Quick Review: Seidio CONVERT Combo for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and Curve 8520/8530

By Ryan Blundell on 26 Aug 2011 03:50 pm EDT

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the BlackBerry Curve Series to be extremely lightweight in design. So much so that it can be effortlessly tossed around, but that doesn’t mean you should actually do it – without proper protection of course. The Seidio CONVERT combo which, like any good onion (or ogre), comes with many layers. Underneath it all is a 0.1 mm thick screen guard to protect your screen against scratches. On top of that is the Seidio Innocase II, followed by the thick, rugged skin and plastic “spine” to hold it all together. All of this is then put in an extremely tough holster with a top clip design (good for belts up to 2 inches thick) to keep your BlackBerry from being easily dislodged.

Once everything is put together, you cannot see the Curve at all; which is good, as you can see in the video above. The rugged skin is thick enough to create a barrier that protects the front surface of the Curve from flat surface damage. Yet, the skin moves out of the way just enough to allow you to use the keyboard comfortably. As I inspected the case after the captured carnage, I couldn’t believe how minimal the damage was to the case. Not to mention that the Curve itself walked away unscathed. Even with the ‘Hulkbuster armor’ equipped, it doesn’t take away from the functionality of the Curve. All buttons were easily accessible, while the ports and camera lens are covered until needed. Rather than buying multiple cases for varying circumstances, why not take the smart (and economical) choice and pick up the Seidio CONVERT case for your BlackBerry Curve 93xx or 85xx smartphone. And yep, you can grab it from ShopCrackBerry.com!

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Quick Review: Seidio CONVERT Combo for the BlackBerry Curve 3G and Curve 8520/8530


Okay, fine, you're first. Now, do you have a comment on the subject matter of this article? Do you even own a phone for this accessory?

We all know that we can be hard on our own devices, however a kid has no idea of the true value we put into our devices, Be it money or just important data/info. I think this was a true reality of the reason to protect our devices. KIDS. Great Review!! He looks like he was having fun at your expense haha.

Grate Review and what an amazing Kid you have, he's having a blast trying to destroy your device !!
Now this is what I called a TANK !

omg he looks like he was having a blast! best vid i've seen here as well! def. the funniest xD
now i really think this video will convince me i should get one of those cases :)
gr8 job m8!