Quick Review: Mobi Products cradle with spare battery slot for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Ryan Blundell on 29 Mar 2011 12:16 pm EDT

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There’s always been a debate on how to keep your BlackBerry powered up. Some may go to the extreme and adorn every outlet they have in their house, car or office with chargers. In order to free themselves from such a short leash, others use a portable charger in period of low battery – they work, as long as you don’t forget to charge them as well – which you can’t always do at the same time as your BlackBerry.

Then there’s the simple approach that’s less bulky and has no wires – a spare battery. Sure it’s a pain to swap them out at times – especially if you have a skin or case. You may even run the risk of dropping your BlackBerry. But you have to admit that you can’t beat a small power source that fits into any pocket. Now here’s the problem - at the end of the day, when you have drained both of their juice, how are you going to charge them? Sure, you can stay up aaaaalll night, wait for one battery to charge, then swap them out – again risking a accidental drop in the night (cause you are so sweepy weepy).

Enter the Mobi Products Cradle with spare battery slot. This cradle is similar to the BlackBerry Power Station with respect to having a recharging rump perfect for that second battery of yours. This cradle can charge your BlackBerry when plugged into an outlet or from your computer’s USB port. Another slot on the back acts as a secondary charger to charge the battery at the back.

The cradle has two lights on it. The one on the right turns blue, indicating the cradle is plugged into a USB port or outlet – ready to charge or sync. The light on the left turns blue and used to tell you that the cradle is able to charge your spare battery. It’s a slight task to connect your BlackBerry, but once it’s finally cradled, you’ll find that that does fit fairly snug. Luckily, inserting and removing your spare battery from its charging dock is effortless. This is perfect for your desk or bedside, as you can use it to watch movies or as an alarm clock. Just be careful if you find yourself wanting to fit the snooze button. Unfortunately, any who use a skin or snap on case will have to remove it before plugging in your BlackBerry. You can grab the Mobi Products Cradle w/ spare battery slot for a wide range of BlackBerrys from shopcrackberry.com.

Contest: Do you need to get your hands on one of these? How about winning one from ShopCrackBerry.com? All you have to do is leave a comment below. Here’s the catch, you have to share a time when you ran out of power and tried everything possible to keep your device running. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One of you will win this cradle straight from ShopCrackBerry.com. Only one comment per entry please.

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Quick Review: Mobi Products cradle with spare battery slot for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


I'm in ... hope to win something :D ... ran out of juice in the middle of a call, rushing around trying to find a charger to hook up and keep job at same time ... lol

I could use one of these for my 9650. I was talking to my parents and my battery light was flahing... had to find the car charger and the extra outlet to plug it in. That was fun, lol!

There was a time during the summer when I applied everywhere for a job, necause I was in desperate need of money. I happened to be in my parents car from staying at my cousins house, I forgot my charger and my house was a 3 hour drive away. When my parents were driving me home one of the places I applied at called me, bur unfortunately my battery percentage was at 3% because I didntt had my charger. Let's just say, my phone died and I didn't get the job. After my phone had died, my mom metioned she brought my blackberry car charger. FML

Years ago I was waiting for a callback while I was at a friends when suddenly my battery went red, oh noes! We pondered for a bit while ripping his house apart to find his charger. He has, at the time, a fantastic idea. "Dude! My mom used to but batteries in the freezer to store them." So for the next 10 minutes my phone was relegated to the freezer... Needless to say there is no service in the freezer, I took it out and received a voicemail and then my phone promptly shut its self off. Ahh, memories. I'd love a new cradle.

Once while camping, I could not find my car charger and was in desperate need of helping a client through VPN remote on the phone. I hunted everywhere and couldn't find the charger and is desperation, sat it on the car battery for an hour in hopes it would absorb some juice like a charging pad so I could help my client out.
Needless to say, it didn't work. LOL! If only I had maybe tried plugging it in the Tree....

Oh yeah. I'll never forget the time I was doing work out in our Asheboro, NC location. I had a Storm 2 at the time. I landed late at night, drove an hour to the hotel, and was promptly woken up a few hours later at 3am by our server admin telling me the entire site had lost network connectivity. (Having the Super Mario Bros. theme set to a very low volume for Bedside Mode will give you some really crazy dreams in the few seconds before you wake up)

I spent an hour working with him to get the site back online, went back to the hotel to sleep for an hour, went back to the site, and everything went down again. By about 6pm after spending an entire day talking, texting, emailing & BBM'ing I was scrounging around the entire location looking for a spare battery, charger, electrical outlet, or a place where I had cell reception.

Ran out of juice on a 1-1/2 hr commuter train because I was listening to music and my Torch went into a battery-sucking death spiral. Was headed into a business meeting. No power source available. Spare battery would have prevented this, but it's kinda useless without the charger to go with it. Love this setup!

I ran out of power when I was in NYC and using my BB for walking directions ...

Tried using one of the hand crank charges and a AA to USB to charge the phone, but it never worked :(

Bought a paper map instead..

Was a long silent train ride back home without my BB

took my family to sanbank beach and did not know my wife had unplugged my BB, using the usb to charge up her device. after being at the beach for 1 hour, my BB died. i was so upset as we where almost 3 hours from home and there was no where to charge my BB.

This should come with the Torch. Battery life is the sh*ts. Worst BB batt life ever.

Battery life's a struggle ptetty much everyday with the Torch. It certainly lives up to its name.

Good work RIM.

I work alone in an empty building weekday evenings. I didn't realize just how entertaining listening to audiobooks was until I ran out of juice one evening.

Scrabbled around in my backback only to find I'd forgotten my charger.

It was a very dull evening.

Got the Torch about 6 months ago and since I have had it my charger has been finicky.
Once night I left my BB on my bedside table plugged in to charge. had an important meeting to go to. Apparently, my phone decided not to charge and died in the middle of the night - hence the reason why my alarm never went off.

I slept through my meeting and suffered because of it. FML - now I own a real ALARM clock. With no options to change the alerts and drives me insane every morning.

Please CB help me out and hook me up wth this awesome PRIZE!

Mobi Cradle - FTW! :)

I've run out a few times in the past. I've had to pull my laptop out while driving on the freeway just to plug in my BB to charge. the problem was, my battery in my laptop was almost dead too.

I was on the phone with my wife while at was at work and was telling her I was going to be running a little late had a customer on the way and about that time a co-worker came in my office and yelled "they're here let the fun begin" and my phone died just a second or two after that before I could finish explaining to my wife that these customers had been hard to deal with and that's what he was referring to! Needless to say I had some explaining to do when I called back from phone at work! Lol! Wasn't a good night!

there was one time i was out of the house i saw that taunting green light begin to flash on my 8530. i needed my phone to meet up with a friend in a few hours. i started shutting down apps, lowering back light, turning off bluetooth and wifi. i got so nervous that i turned off my mobile network and would only turn it on periodically to see if i had any messages. It didnt work out. i think changing all these settings did more harm than good and i was left with a dead blackberry...

I use my phone as a traffic advisor on my drives to and from work, When i first got my Torch i was only getting 6 hours of battery life per charge(if i was lucky) So with using it all day to send and receive emails/Test mobile sites, the battery would be drained by the time i would be ready to go home. So i would charge it from my computer at work, but we all know it doesn't charge as fast as you want it to. Once i would get a little bit of battery life i would shut if off until the ride home so that i would be able to use BB traffic ( Which is a savior in the great Toronto traffic ). Please CB allow me to make it through a day without pulling my hair out and rubbing them together to try and make enough static electricity to complete the drive home. :)

I use my phone for conference calls and remote support for employees out of state. I am really working this phone to death. A spare battery will help out alot. I have a Torch that drains the battery by lunch time. I also have a Tour that lasts like 2 days with out a charge.......I need that cradle thing....Send it to me. im ready.

This would be amazing to have! The number of times I've been caught without a charge is far too many times. From times that I land at an airport and can't access my blackberry to find out what hotel I'm staying at, or to times where I need to know address information or contact information for my super dependancy on shortcut dialing.
I have used every tactic known to try to charge my battery. Including asking flight attendants to charge my phone while in flight, to having restaurant attendants charge on my behalf. The number of times I've had to had my BB out of sight in favor of getting a few charge bars to ensure that there's just enough to make a quick call home or sort out where I'm going or even for emergency!

Wow, i could really use this great Mobi product!

Running out of juice and having a charger doesn't help when you are public restroom on the crapper. They need to install outlets there. The cradle wouldn't help in this case but to be able to charge a second battery for on demand usage would be great.

There was once when I accidentally left my bluetooth on in the morning. I ended up having my battery at 10% by noon. I had a charger at work but it just so happened to brake. I literally had to put my blackberry on minimal "life support" data services off, only unclosable programs running. No extra backlight time, constant sleep mode, and perhaps the fastest typing I've even done to conserve battery kept me going right until 5:55. Not bad, but I don't want to experience that if I don't have to.

I have a replacement charger, but a cradle would be even better.

1 for me please. Thanks!

My phone always runs out of battery. Once i had a 12 hour flight and forgot to charge my phone the night before and when i landed i couldn't call the service that was picking me up from the airport and had to wait another 2 hours because I told them to pick me up at the wrong time.

I had the Storm and had just arrived at the Port Authority in NYC after having left my storm charging overnight, I woke up to my alarm and an unplugged charger. Apparently I had forgotten to plug the charger back into the outlet BEFORE I charged my phone. I had to rush out of the house or I would miss my bus. My friend had a Torch and we both had left to the city. As we arrived at the Met I realized my battery is dying, I needed a picture of the building in order to get credit for the paper I was writing. Needless to say my Storm shut itself down. I asked my friend to use his Torch and his battery was at 20% since we arrived (thought he failed to inform me) because he had forgotten altogether to charge his phone after a night of drinking. I went inside and thankfully was able to charge my phone because I asked the cashiers if they had a charger or USB cable with a microUSB end. One of them was a fellow Crackberry user and had her charger plugged Huzzah! I was extremely lucky that day! LOL

Hope I win.

I once was running really low on power and was nowhere near a charger......so I gave my brother his iphone back and used my BB instead. ;)

I was in Korea, and realized my Torch was warm, working overtime, no idea on what. It was only 10am, but I needed to get some juice in, because when I landed back in Detroit, I had to call my wife to pick me up. Someone had a Samsung Tab, I got a quick charge then kept my phone off until I landed. I missed 2 emergency meetings before I got on the plane, but I had enough juice to call my wife before it died. Got chewed out for not answering my phone by my boss.

Funny that 90% of these stories are about Torch battery weaksauce! Well so is mine.

I was so tired after burning through a full charge on a 1.5 hr conference call at 2am that when I plugged it into the USB I messed something up and it didn't go in (that's what she said). So I wake up in the morning headed for a full day of post cutover support on the awful RED battery indicator. Plug it in the car charger on the ride down to work - saved. Nope! Same issue, the Torch was in my cupholder and that crazy cord on my car charger yanked itself out!!! Arggggh. Land at the office, Torch on it's last breath and reach in my desk drawer for my USB cable. D'oh! It was on my desk at home and I had no spare. So I scramble all over the office at 7:30am looking for a suspect with a spare laptop cable. I swear I went through 10 mini USBs (our office stocks the 9000 Bold) before my neighbour strolled in at 9am with his Bold 9700 micro USB cable. How stressful.

Please SAVE ME mobi!

When my Torch battery died on me...I had to steel someone else's without them knowing...took my brother-in-laws battery and swapped it with mine...he was soo confused on how his battery could have died so fast...thats when I proceeded to cover my a** by telling him that the OS is probably the issue and that he should try reloading it...lmao...once I got to where I can charge my battery...I did the swap again and gave him his battery without him knowing...his battery was about to die on me anyway, so he couldn't tell...lmao...by having my own spare battery, I won't have to result to that again...I told him the next day after he reloaded the software...lmao

I'll take one please and thank you

I was sent away on a business trip to attend several meetings. Before boarding the plate I set my phone to airplane mode and realized that my current charge was approximately 50%. I immediately turned my phone off as I had kept a few important documents on my black berry as I rely on my BB to access some of my files. If my BB went dead I would be in trouble.

To save as much battery power and for my two day trip I turned down the brightness and disabled most of my notifications and feeds. I even disabled the data on the phone. At the time, I was a new BB user so I had to conserve battery life while looking up on the phone's browser how to disable the features to prolong my charge.

My phone ended up making it until about an hour after the last meeting and then it went dead.

I ended up buying an extra battery, but I have found it to be a pain sometimes to charge up them both. The charger you have reviewed would be great!

when i first got my 9800,i used to watch youtube videos so much, one day, my brother was coming to visit me. i was suppose to pick him up from the airport as he was coming from overseas. i did not reliaze that, my battery was almost down and drove to the airport. agreement was, once at arrivals, he will call me form his cell line. when i got to the airport, i waited for my brothers call for so long, i decided to check my 9800 and was surprised that, i had a dead phone. not one person at the airport could help. the shops, only carried chargesr for the older blackberries. he arrivaed at 3pm. i was finallly able to locate him a litte bit after iam as i did not take any flight info from him.

I don't like having to charge my spare battery in the device I'm trying to use since I don't have an extra cradle. Thanks for the contest.

I am a heavy user and cannot make it through the day on one charge. Sometimes on a really heavy day, I am out of juice by 4:00pm. I really could use something like this, especially with the playbook coming. I am really worried about battery power.

My phone ran out of juice in the middle of the day. I usually have a charger in my computer bag but the zipper on the bag had ripped a few days earlier and when I transfered to the new bag I must have missed the charger for my Blackberry. I ran around the office looking for a charger. Everyone had just received new Blackberries with micro USB connectors and I still had my old phone which had a mini USB connector. I ultimately found the only other person in the office who also still had the older phones and borrowed the charger.

My battery ran out while I was in a weekend class. Didn't have my charger. But then I realized I had a usb cord, but my laptop was out of juice. So I had to run around begging people for a cable so I could charge my phone using the laptop. My gf bought be a second battery after that :)

But I hardly ever use the old battery because it's such a pain to charge both. This would be PERFECT! thanks cb :)

I ran out of power in the middle of a call with my husband and had to run to the bedroom to plug my Torch into the charger! Would love to win this!

When this happened to me and I was trying desperately to make a call (nothing emergent, I was just drunk lol), I turned the LED notifications off, I turned wifi off, I turned berry buzz off, I had the phone completely on silent, I exited out of every app that I could, I was using that app radio on (forgot what it was called...did the trick I needed at the time!

I never had this problem with my pearl,but since I use my torch sooo much more it happens constantly! When I find I'm in the red, I try not to loose my head. I try not to use and try not to abuse by shutting my baby off till I get ahead again by charging nearby or on the fly.lol

I had used my phone most of the day, (like everyone) thinking that was fine because when I would get home I could charge it. Come to find out, the power was off because of a storm from earlier in the day - I had a dead torch in 20 mins. I had missed calls and messages because of my dead phone. This would be great to have.

never been in this kind of situation(dead phone and no where to recharge) but, will still like to be considered for this

I was in the middle of a conference call once, when my battery started to go dead. Trying to not sound panicked, I wasn't able to find my wall charger, so I had to run outside and jump into my truck, to use the car charger, only to find that it was in my wife's car. Out of the truck, back inside to get my wife's keys, and back outside to her car I went. Made it just in time.


I once had to trade batteries with my husband to complete an important business call. That was NOT cool. But at least we had the same BlackBerry and it was possible.

I once was so low on battery that I had to turn the phone off and on between calls to save the battery untill I got to the office to charge it enough to make the trip home to charge it completely for the next day. A backup battery charger would make it so much easier to have a back up battery fresh and on hand.

I run into battery issues daily with my Torch, and end up "borrowing" people's usb ports to charge it most of the time.

i was driving,using gps on my phone,then it cuts off,then all of a sudden the frezier trick pops in my head (putting your battery in the frezier is suppose to give it some juice)my only problem,is there is,that i dont have a frezier in my car,so i went to jack-in-the-box and asked them for a cup of ice,went back to my car,took my sandwish out of the sandwish bad,wrapped my blackberrys battery up with tape and then i droped it in the bag of ice,that didnt work,so i was thinking it wasent cold enough,so i went to walmart (the frozen icecream section) opened up the frezier door and put my battery in it lol,but after standing in 1 spot,looking at my battery in the frezier like i lacked any braincells,i thought of something that i should of thought of in the first place,BESTBUY!!!!,so i went there,and i started looking at the phones that they had on display for customers to demo,found the same phone as mines on display,took the charger out of it and put it into mines,then whenit had a good enough charge,i had to pretty much steal my phone back lol,because i didnt want anyone seeing me take my phone back,becuase they would have thought i was stealing one of the demo phones

This is not a fun topic, especially when discussing teenage daughters. Taylor Swift tix went on sale last month - I has purchasing great lower level seats for my daughters birthday present - the phone died in the middle of processing the order. By the time i was ablet o plug it in at the office, could only get upper level seats. I hears the beep that power was running low, I turned off wifi, bluetooth and gps....I was not in a car with a car charger...tried to get closer to a better signal in the car....sigh.

Went on my honeymoon last year and forgot everything from the charger to the usb cable.
With 2 connecting flights before the final destination and about 1hr for boarding between each flight, my wife wasn't too pleased with me dragging her around the entire airport desperately looking for chargers. Not one place had a "micro USB" charger. When we finally reached our destination and the first stop was at bestbuy in LV, you all know the rest.....

Yup, ended up sleeping on the couch in the hotel suite the first night and forced to lock my device in the personal safe for 3 of 7 days while we were there. OUCH!!!!

My torch battery could last at least a day, finish charging at 7 am and still at 40% by 5 am the next day. That's when I charge the battery and after 2 hours by 7 am I'm ready to go again :D

So I never though about having a secondary battery. This however only when I'm within town because I'm using wifi at both home and office. When I'm on a trip the battery usually drop to 30% by 10 pm on the same day. No sweat though because usually by then I have access to wall charger.

So I'm quite amazed at torch battery which could really deliver more power than my old device, bold 9000, despite smaller battery size. The bold 9000 always die on my half day...

Took a little road trip with my new BB Torch - didn't have a car charger yet. About 3 hours from home, I realized I wasn't going to make it home with a charge. I had several calls I had to make, so I would turn the Torch on, make a call, turn it off...repeated 3 times & right at the end of the 3rd call, battery went out. 30 minutes later, I was in my apt., on the computer, ordering a spare battery & car charger - ha! Would love this unit to keep me ready at all times!!

I came to work and I noticed the whole place was pitch black something happened and the whole facility was out of power. Everything was cool for a while I was even being slick and was using my blackberry as a flash light to look around the office for stuff . But the blackout was lasting longer then I thought it would and noticed my blackberry was dying on me. I stopped using it as a flashlight right away and let it go for a while then it went yellow soon red i started to sweat, finally i noticed a building in the back had power but it was a brake room. I hide it in work gloves in my hard hat on top of a snack machine with my jacket on it. but i kept checking on it making sure no one was looking at it or stealing it lol finally it got a full charge i was able to get it out of there. I think I had to charge it on the way home too, if I had a spare battery all charged up ready to go and maybe even swap it out when it went dead with a charged up battery it would have been better lol. Awesome idea, think everybody could use one of these.

Ran out of juice when I had to call AAA & CHP to get me and my truck out of the freeway after I lost one of my wheels, lol. I could really use the cradle with the extra battery charger.

Just a few months ago I was on a coach going from the Florida panhandle down to Ft Lauderdale. I had a portable battery with me but the connecting cable wasn't compatible with my Torch. By the time I figured that out the videos I was watching killed my battery. Phone gone till reached hotel and could plug in properly.

I was traveling through Iowa in my car which at the time lacked a functioning cigarette lighter. I had been receiving and making business calls during the trip (minimizing distraction with the help of bluetooth and Vlingo). I'd already burned through one spare BB battery and was fast running out of juice on the second. In the middle of an extended important conversation with one of my patients the dreaded low battery indicator began to flash. Fortunately I did have the AC power adapter with me so I drove around town desperately searching for an outdoor power source that I could plug into to and finish the call. Eventually I noticed a power socket beneath an outdoor bench of a closed pet shop - plugged into it and complete my call uninterrupted. I breathed a welcome sigh of relief!

Pick me!! I plugged my Torch in the other day but then needed the wall plug to plug in a laptop, when done I unplugged the laptop but forgot the wall charger. Grabbed my phone and went to work, looked at the phone and couldn't figure out why it was almost dead. Had to turn it off during the day to conserve battery till end of day. Need this at home so wall charger can go to work.

The first date I went on with a new girl was kind of not exactly planned, as in we had plans, but wasn't sure of the time or what we were doing. I had bought Angry Farm, so of course all day that day I was playing it at work and in class. So, that evening came, and I go to send a text and I see the yellow LED light flash. (Which I wasn't aware that the Torch did that since the battery lasts much longer than my Bold 9000). As a computer technician, I frantically went through all the trouble shooting through my head. I had left my car charger in another car, it was 10pm so every store was closed. I even considered breaking into Staples (that's where I work). So, I'm sitting in my truck after work going insane. I immediately close all my running apps, I even uninstalled Blackberry Messenger so it would close. That was my mistake, I had forgotten that blackberries are like cars, it takes more power to start than to actually run them... Luckily I had already picked up the App that doesn't turn off your Radio if there's a low battery. I, then, put my phone into Standby instead of fully shutting it down. For the next 30 minutes I did a periodical check to see if the beautiful girl had replied. It was at the end of the 30 minute time frame that I finally realized I had no cell reception! Then, the blackberry finally hit the grave. I felt so depressed, and thought I had ruined my chances. Luckily my story gave was ridiculous enough to be believable to her, so she rescheduled for the next day, and things have been going great since. So, I could really use the spare battery slot. If not for me, then for her. As I don't want to ever make her worry. Congrat's to whoever wins! And Crackberry, throwing a spare Torch battery into the contest wouldn't be a terrible idea...

At school, in a call when power was too low for network use. And that day happened to be one of the largest car accidents on the hill to my university. I needed to call for a ride home since busses couldn't get through. Had to reset the 9700 and use the small power to send a desperate text as quickly as i could.

I have a routine: I charge my Torch every night. Unfortunately, I fell out of my routine once that caused me to squeeze as much juice out of my BB as possible. After forgetting to leave it charging overnight, the next day I was constantly viewing my battery monitor and cutting down my usage to only critical times. I had never gotten as low on power as I had that day, but I managed. Having a spare batter would certainly help in this situation.

I was once using my old Storm as a GPS (Google Maps), and closed the app when I reached my destination - at least I THOUGHT I'd closed the app. In reality, I'd only escaped from the app, and it was still running in the background. A couple of hours later, my battery was nearly completely dead, and I had to rummage through the trunk of my car to find my car charger so I could leave the phone in my car charging for an hour before I could carry it again. What a dreary hour that was!

I work 12 hour shifts over the weekend. One saturday, I forgot to charge the 9700 after just heading straight to bed from work. Sunday came, didn't need to use my phone the whole day but when I was off and took the train home to find my keys? Nowhere to be found, tried to use my phone to call my brother to come open the door for me, mind you this was 1-2am on a silent street on a winter snowy night. An extra battery stored in my bag would had saved me from waiting 1 hour for someone else in the apartment complex to go home.

I need one of these! Was talking to the wife and at the end of the call she says, 'I love you." Then my phone dies!! I haven't heard the end of it.

I usually charge my phone everyday with frequent use of call,email, bbm, facebook and twitter. I could use this especially when I ran out of battey power. :)

This would be very helpful, I only have one chord to charge my phone atm and I try to keep it on my at all times.. however I have on several occasions left my ONLY chord at a friends or relatives which leaves me squeezing every inch of power out of my phone.

Here's probably the number one worst time I have ever lost battery power. It happened about 6 years back when I had one of my first cell phones.
Back story meet a girl, find out she lives about 2 hours away from me and we want to get together. The only means is by me going out of my comfort zone by jumping on a couple bus's and a sky train into downtown Vancouver in search of this single girl. We meet up and all is well time comes for us to part ways and meet up another time, we say our goodbyes and head in opposite directions.
At this point I'm feeling rather good about everything and realize I'm in a part of town which I have no idea how to get anywhere to/from. I nervously grab my phone to call for help only to find out I must have butt dialed and KILLED MY BATTERY.
The phone would turn on long enough to remind me that my battery was low then shut down.
After trying several times and being lost in the big city knowing my bus's were not going to be running all night I ran into the closest electronic store. Rushed down to the phone section and asked a reluctant salesmen for a live demo of one of the phone recharger which took just long enough to realize the last couple bus's I had to take had finished for the night.
I quickly made it as far as I could and was able to make a call for a ride with the ever flashing red battery level.

Years after that fiasco I try to make sure I always have 100% battery and my phone is locked before I leave. I even try to get an extra 2 minutes of charge just before I run out of the house each morning. Having a cradle placed by the door would make me never forget to grab my phone before I run out of the house. I'll place it by the front door beside my keys.. I usually don't get too far when I forget my keys ;)

Extra note, Really need to get some accessories for new blackberry, Haven't picked up anything for it yet sadly :(
I really hope my embarrassing battery fail past was comical enough to pay off in the long run. FYI I no longer get lost in downtown vancouver... usually at least *cough* I got a gps on my blackberry now ;) ;)

On a three day work trip I forgot all chargers. I usually plug in @ night and my torch will make it through the day, but three? I was able to make it last by not watching my usual youtube videos @ night and shutting it off between breaks and while sleeping. I did still need to talk to my wife but tried to do most of it with bbm. Believe it. Three days on one battery. Wouldn't want to do it again though. It was like rationing food. Little bit here little bit there. Its tough when your used to using battery life all willy nilly.

On a three day work trip I forgot all chargers. I usually plug in @ night and my torch will make it through the day, but three? I was able to make it last by not watching my usual youtube videos @ night and shutting it off between breaks and while sleeping. I did still need to talk to my wife but tried to do most of it with bbm. Believe it. Three days on one battery. Wouldn't want to do it again though. It was like rationing food. Little bit here little bit there. Its tough when your used to using battery life all willy nilly.

On a three day work trip I forgot all chargers. I usually plug in @ night and my torch will make it through the day, but three? I was able to make it last by not watching my usual youtube videos @ night and shutting it off between breaks and while sleeping. I did still need to talk to my wife but tried to do most of it with bbm. Believe it. Three days on one battery. Wouldn't want to do it again though. It was like rationing food. Little bit here little bit there. Its tough when your used to using battery life all willy nilly.

Once I was waiting for an important call, and was rather short of battery due to longer-then-usual phone conversations I had this day.
I had to close my apps I could, switch manually to 2G, remove all the notifications, and resist of looking at the phone every few minutes to see if radio was still on, as I did not want the LCD to go on.
I received the call which turned out to be very positive:), managed to get through the call, and then my Berry went off.

Pick me to win! I once lost power completely on a long flight playing games in offline mode. On landing, I had to rush to a charging port so I can juice up on power before boarding my next flight!

oh man,
I love the BB battery power but I have a (somewhat) funny experience with my Torch... to sum it up, I was hurrying to recharge my phone to finish a conversation with my girlfriend. I looked under every couch cushion and every nook of my house for my charger.... and after what must have been two hours of dead phone time, I finally turn on my BlackBerry and find that my girlfriend has assumed that I am mad at her and has admitted to a looooot of things I previously didn't know.
We're all good now, but an extra charged battery could have saved me two hours of searching and a day of arguing with my girlfriend XD

Would love one!

The solution was so far to turn all wifi, 3g off, close all the apps and just keep the phone one cell network. Did it a few times to get some extra hours.

I have been out of power so many times I can't count. Mainly because I use the crap out of it. Usually my solution involves a rebus machine of chargers and adaptors strung together hanging out of my car's cigarette lighter. Like inverter->usb charger->micro usb adaptor with me idling in a parking lot.

It was last March 16 of this year when I have a scheduled meeting at some fine restaurant here in Manila Philippines at 8pm, it was also the first day I installed the Drivesafe.ly Pro version and set it to read up to 100 Words.

I usually have enough juice through out the day, but since Drivesafe.ly Pro apps eats a lot of battery around 6 pm my phone blinked red.

I check and I was shocked why my phone only last 10 hours, then I forgot to turn of the Blackberry Map and Google maps. So I rushed to the nearest 7-11 since they have a prepaid charger where you can just insert a coin and it will charge you for 15 mins.

The problem was there is no charger for blackberry. I use a payphone to call my coworker to text and email me the details regarding the meeting and the names and the background of the people that I will be meeting and also the GPS location of the place with before he goes home. After I hang up I remember that I cannot receive all the things that he will send me because my Torch doesn't have enough power to turn on the radio.

So I end up losing the project because I look so unprofessional with the clients because I don't know their names and what project we're going to tackle in that meeting and coming late for about an hour because I don't know the location of the place.

I was traveling by train from a distant village to my home, but I forgot my key. The deal was, my parents were already asleep and I knew only his loud ringtone can wake him up cause we live at the 5th floor. My batt was already dead, radio was turned off, so what i did was take it out and rub it the whole way home hoping that this rubbing would create some sort of energy haha! When I stood in front of the door, i put it in and miracelously, it turned on and I had like 8 percent of battery power! I called my dad and he prevented that i would sleep in the hallway of our flat! LOL!

On a three day work trip I forgot all chargers. I usually plug in @ night and my torch will make it through the day, but three? I was able to make it last by not watching my usual youtube videos @ night and shutting it off between breaks and while sleeping. I did still need to talk to my wife but tried to do most of it with bbm. Believe it. Three days on one battery. Wouldn't want to do it again though. It was like rationing food. Little bit here little bit there. Its tough when your used to using battery life all willy nilly.

Ran out of juice one time while talking naughty talk with my lady, if ya know what I mean...not a happy ending!! ;) lol

I would love for my 9800 to make it through the day....but I use it a lot so that's near impossible. I would l love this charger for my desk at work!!!

This would have been great when I was on a late-night concall - I could have had it in the stand and let it charge while I talked hands-free!

Nuit Blanche 2010 in Toronto I was out all day that day using my brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 for tweeting, Foursquare check-ins, making calls, BBMing, emailing, texting, web surfing, and GoogleMapping. When I stopped home for some supper pre-Nuit Blanche (it goes all night) I charged my phone because it was already in the 35% left range but only managed to get it up to 60% before I absolutely had to go meet the people waiting for me.
Super scared I wasn't gonna make it through the night I turned off the radio while I was on the subway downtown so that the phone wouldn't be searching for towers while I was underground (and wasting power). I turned my Twitter update refresh rate from 10 minutes to 15, turned off Foursquare, and turned down my screen brightness to 0.
Once I got out of the subway I turned my phone's antenna back on (obviously) but only let it go on 2G and not 3G also to help conserve power.
For the rest of Nuit Blanche every time I saw an awesome art installation (pretty much the whole night) I had to think for a second or two if it was worth the picture and the amount of battery that would use. Eventually, I of course had to turn off Twitter and leave my BB to the bare essentials.
I made it almost the whole way through the night eking out my battery to last and last but finally it went to the red zone towards the morning. Finally, the antenna turned itself off because the battery was "too low". Not accepting defeat, I went down to a subway station where I KNEW there wasnt any reception even if my antenna was active and did the 911 call trick forcing my BlackBerry to turn the antenna back on.
My phone finally gave out at the last art installation we visited. My ride home on the subway was uber-boring but I battled with my BlackBerry's battery and won! An extra battery fully charged up would have been HUGE to have though.


Half way through a busy work day when I realized my BB needed to be juiced up. Not 2 minutes later an electrical outage. No way to charge...wished I had a spare battery.

I was stuck at the airport in Dallas on the phone with my wife while she was telling how her Mother was doing in the hospital. She knows I don’t really like her Mother and wasn’t believing me that my phone was about to run out . I couldn’t find an open outlet to plug my Torch into, so finally I walked up to an attractive woman using her laptop and said “Hi, could I use your USB?” She smiled and said “That’s a new one” I whipped out my cord, plugged in and finished my call. Once the woman realized I was talking to my wife, she wasn’t as thrilled I “plugged in” Soooooo, please pick me, you could save my life.

I use BBM a lot, great to keep in touch and faster than E mail, the dewback is is that it kills the battery, more than once ia have run out of power in the middle os a cal around 4 pm while driving home.

Never ran out of battery.....
Although the same can't be said for my lady.
So I'm hoping this comes through so I don't have to keep sorting hers out, and I can just hand her the spare battery.. *(which I already have but with no charger!!!)

This is great! I was working in Rogers, AK at a shopping ctr in the middle of nowhere. I was waiting several hours for the contractors to finish building their subfloor so I could get my work done. I have 3 PM's calling me for info on other jobs and my battery dies! I start scrambling looking for something to plug into...so I pull the power on a huge Christmas display just to get some juice to get my phone back up. Funniest part: when I get my phone back up and running, I turn around to see a big AT&T store 50 paces behind me!!

Best story ever!!!

On the 404 coming home with my fiance, started to snow when we left and got really bad and ended up getting stuck in 2 hours of traffic. I was on the phone with my mom (a very worried and excentric individual) because we were going over for dinner. I usually like to play tricks on my mom and at the time I did not know my phone was almost dead. So she knew we were stuck in a blizzard in traffic and I decided to cut her off mid sentence "OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and then stop talking and see what her reaction would be, little did I know my phone had died... a couple seconds passed and I didnt noticed any reaction so I began to talk to her and say I was joking and again little did I know I was talking to myself... I finally realized my phone was dead and I started to freak out trying to find my charger, sad thing was I did not have my charger with me but thankfully my better half did!

Ended up calling her back and got yelled at, but it was kind of funny that my phone had died at that exact moment.

i was on the way home and i'm waiting for my bf (now ex bf but will soon be bf again hahah) to bbm me and i live an hour and a half away from school. i logged out of facebook, twitter, and set my phone to silent just to save battery!! i now have a spare battery and would love this charger!

Had no power. Stripped the end off of a usb cable and hooked up an outdoor lighting solar panel through a resistor to it.

I always run out of battery on my phone, now that I have my new torch its a little hard too but it still happens. Last time I ran out of battery I was on the phone in the middle of an interview and I had to run around my house without sounding tierd or making noise looking for my charger, I turned my whole room upside down on the phone while doing this interview and answering questions and I finally found it behind my dresser with enough power left to get it plugged in. In the end I got the job and Ive been working with them for over a year now!

So the in-laws were on an overseas trip. Of course they're technologically challenged and needed simeone to check in online. For them otherwise they could sit on opposite ends of the plane. The kicker was that I was out and about and at the end of the day so my bb was very low on juice. On top of that I had to be on the bb speaking to them while checking in for them (you know how the elderly are!) I knew I cannot complete the process so I had to "drop" the call on them. I managed to complete the check in for them and they returned home fine. Got an earful from them for not staying on the line and made them panic!

Had I owned a cradle I could have kept my bb charged when not in use that day!

Good luck everyone! :)

I am so used to my blackberry's good battery that I forgot I hadn't charged it in almost 3 days. I was in the middle of downloading some very important files for school when my device told me I was running out of battery. I plugged the microUSB in and figured the problem was solved. To my dismay, I had unplugged the USB port for my last desktop sync and never plugged it back in, so the cord was attached to nothing. Whoops.

I'd love to win this for my Torch
We went camping once and the reception was horrible. I swear it burned up my battery to constantly bounce in and out of coverage (where "coverage" meant 1 bar)
To keep the BB with some semblance of a charge I changed to 2G, turned off everything on the BB including blue tooth, wifi, etc. i also went into any apps that synced like bb weather and changed the permission to deny (I must have been frazzled. Why didn't i just change to manual sync????)
then to use the phone i stood in the middle of a dirt road to the right of a specific tree to make calls.

My battery on my Torch dies on me so fast I need a second batterry and a charger like this!!! The worst was getting home one night. And having a argument over bbm with the girlfriend. The power went out and I went into power save mode while at same time trying to save the relationship. As the dreaded power bar turned red she told me she is done. I rushed outside and sat in my truck with the car charger and kept texting while sitting in my truck til the power came back on. Luckily we are still together. But a fully charged spare battery would have come in handy. I need this charger :)

sometimes my battery runs out if I'm at work and checking and sending email a lot...I work at the Courthouse and am always on the move and cant plug my phone in. I spend a lot of time waiting so I check my Facebook and Twitter too...

Well, this is a blessing! I recently bough my 9700 charging dock and unfortuntely, I damaged it last weekend. If I could win this, it will definitely be a great replacement! Keeping finger crossed!

I haven't been that unfortunate to have my phone die. I always carry a spare battery on me but it's annoying to charge it without a proper charger. Would be great to have one!

I'd love this. Here's a funny story. On new years (this year's) I slept over a friends house because he threw a party there. They didn't have a charger so my torch died at about 3am. I had to borrow my friends phone to call my parents.

Was up in Northern Ontario and signal was not that great, so my battery died super quick leaving me stuck in the middle of nowhere with no juice, and my car was so hot (it was summer, lol) that my car charger wouldn't even charge my phone, it was shutting itself off. I ended up taking my ipod cable and plugging it into my laptop, and using wires from a piece of cat5 cable shaved down to connect the pins on the cable to my phone (had 9700 at the time). It sort of worked, gave me enough juice to make a call and figure out where I was going! Great success!

I'd love a spare battery, to avoid situations like this. CAT5 cable shouldn't have to die like that.