Quick Tip: Give your email folder a custom name

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jul 2010 11:09 am EDT
Email Account Name

If you have trouble keeping your email folders straight, or just get tired of looking at jumbles of email addresses, this one's for you. In BlackBerry OS 5.0 you have the option to give a custom name to your email folder using the Manage Internet Email service. While these settings let you add, delete and tweak your email addresses, there is an often overlooked setting in the mix. While editing your address, you can choose an email account name that will show on your device homescreen. So instead of showing user@gmail.com you can have it display Adam's Email or Primary Email or whatever works for you. Just a cool feature to help keep things clean and organized. To check it out, head to the Manage Internet Email icon on your device and then choose (or add) an email address to edit, and simply enter a custom name into the "Email account name" field - thats it!

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Quick Tip: Give your email folder a custom name


Yup. Got the Yahoo icon back for my yahoo mail. Though I presume that the next time I boot or BP, that my theme will kick back in with the mail icons from the theme. No biggie.

Then again, maybe it will stay. Perhaps the theme is looking for "@yahoo.com" to tell it that it is an email and should have the theme's mail icon. If so, maybe changing the name break's that link and allows the BIS setting/icon to stay.

Testing out right now with a Bat Pull.

Battery Pull caused the theme's setting to come back into effect. Again, no biggie, but I wish there was a way to override a theme's setting for the icon, short of having the developer update the theme to allow the stock icon (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.....).

Cool, never even thought about renaming the folders. I think it is a lot easier to do it through your Email setup icon(BIS) from your phone.

Go to SETUP, EMAIL SETTING, click log in, clock on your register email. After that you will see email account name, change it, after save. Your done.

Having four email addresses going to my beautiful blackberry can be very tedious; however, changing the names to simple one word phrases (i.e. Blackberry, Personal, School and Work) makes it a snap to organize! Thanks! Can't wait to go home and show my husband!

Hey eggnoodle, I did the same exact thing and it didnt work at first. The thing is after you save, you have to verify your email account on the next screen by putting in your email password after you hit "save" when u change your email name.

Hope that helps! Mine worked after that..good luck!

Hey Adam, thanks allot for this little trick, I don't know why I didn't even think to look for that. Now it's even cleaner looking. :)

Also to note my icon name to do this is like allot of others, it's called "email settings" and go from there. Just an FYI

Cheers mate

This is so cool. Love these neat little tricks. I also hated having my whole email address showing on my home screen. Great tip!!!! Thank you!!!!!

The first thing I do when I get a new theme or phone is create folders for email accts, maps, browsers, stuff, etc. All my individual email accounts go into the email accts folder, all the junk verizon sends down goes into my "stuff" folder, etc. You already have the messages folder to look at all you email anyway.

Very cool!! I wish I'd known about this sooner. CrackBerry needs to publish a book with all of these little known tips and tricks. I'm constantly learning everyday I come to this site.

Where is this option located on the BB bold 9650? I don't see the icon to manage emails like on previous models.

I am on sprint and have a tour 9630. How do i get my phone to display the carrier and location like yours does. "TMOBILE - HILLSIDE"?

Thanks for the tip! Much more fun to have a custom title instead of my email address. This worked fine on my 8520 on 4.6 as well.