Quick Review: Recipe Box for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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By Ryan Blundell on 29 Feb 2012 01:31 pm EST

It's Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

"Awesome recipes and love the way they are sorted for easy choice. Thank you!" - NickyJ602 App World review

Recipe Box

During Fitness Month at Mobile Nations, we put the majority of our focus on fitness and caloric tracking. Jared did mention how he uses his BlackBerry to eat better. One of the biggest stigmas is that dieting restricts your food selection; this couldn’t be further from the truth. I can confess that I used to think like that and would have an incredibly difficult time trying to come up with a meal plan every week. We would end up having the same meals each day of the week, every week. With that mindset, no wonder the urge to cheat on your diet is so high.

The truth is that there are so many delicious and nutritious recipes out there. If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, you can find many recipes with the Recipe Box application. With over 700 recipes to search through, you’re sure to find a huge selection of meals to enjoy, while making sure you’re not adding inches to your waistline. Keep in mind that Recipe Box is only available in Canada.

The Review

Developer: Loblaws Inc. Version (at time of review): 1.1.12
File Size: 29.3 MB
OS Requirements: Smartphone 1.0.0 or higher
Cost: Free Website: http://loblaw.ca

Now keep in mind that this app is President’s Choice brand focused, so you could make substitutions if you’d like. It’s not necessarily about what brand you buy, it’s about having a savoury reward after a hard day of working out. The app opens up with a delectable display of meals that you can tap on while you drool. Alternatively, you can tap on the search options listed at the bottom of the screen; options include Cuisine, Healthier Choice, Prep Time and Occasion. There’s also a keyword search option, as well. Swiping down from the top bezel gives you additional options, such as; checking your favourite recipes, watching how-to videos, reviewing notes you may have made and access your shopping list. For our purposes, we should open up the Healthier Choices tab at the bottom. We don’t want to stray from the plan, right?

Recipe Box Healthier Choices

So when you tap on Healthier Choices, a pop up asks you which type of recipe you want to work with: Higher Fibre, Lower Calories, Lower Fat, Lower Sodium, Omega 3, Soy or Vegetarian. Based on that, you are presented with more images of mouth watering meals you can swipe through. There’s no way of zooming in on the images for a closer, more tantalizing look. In case you couldn’t tell, I like food.

Recipe Box recipe card

If you are finished salivating all over the screen, select a recipe to reveal its details. The recipe card will give you nutritional information, prep/cooking time, ingredients and instructions. The default view has you scrolling up and down. At the top right, are four icons allowing you to add the ingredients to a shopping list, change the instructions to a page by page view, add notes, or mark the recipe as a favourite. When it’s time to hit the grocery store, you can take your PlayBook with you. As you load up your cart from the grocery list on Recipe Box, you can check off each item. Again, it’s President’s Choice based, so you can choose alternatives, if it suits you. Seriously, would you work out even harder, and not be tempted, if you had access to recipes this tasty? The instructions are straight forward enough for anyone to follow, even me. Luckily, each recipe also indicates the skill level so you know which ones you can tackle and which ones you can let someone else create.

Recipe Box shopping list

Recipe Box main menu

“Great app! Easy to navigate, love the recipes. Great filters help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly. Bravo!” - michel-91244 BlackBerry App World Review

Recipe Box
by Loblaws Inc

The Good

Regardless if you are looking for healthy meals or not, a smooth recipe application is where it’s at. Like clipping out meal ideas from a magazine, the favourite feature keeps your must haves close at hand.

The Bad

There doesn’t seem to be a way of searching for more recipes outside of the application. Unless it gets updated, I suppose you have to try out every single one of the over 700 recipes. It also isn't available outside of Canada.


Recipe Box brings you to your table with you looking forward to eating healthy. Regardless if it’s branded or not, this is how a recipe application should function. With this on your PlayBook, you know you’re on the right path, no matter if you’re lifting weights or lifting your fork. The online videos will also help you learn how to prepare meals, decorative goodies or even baby food.

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Reader comments

Quick Review: Recipe Box for the BlackBerry PlayBook


That's too bad. Looks like a good app. Someone needs to fix that in App World. It's probably compatible, they just haven't set the right options on their end to allow 2.0 tablets to download it.

Is anybody still running OS 1?

Also on OS1 it was a known problem for preventing back-ups to work. Mine wouldn't back up till I removed this app. Otherwise I loved it. :)

It was there when I searched the first time. Got an error trying to download and when I went back to search for it again it was gone.

"This item is not supported by your current device profile"
Is it only available in Canada perhaps? I'm in the US.

You know, I DO love this forum and blog, but I'm on OS2 and this works fine for me. I literally JUST searched for it in App World, downloaded it, and ran it without a problem.

What I was getting at is this: I'm having a hard time trusting the word of the "everyday consumer" - even on this site now. If I took your word for it--all of you saying this doesn't work on OS2--I wouldn't be enjoying this app right now! I definitely did my due diligence prior to updating to OS2 and so far, compared to all the "issues" people have had, it has certainly been worth the lack of successful backup I was able to use and having to reinstall all my apps from scratch.


Also, if region is the case, I'm located in Canada.

Regardless, I'm on .7971 and it works wonderfully and it was not installed prior to .7971.

@joski, I am running BlackBerry PlayBook OS Version and the Recipe Box app by Loblaws Inc. is not available on Apps World for PlayBook since "This item is not supported by your current device profile." Would you like me to post a photo or video to prove this?

I have a US PlayBook but I am currently in London.

Also, I happen to be one of those that installed "Dolphin Browser HD" while it was available from Apps World. It's running "fine." That does not mean it's available to everyone right now. Btw, does anyone see any risks in me using Dolphin Browser HD now that it has been pulled out of Apps World?

See my reply to my original post.

This app was not installed on OS1 and I was able to find it in App World, download it, and run it. I'll take a photo on my 9900 and host it to show.

IIRC Dolphin HD was pulled because it was ported not by the original developer.


There's the screenshot - hope it works! I'm still a 100% firm believer of not having ANY traces of beta OS/leaked Android emulator prior to OS2 or even restoring a backup with leaked data in it.

I literally copied the entire contents of my PlayBook on to two drives shortly after taking screen shots of every single application icon. Following this I did a security wipe, and downgraded to 1.08 the night before OS2 dropped. I've yet to experience the finnicky bullshit lots of people are dealing with.

PS. Opted for the screenshot, as the 9900 lacks auto-focus still ;)

@joski I believe you, the issue was with you not believing other users that they cannot install the app.

I never bothered with the beta OS. Not a fan. What I did was to install Dolphin Browser HD a few days after OS2 was released and it became available in Apps World. I waited until a few "pioneers" had a go and survived. Would you recommend I uninstall it? Do you see any risks to my device? Thanks for your time.

I searched app world on my PlayBook 2.0 and it doesn't come up. I then tried the QR code that I found when I clicked the link and on my PlayBook 2.0 it takes me to a this device is not supported?

Anybody else having this problem?

I'm also in Canada and have had no issues.

I think CrackBerry needs to make it more prominent this is for Canada only.

It's got to be a Canada-only thing. I'm in Canada and I had no problem downloading and installing it from App World onto my OS 2.0 device.

Not surprising, given that Loblaws is a Canadian store.

Please give us an update when this is available please. My wife is a health nut and I'm trying to be and my Playbook is another limb on my body.....perfect combo!

I'm in Canada and it's been working fine since last year. Very nice app indeed. Maybe not avail outside Canada, as they do reference in house brands for the recipes (but I'm sure any Virgin oil can be used as a substitute - lol).

yeah not working for me either, only time i wish i was canadian.

says on the appworld web page under supported countries "Canada"

Works fine for me... but like rapsball4 said, I also download while I was on version 1.0.x. Actually been using this app for some time and surprise that not more people know about it.

I just download this fine and it works great in os 2.0. DONT use the link above, for some reason is says unavailable for your device. However if you do a search and find it that way it should be good. Was for me.

I did it from app world on my PlayBook. Canada only

Hope this helps

This app will not work if your PB's in the US! This is bogus, only Canadian Blackberries are supposed to get screwed out of apps!! LOL

" It also isn't available outside of Canada. " :(

That's why Netflix and Skype are holding out! Canada won't give us recipe box, US won't give Netflix and Skype! lol ;-)

Looks like the article has been updated to include the fact that the app is only available in Canada. Guess that's what happens when you release a bunch of moose recipes. (Hmm. That sounded funny in my head. Not so much on screen.)