Quick Tip: Add to existing contacts in BlackBerry 7

By Jared DiPane on 25 Aug 2011 01:34 pm EDT

For as long as I have been a BlackBerry owner it has always bothered me how inconvenient it was to add new or updated contact information to an existing contact in my phone book. We have looked at other options which were pretty good, but still nothing like having it built into the OS itself, but all that has changed with BlackBerry 7. Take a look at the video above to see just how easy it is, and how to do it for yourself, and stick around as we continue to dive through all the changes that BlackBerry 7 brought us!

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Quick Tip: Add to existing contacts in BlackBerry 7


How about phone number? let say a friend send me a text with his new cellphone number can I just replace the old number in his existing contact with this new one in a similar fashion that you demonstrated in the video?

That is great.
What I would really like is when a Contact calls, to be able to have an option to add to calender, that way I have the Name and phone number in there together. All I would have to do is put in date and time.

I actually did this earlier this week. It seemed very nature to the point that I thought I had it on my Storm 1. Helps a lot.

Yes....I've used this many times since switching BACK from Android. AWESOME feature!!! If you're considering the switch...DO IT!!! Best move I've made. I cannot tell you how great this and many of the new features are. So much easier and much more intuitive than IOS and much easier to understand than Android. I still use Android as second phone, but this Verizon 9330 is a BEAST!!

Am I supposed to be able to see this video on my Bold 9930? Cause when I click (or press...yay touch screen!) On play it doesn't and instead it reads "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available". I was under the impression that OS7 allows you to watch html5 vids. I guess I was wrong? Do I need to tweak anything under options? I thought I saw a 9860 been able to play things like these. And yes been able to edit your contacts is nice. Had many friends calling or texting me using their new numbers and it was always a pain to add their new info into their existing contact entry.

Nobody else thinks that it's utterly pathetic that BlackBerry is just now getting this feature? I'm so close to jumping ship and with the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy M Pro I might have an easy out.