1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Aug 2013 12:04 pm EDT

We're in the process of cooking up another sweet Talk Mobile infographic (this one based on our social and communications week) and in doing so we need to reach out to the community with one more big question.

Specifically, we're looking at how many times per day you use your phone to do the basics... send a message or email, check what time it is, add an appointment to your calendar, etc. Easy stuff.

The survey will take you only a minute, so hit the link below and getter done and we'll love you long time.

Take the Survey!

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1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?


i thought you were lost kevin,but good to see you.
Come to India some time,lots and lots of CrackBeery fans here..

I found Maps to be terrific! It guided us all the way from a small town in New Brunswick to a place outside of London Ontario with absolutely no problem. I've never used a GPS before and it is now one of my favourite apps.

Posted via CB10

Done. Why are OS options always exclusive? I use both Android and Blackberry. Because of the lack off dualsim phones and because Q10 was the only phone available with keyboard this was the only option I had.
One is now primary to write messages while the other one can run Niantic Labs Ingress :-D
I use both to make calls of course.

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Why the survey doesn't include creating tasks with reminders and adding memos/notes. I do them a lot with my BB besides browsing the Web and emails.

I honestly never put down my z10... unless I'm really busy at work or when I'm driving :)
Completed the survey :)

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

Not so easy to fill out on Q10. Very small and when enlarged kept scrolling up and down by itself!! Wish it could have been in reader mode! But filled it out. Didn't ask how many times I just look at it :-)

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Happens with the Z also... took the survey but I missed some stuff like using utilities and maps...

From the Z...

I think this survey would be more useful if it had asked those questions on a per week basis. I do alot of things on my phone but I don't necessarily do it everyday.

I only use my phone for the basics: calls, emails, im's, calendar/tasks/memos, browser, maps, clock, storing pics.

Same. I have a feeling this survey will show that iphone users play games and watch videos etc on their phones whereas BlackBerry users just don't.

Navigation or gps should have been included.

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That was relatively painless, and informative as I realized how rarely I do some things (some are less than 1) and how often I do others! Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

I use my phone primarily for the "basics." Calls, emails, texts, IMs, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, To Do list, Notes are up and running all day (and most of the night). Blackberry browser is awesome, so I use it quite often. My Q10 is a work/productivity/communication device. When I want to be productive, I use my Blackberry.

I can't count how many times, Kevin because I use the heck out of my BB's. And with the new OS and hardware (Z10), I have to make an effort to not do something with it all the time. It really is the new crack. But I will do the survey.