Quick Tip: How to change the names of your saved wifi networks

By Jared DiPane on 11 Sep 2011 05:01 pm EDT

Odds are if you have seen one of our many videos you have seen that we tend to change the name of the wifi network connection, and if you have been wondering how you are in luck. Luckily we are not stuck with a boring wifi network name like Linksys or Belkin, but instead we can change it to something we prefer. For a while I enjoyed having the name blank, and other times I like to change it up to a symbol or other text.

Changing the saved networks name is quite simple, and with just a few steps you can be doing the same, so check out the video above and learn how. Will you be changing the name, or keeping it stock? Let us know!

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Reader comments

Quick Tip: How to change the names of your saved wifi networks


Doesnt work for me.

I get 'Name and SSID must be unique among configurations' and 'an error occured etc etc'

which part doesnt work? trying to make them all appear the same?


if so just add an extra space at the end of the ID and it will take.

I'm sooo excited to get that really long wifi name off of my phone finally, especially because i'm stuck with that ugly default theme on my 9900. Thanks so much for this info :]