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Quick Tip: How to change number of icon rows on BlackBerry 7 devices

By Jared DiPane on 13 Sep 2011 02:23 pm EDT

One of my favorite features of BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7 is the ability to change the number of rows of icons that appear on the home screen without needing to install a custom theme like previously required. In BlackBerry 6 you needed to go to the options menu from the home screen to set the number of rows, but on BlackBerry 7 the setting is no longer there.

With the implimentation of the touch screen on the devices RIM now allows users to simply drag the bar to the position they enjoy, whether no icons, one row or two rows, and let go and the setting saves. Take a look at the video above for a demonstration, and then be sure to set your let us know which you prefer!



I love sitting on the bus just sliding the bar up and down on my 9900 lol


Sorry Jared, but does that really warrant a post? Yikes!

Kerri Neill

Actually, yes, it does. Took me a whole day to figure out that Jared was telling me to slide it down using the touch screen instead of my track pad. This post was probably inspired by my stupidity lol,


Yeah I think so. I wondered how the hell it was done my damn self. lol


Agree with Joe257. I am by no means a BB OS expert, but if you didn't know how to do this without Jared's tutorial, I feel embarrassed for you.


Well, I didn't. Try not to lose any sleep on my behalf.

Thanks, Jared. I prefer no rows of icons and thought it was simply an option no longer available.


Thanks! exactly what I needed.


i'm gonna try that out.

El Becko

Great Stuff - Thanks!


Thanks so much for this info Jared!!


Good post. Most of us who visit CrackBerry regularly don't need this type of information but many really do and this helps. I always point people to this site when they have lots of BB related questions and itnis nice to see the simple ones still being answered.


The post mentions not being able to change the number of rows pre OS6 but I could change the number of rows on my Storm 1. On my new 9850 I keep it to 1 row, I like it clean to show off the desktop pic.


This has been a 'feature' since the VERY FIRST OS6 device, the Torch 9800.
Nothing spectacular about it.


I like keeping the icons hidden and then just tap the bar to fully open or close it.


It would be nice to be able to hide the "ALL" icons screen. I'm tired of the panels sliding sideways. All I want is my "FAVORITES" to be displayed.


Yep. Just to clarify. The 9800 running os6 does this already.


Man, people love to hate or criticize! The heading of this post is called "Quick Tip" under the "Help" umbrella. You haters make it seem as if the OP said "Hey guys! Check out this new thing I discovered!!" he wasn't trying to point out a discovery but rather help people who didn't know this was an option.

Seriously, shaking my head at you fools...........


how do you change the amount of icons in each row, when i first got my 9900 it had 5 icons in each row but after the updates it only has 4 now. And now i cant get the 5 icons back. Anyone know a fix?


whats the weather application he uses that shows the temperature in the notifications bar?


That's the Beweather app. I want to know how does to not show the carrier information in the screen?? I see it shows ".:crackberry:."?? How you do that?? Anyone??


Dear Jared! Thank you for that video! It really helped!!!!
Fantastic work!
Best, Venusp


thank you for this video, it rly helped :)

Wyld Guy

i have a blackberry bold 9790 i cant set number of icons on home screen and the trick in the video doesnt worrk for me is there another trick worst comes to worst maybe something from blackberry world app that i can download and set them with it?
did an os update my version is now 7.1.0 bundle 2841