Quick Review: Vulkano Flow from Monsoon Multimedia - Leave a comment to win one!

Vulkano Flow
By David Boyd on 9 Jun 2011 11:23 am EDT

We have 3 Vulkano Flows by Monsoon Multimedia to give away, keep reading for details!

The Vulkano Flow is the latest and greatest from Monsoon Multimedia in the Vulkano product line. The Flow allows the user to watch and control television programming they receive at home on their BlackBerry Smartphone, PC, Mac, and soon to their BlackBerry PlayBook.

Summary of Vulkano Flow features:

  • Mark channels as favorite for quick access on your mobile phone
  • Watch and control your live TV on the go via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Change channels just like at home
  • Browse EPG for shows and episode descriptions
  • Connect to all major TV sources - cable, DVD, satellite, DVR, TiVo
  • Stream high-quality video at H.264 standards at 150kbps
  • Connects to set-top box analog output and wirelessly to home router (802.11n)

The Vulkano Flow is similar to the Slingbox, but it is avaiable at a fraction of the cost. Continue reading to see what it has to offer.

Vulkano Flow by Monsoon Multimedia

What's in the box?

  • 1 Vulkano Flow
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet cable
  • 1 IR Blaster cable
  • 1 Component cable
  • 1 Composite cable

Setup and Installation

Once you take the Flow out of the box, just follow the simple setup instructions and you'll be streaming in no time. I used the included cables, and hooked up the Vulkano to my Time Warner cable box in a matter of minutes. Next I downloaded to Vulkano software to my MacBook, hooked it up to the Flow via the included ethernet cable, followed the on-screen instructions, and before I knew it, I had established my Vulkano ID and connected to my Wi-Fi network.

Next I launched BlackBerry App World on my BlackBerry Bold 9780 and searched for the Vulkano Player app. This is where you have to be careful. That search will return two different Vulkano apps. Make sure you download the Vulkano Player for Flow app for $12.99. The other Vulkano Player app is used for the previous generation Vulkano Players.

Once the correct app was installed, I entered in my Vulkano ID and password, and I was ready to view live TV.

App World download

Use and Overview

How many times have you been out and about and wanted to catch a quick TV show, or watch a ballgame? I know I have been out many times at certain events bored out of my mind, and would've loved to be able to watch something to pass the time. Now that problem is solved, I just pull out my BlackBerry and launch the Vulkano app. 

Vulkano launch screen

The app will run off Wi-Fi or 3G, however be careful if you choose 3G, as this will be very data intensive. Most of the time I used the app, I was somewhere that had free Wi-Fi, which for one, saved my limited data bucket, and two, provided better bandwidth for a better streaming experience. I found 3G would work, but depending on your signal strength, the picture quality could be choppy. 

From within the app, you have the ability to change the channel and view the EPG (electronic program guide) and see descriptions of shows. Take a look at the video to get a quick demo on how it works. 


The Vulkano Flow is available from multiple retailers, e-tailers, and MyVulkano.com for $99.99. It was kept in the sub $100 to make it more attractive and affordable to consumers, and I tell you what, it works for me. When you compare it to the cost of a Slingbox and their app, the Vulkano will save you a little more than $100.

The major drawback I have seen, is the need to buy the mobile app for each mobile device you plan to use it on, however, the PC and Mac apps are available for free. As I mentioned earlier, there is a PlayBook app in the works, and will hopefully be released in the near future, but it will most likely cost you another $12.99 to download. 

Overall, I think the Vulkano Flow is a great accessory for any BlackBerry user!

Contest: We have 3 Vulkano Flows to give away this week, courtesy of Monsoon Multimedia! To enter to win, leave a commment below. One entry per person please, and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! 

More information on the Vulkano Flow

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Quick Review: Vulkano Flow from Monsoon Multimedia - Leave a comment to win one!



Wow this sounds like a proper heir to the Slingbox legacy. I appreciate that they sell their offerings for 1/2 the price of the sling stuff

That'd be pretty sweet to have. Don't want to run another cable (or get another TV) for the bedroom. Already have a computer there so this would be perfect. Plus I would totally get the PlayBook app when its out.

I've been wanting to try something like this out. Maybe I can win and try it for FREEEEEEEEEE!!! hahaha

Looks like a great device!
I'm thinking it would be a great addition for my Torch and Playbook.

The best part of possibly winning this device, is that it would not matter to my how much Grey's or the Bachelorette my wife would want to watch, I would always have my own option.

Have pity on a guy suffering through all these Chick shows!!!! :)

How's this for an official entry! :)

This looks really cool...we have something similar to this for Dish Network but this looks sleeker and better! I really want to win one!

Sun of a gun. I was just on vulkano's website yesterday looking at replacing my 2 slingboxes.

Sling stopped supporting the user base and I want to be ready to be able to place shift TV when I upgrade to a 9900.

Awesome contest Crackberry team.

This is the technology that you never get tired of, perfect for a sports freak who is on the road. I am entered and keeping my fingers crossed, thanks crackberry!

FINALLY!!! Been looking for a slingbox alternative for some time and this is the goods! Can't wait for the playbook app to be ready. Definite must have.

Okay, I went back and bought the PlayBook again after having returned the first one right after the launch. I just couldn't stand being without it, so if I could win the Vulkano Flow it would be the perfect companion to my PlayBook.....Please

I travel alot for work and my friends have their sling boxed Ipads ready to go on the road and I have always wished my Playbook could have something similar. I would love to win one.

omg...i need this! Love the way it looks too,it wil blend in nicely with black comcast cable box,ps3, home theater system and google tv. Cant wait til app releases for BB Playbook.

oooohhh...........I'd love to win this and compare the differnce to my Slingbox. Sign me up please.

I must win. Not winning would be most illogical captain.

I must win or I will have to use the Vulcano Death Grip.

Hopefully it is a lot easier to trouble shoot than a slingbox. would love to win this as i left the slingbox with my parents.

By the power of Greyskull! I'd love this and would be rockin' it on my PlayBook if they need Beta testers!!!

Wow! It is so amazing, isn't it? Thanks CB by introducing such a cool and amazing stuff for BB fans! It powers BB devices again, pushes them to a higher rank in experiencing. I can't wait to try it, thank you~! Yahooooo~!

This would be a great fun device to have for when you are out of town and you recorded some shows or whatever and now you don't have to wait til you get back home just to watch your shows.
Crackberry you guys and gals give away the COOLEST stuff around, just hope I am one of the blessed three!
Thanks in advance!

this looks awesome!! Just what i need since the wife always wants to watch one tv and my son cartoons on another tV! Can I watch the channels i want while the TV is in another channel? anyways... PICK MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would definitely like to try this out. Been on the fence about Sling for a while, but this looks to be even better.

looks like a great device and could take me through some boring courses or a long train ride. please pick me...

I can only imagine how pleased my wife will be when I am watching tv on my bberry while she is watching the boy @ the park!

3-4Hrs commute per day for me, once you've seen the "happy faces" of people (myself included) on a monday morning at 5, you'll understand why I clearly need one for my Playbook =)