Quick Review: Six dot X theme for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 4 Apr 2011 02:59 pm EDT

Last week we saw OS 6.1 pop up for some unreleased devices. Inside the latest icons for OS 6.1 were unearthed and magically turned into what is now Six dot X. This latest creation comes from BBThemes and is the closest you can get to OS 6.1 on your device (for now). Nothing major will change from your stock theme, but Six dot X provides a fancy new look with all new icons for native apps. The icons break from the old colorless style to new spiffiness. They now sport some color and give things a much different look. While you can expect to see more of them when OS 6.1 starts hitting devices, you can check out Six dot X on your current device while you wait it out. Check out the video above for a quick look then hit the link below to purchase.

More information/download of Six dot X

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Quick Review: Six dot X theme for BlackBerry


True, market value is not $2 at all for just icon changes if you have OS6. They just saw the opportunity and exploited people's irrational desperation for a product and they are making their nice profit.

But, it also supports other non os6 devices, so for them, its a total UI change.

Will the icons looks better on 6.1? I thought it had better graphics capabilities.

Anyway the new icons are fine but for me it's that beautiful 9930 phone I'm wanting.

At around 0:22, you seem to have pressed the menu button twice to access the launcher - when you can just easily swipe down your trackpad. Good theme btw.

LMAO ppl pay for this? Idk how but there are TONS of webpages with this theme, FOR FREE and not a a copy, the REAL ONE, Six dot X. BTW is not like the "ultimate" theme......

I'm all for paying for themes just bought one from hedone, but I've got to agree, this doesn't seem worth the price.

Just check out the forums for themes that are almost identical with the 6.1 icons and free.

I did this over the weekend. That free theme came out later in the day after the Six Dox X theme. Works fine and looks great.

Amen. And I didn't have fork out any money. Go figure.

AND its not the "only" theme out there closest to 6.1...

I'm having issues with the 6.1 calendar icon I customized the theme and everything on the 9700 the way I wanted. But the calendar icon doesn't show on the simulator or preview. So how can I get the 6.1 calendar icon to work. Also is there more icons or banners re-sized to fit on the 9700.

hi there, you should find a battery pull will resolve this for you, if it doesnt drop us an email through the support link in the crackberry appstore

For some reason its draining my battery faster. using .480 on 9780 with no theme avg. discharge rate was 1.3 to 1.5 an hour with this theme it jumps up to around 2.5 sometimes higher.

LOL I find it hilarious that people complaining about $ 2 for a theme, Really? it makes it sounds people are hard up for cash. You can find $2 worth of spare change between your couch cushions or in the pocket of jacket you haven't worn in longtime maybe in the back pocket of an pair of jeans. I have bought this theme prior to it's released and I really I like it. So what it's just the icons I am paying for, I am not tech savy to use the 6.0 theme builder beta again it's ONLY 2 DOLLARS LOL. I have noticed a free 6.1 theme is available now which is great for people who didn't Six got X theme I'm not bitter about spending $2. It will be one less double cheese burger I'm getting from the value menu LOL

Sure, paying $2 once is fine, but if you're buying a few apps a week or a month, then $2 grows pretty quickly.

In which case, you should spend your $2 wisely.

LMAO, and i find it hilarious that ppl forked out $2 when there are FREE versions of the same thing out there. Really? Yeah really.

I'm just waiting for a theme for my 9780 which is 99% like the OS 6 theme but without the silly sliding categories on the homescreen. I keep activating them accidentally when scrolling to the icons on the edge!

I purchased this. Took almost a day to actually be able to download it. The dev was very friendly in trying to work everything out. It was all the app stores fault btw. Dev is tops.

Ive had a few themes and they usually only last a day before I go back to the default theme. But this one I keep using. Worth the $2 for me since I use it all the time and I really dont care for the older icons.