. BES, you have to go into email preferences and select the enterprise account. But the funny part is that you can't do the other accounts you may have while in these preferences. I just figured i couldn't change my signature because it wasn't in there, so i did find these instructions useful.