Quick Tip: Finally download large files with BlackBerry 6!

By ObiGeorge on 17 Aug 2010 02:26 pm EDT
BlackBerry 6 Large File SizesBlackBerry 6 Large File Sizes
One of the biggest complaints I have seen about the BlackBerry OS has been the very low (2.9mb) limit on file downloads from the internet. Well finally, RIM has addressed this massive complaint and now allows for large file downloads via the BlackBerry browser. As you can see in the screenshots above, I had no trouble downloading the latest CrackBerry Podcast straight from the internet (Bla1ze, you can smile now). While there is no word on what the actual max download is (if any), I have personally downloaded files in excess of 100mb which is all we really need. So if you have a new Torch 9800, get on that webkit browser and download away!

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Quick Tip: Finally download large files with BlackBerry 6!


I'm very gald to see this issue addressed. Not that i always download files this size but i do need at least 5-10mb. Is there any word on if this also means my emails of larger sizes won't be truncated do to there size?

I was about to ask the same thing.

Will the project documents I get, which usually become a large 20mb+ rar file, still become truncated emails?

This has nothing to do with BlackBerry 6.

Storm2 was also able to download large files; this is thanks to the built-in eMMC memory it has. Torch 9800 also has built-in eMMC memory. No BlackBerry 6 magic. I am sorry to disappoint.

Same with other phones. I have always been able to download large files (50MB) on my 8900 and 9700. Mind you I use the Torch browser to do so.

Insert a Media Card into your current BlackBerry and you can download files larger than ~2.8MB. Try it. There is a limit of 4GB that you can download, because the Media Card will be FAT32 formatted.

Sorry, had to mention this. You seem to be under the impression that the max size for a FAT32 card is 4gb! That means the 8gb one I currently have in my 9700 is a figment of my imagination?

Learn to read.

4GB is the maximum a single file on your Media Card can weigh; the maximum size of a Media Card you can install is much higher (theoretically unlimited).

That makes you sound like one of those annoying kids you come across when playing CoD or SSFIV online who cannot take losing.

Yea.. I can download large files with 9700 as well but now with the blackberry browser, I have to change the browser to Bell Mobility Browser in options, it seems as when I do that it skips the bb server compression and surfs the web thru bell's data and let's me download large files

...sending large attachments. Will that feature be enhanced? I can't send videos over a certain size...2.5 to 3.0MB I think. Anyone know?

It would seem there is still an issue downloading files from emails....I received an email w/ mp3 attachment & i get "attachment exceeds the maximum download size of 2.9mb" changing that would be an improvement as well....running torch on .161

My understanding with this wasn't downloading files such as podcasts. The issue has been downloading or sending large e-mails.

I have podtrapper and I download large files with that all the time on my Storm.

There was a limit on file size from the browser, and a separate limit on file size from BIS on email attachments.

Well RIM's own podcast app can't even download the Crackberry podcast on a Storm or Tour or other such device that lacks wifi. Kinda funny too, their own app on their own device tells you that you must download the podcast using wifi, which they know they didn't put in that device!

That one really BURNS ME!!! What's up with that? I have unlimited data but it tells me I have to use WiFi... which is not available on the Storm!

Its the same for me on my 9700 EVEN on wifi the BB podcast app will NOT download anything. Keeps saying file too large use wifi. Only way i can listen to some is to preview the podcast. PSSH Come on RIM!!!!!!! Better get these issues ironed out before the playbook comes out, or i'm holding out buying my playbook!!!!!

Download porn daily and 25 minute 3gp's are the largest I can downlaod just checked a few file properties and they are 30 mb

Just thought you should know there's an easy way to bypass this limit on Blackberry 5 also. I'm still using a Bold 9000 because I LOVE it, and haven't found any other Blackberry with a screen this big and vibrant combined with superb speakers. So I installed a little extra service book to allow the native Blackberry Browser to have an unlocked download limit. I frequently download video podcasts that normally would have been too large. Works like a charm and is reasonably fast (>120k/s) on my 3G network.

But I suppose it's cool that it's natively possible on OS6.

You are capable of downloading files in excess of the 30MB limit?
Where can this service book be located?(I have a Storm2 on VZ)

Cause 30ish mb is my limit.. Curious too if they DL over the WiFi or on mobile network.. Cause network wont let it happen on my storm.. Would be sure nice to have that magical service book...

That's the one!

Just keep the following in mind:

Installing this service book actually adds some other service books which can mess up your settings a bit. Only thing you need to do is go to options - advanced options - service book, delete the generic 'mail' SB and the generic 'WAP' SB that was also added to the list (You'll notice that these don't contain any settings and your blackberry will be using these as the default for some reason, which is annoying and caused me to lose email and WAP functionality for a while). Keep the NET SB cause that's the one unlocking the download limit. To use it just set the NET browser as the default under advanced options - browser. Just to make sure my email would still work properly I also decided to resend the email service books from my provider by going to email setup - help - resend service books, did a register with host routing table, restarted and everything worked perfectly!

Finally RIM gets to thinking about the consumer. They implement a very data restrictive environment in their devices.

For example, there is no download all attachments feature in emails. All emails are downloaded bit by bit, so if you have a long email, you'll have to wait several times when they download more of the email.


I've got a Storm2 and regularly download BBC podcasts, they're usually around 30mb and I've never had a problem...

How could I download files bigger than 2,9 MB? I have a BB 9800(torch) and I didn´t find the files "generic mail" or " generic WAP" SB.

How could I download email files bigger tham 2.9 MB? I've tryed a tip from same people, but it doesn't works with my BB 9800.