Quick Review: OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2011 01:12 pm EST

Valentine's Contest: Win a Free Black and Pink or All Pink OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800!

In honor of Valentine's day being just around the corner I wanted to review a case that has a little bit of PINK in it, so I opted for the Black and Pink OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. It's also available in an all-pink Torch Commuter Series Strength edition, with 10% of proceeds going to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. And since this review is in honor of the the 14th of February we're going to show some extra love on it... if you leave a comment to this post letting us know how you'd put this case to use, you'll be entered to win a free one! 

I've been a fan of OtterBox Cases ever since I got my first one for my old BlackBerry 8700, and over the years I've always had really solid experiences with their cases. That said, I have sort of mixed feelings on the Commuter Case for the Torch (note - I really love my Commuter for my Bold 9700/9780). On the pro side, it offers a great amount of protection and doesn't add too much bulk to the phone. Looking at the negatives, I find it makes the Torch a bit slippery to hold, the rubber buttons at times can behave a little awkwardly, and the long-term durability isn't quite to the same level as it is on OtterBox cases for other devices - specifically you may find with time the top piece that covers the slider portion of the Torch will want to come off easier than it should (this problem can affect most Torch cases that have a hard plastic shell - sliders make case design/durability tricky!). With OtterBox cases being on the more expensive end of the hard case spectrum, you may also want to check out the Innocase Surface and Mobi Products Hard Shell for the Torch. You can almost pick up three Mobi Products cases for the retail cost of one OtterBox, so it's something to think about. Check out the video review above for more details. We have a lot of user reviews on all these cases within the ShopCrackBerry store, so if you're in the market I definitely suggest reading through those as you decide what's best for you. Happy Valentine's Day!!      

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Quick Review: OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch


I would give this to my Girlfriend who has a Torch.
I think this would be an awesome valentines day gift to give!

I am a clumbsy 50 year old with a Torch and really need an Otterbox case to protect my phone!

My Beloved Torch is unprotected and needs to be shown some LOVE. Its positively jealous of my best-friends black Otterbox and would be most appreciative of the ability to one up hers... In Gorgeous PINK!

I would be getting this case for my pregnant wife who is in love with her torch. I would give it to her as a valentines day gift.... She would love it.....

Oh man. I've been needing a case for my torch. I left the iphone 4 to get this bad boy. Its been treating me well. Im an outdoor type of guy. Hiking every weekend. So this case will definietly protect anything that gets in its way!

Would definitely be a wonderful Valentine's gift for my wife's Torch.
Granted Valentine's should be all about runnin' around naked, but I think we need a bit of cover-up for that Torch of hers ;)

If I win, this sweet looking case would immediately be wrapped around my TORCH.

As of right now, it's looking a lil' bruised. It needs some protection.

Thanks CB for another fantastic giveaway.

I would LOVE this for my daughter for Valentines day!! She definitely NEEDS this lol!!

Thanks for another great giveaway !!

I need better protection for my phone. The black case would be it. Phone protection is a necessity. I mean, I have to be connected, so I need proper case. Have been looking for a good case and none have stood up or are made well enough to handle my daily activities. This would be the one.

This would be great for my Torch since it's gone for a dive more than a few times, usually when I'm trying to open the slider one-handed. No damage so far... but who knows how long my luck will run...

Would absolutely LOVE to win this!!! Definitely needing something more durable for my Torch. I've already broken 4 or 5 cases, not sure she can withstand too much more abuse with these mediocre cases.

I recently purchased my BlackBerry Torch a few weeks ago after my iPhone broke and I have been searching for a case since then. I would love to win the pink breast cancer awareness case not only to protect my phone from damage, but to support the cause. My great aunt passed away last year from breast cancer and my other aunt had her breasts removed because of cancer. I have never won anything, so I would love to sport this OtterBox Commuter case in honor of them.

I've only ever gotten "hand me down" Blackberries. I get my first brand new one this week! Now Gimme Mah Otter Box Case To Celebrate Mah New Torch!!

My Torch is still pristine so I would use this case to keep it looking that way. Thanks for the contest.

my full body adhesive protection keeps peeling at the corners, i had to cut the corners of the plastic off to prevent it from spreading!

this be awesome for me!

If I win I would give the case to a new BlackBerry family who is expecting a bundle of joy very soon. They deserve it. Thanks for potentially picking me.

My Torch, NeNe, would appreciate this very much. She's already threatening to run out on me cause I drop her so much. Doh!

Please let me win this one. I enter most contests but I never win anything cos I'm too far away in cold stupid Ireland.

Please , please , please .

I have dropped my phone bout 3 times and the second was a bad one . Pleaseeeeeeee .

Any change of a cool cb sticker . o

I'd use this case to protect my beloved blackberry from all the evil people out there looking to bring harm its way. And from my keys, which seem to enjoy scratching phone screens.

I'd put this on my phone just because its awesome and I need a case!

Don't let anyone tell you men can't rock pink!

loooove, looooove, loove,
loooove, looooove, loove,
looooooove, looooooove, loooooove....
all you need is love,
all you need is love... toootoootoootottooooo

all you neeeed is loooove......

I used to have the case mate which I though was quite good until I put it on. The top bezel protector comes off so easily when you put in your pocket and according to my wife, her's comes off easily in her purse. At one point it popped off and she didn't even notice it and for a good month she just the bottom protector.

Then I decided to buck up and buy two OtterBox Commuter 9800 cases and WOW! Day and night! if only the Case Mate top bezel cover snapped as snugly and tightly as the Otterbox, we'd still have our original Case Mates today. But with these new Otterbox cases...they fit tightly and securely. We've also noticed that the top bezel once its snapped in place does take quite a bit of effort to remove it meaning...IT DOESN'T COME OFF EASILY ANYMORE unlike the Case Mate top bezel protectors.

Two thumbs up for the Torch 9800 OtterBox Commuter Case!

I would love one for my g/f, the choice where I live is ridiculous... and it'll stop her from getting something useless.

This is an awesome case. I am sporting the original case I bought when I got my Torch back in July. My mom is a cancer survivor, my wifes mother died from cancer. It would be awesome to sport a cancer awareness pink case. Thanks Crackberry & Otterbox for this great give-away.

I NEED this case sooooooooooo bad!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PINK and would be uncontrollably ecstatic if I actually won it! =)

I would like to give this to my dad... Since valentine day means to share your love to everyone you love, not just your partner... I usually give something to my dad, tie, pen, books, shoes, clothes, and I'm running out of idea this year, and I haven't bought anything for him. And if I get this, I think I will share the love for his phone =)

I have this case for the Torch and I hate it. The front keeps popping off so I'm always nervous when I use my BB outdoors. As soon as I can find something better I'm ditching this crud

As an Alltel customer I've been looking for a case solution for the Torch that AT&T will be sending me as a replacement phone later this month so I'd love to sport this case.

If my wife doesn't give me extra special bonus sex on Valentine's Day then I will be keeping this case for myself! But since I'm hoping she will, I'd like it in ALL pink so I could give it to her :)

My wife isn't a big phone dropper, she's very careful. But she loves insurance for things so this will be her cushion. Haha, women right?

I would put this case to use when I'm in tuff conditions, such as work. This will definately keep my torch 9800 safe compared to the holster!

I'd put this to good use as a Valentine's Day gift for my wife. She love's the phone but not ATT! A pink otterbox case would be great.

I just sold my iPhone 4 to get an unlocked torch and I would love this case for it (my torch should arrive any day now!) I'm excited! With my new torch and a new case this would be the best valentines day ever (it'll surely make up for ALL the crappy ones) ;)

OB has failed with the Torch Commuter case. I've lost count of how many I've gone through (because the snaps holding the faceplate have a problem with easily breaking completely off, rendering it both useless and pointless) but OB must be tired of honoring their warranty with me because this past time they sent me TWO cases instead of just the one like they usually do. I've finally just given up on this useless case and went with the AGF GTR Shell case. The interlocking faceplate and back offer more solid protection than the OB Commuter. My only gripe with the AGF GTR is when it comes to doing a battery pull. Good thing I don't have to do a battery pull as often with the Torch as I had to with my Bold 9000.

I already have one. It works great protecting my phone while Geocaching. It Would be good to have an extra case just in case.

I'm buying my wife a torch for Vday, this would be perfect. Her mother is going thru Chemo for breast cancer, and this would be her way to show support.

I have dropped my Torch 4 time already, I scared one of these times it's gonna kill it. An OtterBox case may just prolong my Torch's life!

Thanks CB


As MTS is coming closer to having their 3G network go live, I'm really hoping that MTS will offer the Torch. So, I would use this case to protect my new Torch, and retire the Pearl with the OtterBox that I have now!!!

I would love to have the pink case for my Torch. I work with Breast cancer patients, it would be so meaningful for them to see my case. Valentine's Day also happens to be my birthday!! This would be a great birthday present. Well, a playbook would be better, but I don't want to be greedy.

I have one and it is already broke, not to mention all the trouble this case gives with the phone lock button on the top left. I will give this case a 2 at best. By the way, I have seven Otterbox's for everything from an HP Ipaq 211, to the Palm Treo 680, to the Bold 9000, all of which are broke. On the other hand I have a NiteIze case that I have had for at least five years and which I am now using for my Torch, go figure.

I have another type for my Torch and planned to give this to my wife - but if I like this one more.....muahahahaha!!

I've got this case for my Torch - it's a decent case and provides protection. Although, I managed to crack the top of the plastic of the case off.

I've got this case for my Torch - it's a decent case and provides protection. Although, I managed to crack the top of the plastic of the case off.

For one, protect my blackberry of course. And do so in pretty girly colors. The otter boxes come in some strange colors and the black and pink is my personal favorite.My parents both recently got torches after i showed mine to them, so i could even give it to my mother as a valentine's day gift. She got her new phone 3 days ago and i know she would absolutely love one. Well, here is my entry. Good luck everyone and congrats to whoever does win this handy case :)

i just bought for my girl friend a blackberry torch so i a can have the case to protect it.. it will be great....because more clumsy than her it's not possible....^^

I didn't know they had an ALL pink one. My wife has an old pink zune, a pink netbook, many pink clothes...and at one point was looking for a pink phone. We're about to upgrade her to a torch, probably this weekend. This would be perfect timing on a pink case for her. :)

I love my Torch and would love this case for it! I have been looking at this case thinking about purchasing it. I love how it has the pink on it!

Considering I work in the constuction field an otterbox would be the smartest choice for me and would be even greater if I got it for free!

i know my mom doesn't take care of her torch 9800 so I'd love to win this and give it to the lady that i provide unconditional love for!

I just got the white torch that i bought on ebay this will be my birthday and valentines gift for my girlfriend. I wish CB could give her this as a gift for her also :)

My wife would benefit a lot from this case, as she just picked up a torch and has a history of being hard on phones.

Everyday use of my Torch and having this otter box would be a great protection for it.

I shop and bring my kids to school so when its in daily use, I'd love to have my Torch protected.

Thanks :)

I'm working as a tech on forklifts and my Torch is in danger everyday so this Otterbox would help me be calm and would protect what my wife is calling: "your mistress'.

I would love to win it

I used an OtterBox Commuter case with my Bold 9000 and it worked out very well.. I am certain that having one for my Torch would simply be devine. It protects extremely well. So - if I had one of these cases I'd use it to protect my Torch!


This case sucks, will scratch your phone, will not protect it from even short distance drops on a hard surface, offers no screen protection, and is seriously overpriced.

I am military staff at a recruit school. My BB Torch needs Otter Box protection to withstand various weather extremes, dirt, sweat, and general bouncing about. While a full black model would be ideal, I'll manage comments on the pink. Breast Cancer has touched my family. Thanks.

I would love to have a free OtterBox. I live in a rural area and spend a lot of time outdoors so I need as much protection for my awesome Blackberry Torch as I can have!

Thanks for the information and the opportunity to participate in the contest!!!

Would love to win this for my Torch. I have the pouch and I almost dropped my Torch a few times while taking it out. The Outterbox would be perfect!

I like black. I like pink. call me a diverse and progressive man :) would be an improvement to my non-protected torch

I wold love tO rock the pink case being a 6 foot 3 275 pd construction worker covered in tattoos. I going to bring pink back in the trades

I just got the torch after breaking the screen on my 9700 and would love an otter box to prevent the same thing happening again. The all pink would come in handy when looking for it in my purse! Please pick me!

I would give the torch case to my girlfriend so that it will be easier to me to convert her to be a crackberrian, from steve jobian when she asks me why i bought her a blackberry case.

I would L-O-V-E the all pink otter box one. I would def. use it ALL the time to protect my phone, but most importantly it would help me remember my step-mom who died of breast cancer 3yrs ago. It would mean a lot to me to actually win one, more than just winning something. It would be a great cover to have!!!

I will have one regardless!!! :)

I love the Otterbox Commuter series; used it on my 8900; use it on my 9700; will get it asap on my 9900.