Quick Review: Pattern Lock Pro for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 1 Nov 2011 01:24 pm EDT

Yes it's pattern lock .. but no, not that pattern lock. Pattern Lock Pro is a locking app of the same name (add the pro of course) that simply lets you use a pattern of your choosing to unlock your device. The settings screen is simple, letting you choose your pattern, lock timeout and apps to override. I'm a big fan of pattern locking on touchscreen devices, as it gives a quick one-handed simplicity to things. Pattern Lock Pro comes in handy for just that, however I do wish it was a bit more responsive. It seems to hang a bit as you map out your pattern, but hopefully something that can be fixed down the line. Check out the video above for my review, then head to BlackBerry App World for more.

More information/download of Pattern Lock Pro

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Quick Review: Pattern Lock Pro for BlackBerry


I've used this app for many months and it is AWESOME. Must have the Pro version for all capabilities. Support is top-notch too. :)

ER never mind. I haven't tried this one. The old one is so customizable and doesn't interfere with any notifications coming through... sorry I jumped on the wrong thread :(

Needs improvement not happy with it, the one they had for Torch was good this one is lacking big time!

There's a FREE alternative in App World ... "A+ Pattern Lock For All Devices" .
Haven't tried it yet but just thought I'd mention ...

EDIT> Just tried it out... it works fine. Looks similar to the one in this video except it has a soccer ball theme.

just downloaded the A+ app mentioned above and works great with 9930 on sprint. Great app to use at the office when I leave my phone on my desk and don't want prying eyes or hands on it. It is more convenient than the password lock that comes with the BB.

I have pattern lock and I will caution you that all of these locks are less secure than an eight digit password.
Not only is it easier to break but if you use it a bit it leaves a smudge on your surface and that makes it easy to tell what the pattern is.

It is a nice app though and I would set the time to a short period and if you do want more security then set the traditional password to a longer term. This way you could have the easier pattern lock for short periods and then really secure your phone after an hour or two.

Yeah i've always wondered about the smudge marks hinting to the pattern. I'm sure there's still enough possible combinations to be secure, though.

Frankly, I think I'd only use this on a full touchscreen phone. I purposely choose a one-handed password combo on my Bold which seems even easier.

Great to see cool apps like this being developed for BB though!

This is so stupid. It doesn't even work!! This doesn't even seem complicated app to make and it still not working right on the device. If you want this buy an Android device. Do you see Apple using this? NO! Stop making your BB look like a iPhone and work like Android!!!!!! If you want that then buy a iPhone or a Android

The original Pattern Lock was a very good app, but Tafasa (the developer) never released an OS7 update for it... I still use it on my Torch 9860 but it looks very small, mainly because you can lock just cetain apps (like paypal and TSMobiles, etc) which is quite useful... I would be really happy if Tafasa updated his app for OS7...

I sure wish that Tafasa would update their app named PatternLock. That was a sweet app on my 9550. Unfortunately, since switching to a 9850 running OS7 there is no version available. Come on, Tafasa, there are a lot of potential buyers out here running OS7!

It works pretty well. Doesnt lag on my 9930. I wish they had some info on thier web site but all you get when you go to it is one word welcome without anyway to navigate elsewhere. Overall, I think its about an 8. I like it