Quick Review: Seidio Innocase Active for BlackBerry Torch 9810 and 9800

Seidio Innocase Active Torch 9810 and 9800
By Ryan Blundell on 19 Feb 2012 01:44 pm EST

"Seidio's long history of mobile protection lives strong in the Innocase Active"

In Short:
"Trusted protection and style"

Should I Buy?
"Makes your BlackBerry Torch 9810/9800 easier to use with one hand."

It’s safe to say that the more moving parts there are on a BlackBerry smartphone, the greater the chance you have of dropping it. Think about it; say you’re running to a meeting-You have your bag or coffee in one hand, and your BlackBerry in another. Suddenly, you get an urgent email from your boss. Unable to focus on the virtual keyboard, you attempt to slide your BlackBerry Torch 9810 or 9800 open to use the physical one. The next thing you know, you’re watching your Torch slip out of your hand and hit the ground. If only you had more protection on it.

Now a while back, I tried out the Seidio Innocase Active for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and 9800. I was quite impressed with their CONVERT combo, so I wanted to check out something a little less portly. With a thickness of just over 2 millimetres, what kind of protection can it offer?

The Review

The Innocase Active is a definite must if you want more protection than their low profile Innocase Surface snap-on case, but less bulk than a heavy duty one (which they don’t make for the Torch 9810/9800 anyway). The innermost layer of the case is a durable silicone skin meant to cushion your BlackBerry Torch, except for the screen portion. The second layer is a sturdy plastic to give a back bone to your smartphone.

Innocase Active front

Innocase Back

To be honest, I’m a big fan of anything that gives me some extra grip. Not only is the plastic exoskeleton tough, it also sports a rubberized, or velvet-like coating to add some security. The same coating can be found on the screen portion, which gives you the added benefit of being able to slide the screen up much more easily.

Innocase Active right

The right side of the case keeps all of your buttons protected, but has a cut out for the headset jack; leaving it exposed. Even with the buttons covered, the silicone did not take away the functionality.

Innocase Active left

The left side also sees the USB port exposed, but doesn’t restrict you from easily plugging your BlackBerry Torch in.

The Seidio Innocase Active comes in a variety of colours- black, sapphire blue, burgundy and amethyst – keep in mind that the silicone skin will always be black. The case is compatible with the Innocase Active holster. This holster has a spring clip to help keep your phone safe and secure.

Innocase Active BlackBerry Torch 9810 / 9800
by Seidio

The Good

The compact design is perfect for every day challenges. It gives moderate protection, without compromising how you use your BlackBerry Torch. Whether it's a pocket or bag, you know it's moderately protected.

The Bad

My own Innocase Active had some issues keeping up with my routine BlackBerry cleaning. Two of the teeth on the snap-on portion snapped off. I was also hoping for plugs for the USB port and head phones.


As I said before, The Innocase Active is great for those who want enough protection to see them through their day, but not enough bulk to inhibit how they operate their smartphone. The colour choices they offer will probably be the biggest choice you have to make here; as owning this case is a no brainer.

Three Amazing Alternatives

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BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber protective film
"Protects from scratches but not as well when it comes to damage from a fall."
Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case
"Thinner profile but doesn't covers as much"
Seidio Innocase Active Holster and Case Combo
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Reader comments

Quick Review: Seidio Innocase Active for BlackBerry Torch 9810 and 9800


See the problem I have with Torch cases ARE those little tabs that hold the top portion on. They always seem to break off at some point. I believe there is one out there that slides on and doesnt snap to the top.

Two issues with this case: the headset cutout, and the bezel protector for the screen/slide.

Headset cutout may not accommodate some larger 3.5" jacks. Computer speakers come to mind here. When wanting to listen to music at work, I have to take the case off in order to plug in the speakers. Luckily, the case is very easy to remove, so it's not a deal breaker. I would imagine that a wide assortment of headsets/headphones will work without issue.

The bezel protector is another thing. Tabs on it are thicker for more durability, which is good. However this thickness caused the slider to separate from the main chassis. This made the slider mushy when closed and using the trackpad and buttons. It also interfered with whatever sensor RIM has put into place to power down the keyboard while closed. The keyboard remained on (you could see this if looking at unit from side), and battery life did seem to suffer. It should be noted that the Otterbox bezel protector has a similar problem, as would others I assume due to the difficult nature of sliders. I don't use the protector because of this, which is unfortunate.

It would be great if RIM designed their next slider with discrete notches or something that would allow case OEMs to tuck the tabs in to avoid such interference.

The soft touch of the case is awesome. Unlike the slippery Otterbox, the Seidio feels secure in the hand. Whoever designed the Otterbox shell to be almost perfectly smooth wasn't thinking straight. I was always thinking it was going to fly out of my hand. The soft touch coating seems durable enough. I take the phone in and out of a holster all day long, and the coating looks as good as the first day.

And having your choice of colours is a great selling point as well.

There has to be a better way to attach the top part of the case. I gave my son my 9800 and we used a Mobi hard shell case on it and as noted by the poster above, it messed up the keyboard open/close sensor. It also marred the plastic chrome finish of the bezel. In the end, Rogers fixed it for us, at no cost, out of warranty. The phone now goes naked or in a pocket pouch.

I have an Otterbox Commuter, which was fine if a little bulky. The slider bezel piece snapped across a long edge when I was holding it pulling it out of a pouch, so I replaced it with Seidio Surface with a holster. The Surface lacks the silicone padding of the Otterbox or the Active, and the ports are also exposed, but the slider bezel fits much better than the Otterbox (it always felt as if the slider was loose with the Otterbox.)

What I have found is that when I need extra protection I can replace the bottom part of the Seidio with the Otterbox part, which has a silicone skin and plugs for the USB and headphone, and it will still fit the holster. Best of both worlds?

I definitely recommend this case. I do agree with robertdusa's comment on the cover being a slight hindrance in using the trackpad and buttons. But all n all I think its a small price to pay for the added security. Remember to slightly stretch the silicone cover (in the places that the silicone covers the buttons) because the fit is rather tight and without a little help those buttons will be pressed without you doing so.

I've got the AGF GRT case that looks strangely similar to this case except the GRT case has its own glide rails so the top does not hinder the movement of the slider. There are not tabs to break off either.

I would like to see CB do a review for the AGF GRT case. However, it doesn't seem to be offered at the CB store, so maybe that's why they never review it?

Anyone know if this case would stand up to being removed often? I use the Blackberry charging dock at work, so I want a case that is durable but can withstand being removed and reattached a couple of times a day. Seems to me the little tabs might not withstand that with this one...

Well I personally can't speak for anyone. I've hearrd quite a few complaints about the tabs breaking from being removed constantly. I have this case on my 9800 and my 9810. I'm always removig the case to put them in the dock. After reading reviews and the forums I was quite sure these bear claw hands of mine would break the case eventually but no such luck. So I say go for it and try not to man handle the case when removing it and putting it back on.

Thanks to the previous poster. The AGF cases were what I was talking about. They have the GRT and one other designed for the 9800/9810. I'd like to see CrackBerry do a review on those cases as well. Not having to worry about those small tabs on the top piece breaking off would be a plus. I've gone to carrying mine naked after spending money on two different cases and having the tabs break off the top portions.

The case protects the phone great but the holster broke very easily and unfortunately CB doesn't offer the holster only.

The case protects the phone great but the holster broke very easily and unfortunately CB doesn't offer the holster only.