Quick Review: MLB.com At Bat 2011

By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2011 03:41 pm EDT

Although it carries a pretty hefty price tag by BlackBerry standards ($14.99), MLB.com AT Bat 2011 is the best there is when it comes to following your favorite team all season. The app packs all that you need to stay on top of everything baseball. You can have quick access to your favorite teams, check scores, standings, news, watch highlight videos, listen to live game audio and more. If you are baseball fan at all you really can't go wrong on this purchase. Check out my quick review above then head over the the link below to purchase.

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Quick Review: MLB.com At Bat 2011


MLB at bat has probably been my favorite blackberry app for the last two years. I pretty much only use it for live audio feeds and occasionally to quickly check scores. I am a huge tigers fan but where I work we get nothing but a pretty much unusable AM radio signal. This app lets me listen to all the day games at my desk with a much higher quality sound.

I also do a lot of travel for work and it is great to be able to get tigers games on the road with my home announcers for every game no matter what state I'm in. I have listened to almost every spring training tigers game this year already. Sometimes I had to listen to the away feed because the tigers don't broadcast every spring training game but its still awesome to be able to get it. For me this app is well worth the $15 for the audio alone.

Just to be clear they charge you the $15 every season. I can see how some people would be upset paying that much every year but its worth it to me.

Typical scaled down to bare minimum shiite application for BB. No live video feature, no at the ballpark feature(my favorite feature on other platforms)no integration with FB or Twitter, etc.

I guess we should just be thankful we get an APP, most banks, news programs and cable providers don't even bother writing an app for BB.

I purchased mlb game day audio for my bb curve at $11.99 and it worked just fine. Now I'm switching to a 9700 when my daughter got an iPhone and what do you know...I have to buy a $15 app to log in and listen to something I've already purchased! Nice strategy BB...I'll be buying a droid soon. Bye-bye

I've was a big at Bat fan in my iphone and ipad days. I wonder is the live video option going to be available with the playbook? I assume so, but ideally it would be good to go by launch. Also mlb.tv should be viewable on the playbook too. If anyone has heard anything about this I'd love to hear it as a Playbook version of mlb.tv would really tip me over the edge in terms of subscribing this year.

Do your homework before being a smartarse. Gameday audio via the wesbite costs $25% more than the mlb app. Also I'm not sure if you get one free out of market live game per day through the website either as you do with the app. So, no, the browser is not as good as the app and it's more expensive. So I still wonder, will the app, ideally including the live video options, be available for the playbook at Launch?

This is a great app! $14.99 is just a drop in the bucket to be able to listen to all MLB games that I want from spring training through the World Series. Go Cardinals!!

$15 is a steep price by BlackBerry app standards, but not when you consider the degree of content you get over a 162-game season, plus playoffs, over a 7-month period. A lot of people people like it for the out-of-market radio feeds, which I did use. But my favorite was probably the highlight packages. They're updated in-game, so even if you can't watch your favorite team, you know what's going on shortly thereafter. As for the comment about the iPhone version having live game feeds, c'mon, anybody who's watched a YouTube video on BlackBerry knows the answer to that: RIM's devices just can't do it. They can barely play 2-minute video clips with pre-buffering, let alone a continuous stream of data over 2 hours in pixelated low-res. But the video clips (preferably using WiFi) work well enough to get highlights in smaller chunks. One minor disappointment I have with it is that the GameCenter/live stattracking information really isn't anything better than what Scoremobile does for free. Maybe we'll see improvements on that (and on full scoreboard live updates) this year, but the app looks largely the same as the 2010 version. 4 out of 5 stars.

I am holding off getting it this year. I'm hoping that we get a PlayBook version with live video. I'm not sure why the BB version does not have the live streaming, they probably COULD do it. I'm really enjoying my NHL Center Ice Live subscription on my BB. (Don't ask me what I paid thou, THAT I did NOT enjoy)

This is overpriced when you compare it to NBA Game Time, which is essentially the same type of app for the NBA (live audio, video highlights, etc.), and only costs $5. Even though there are twice as many games in the baseball season as there are in the NBA season, it's still a rip.

sucks that i am still getting a "net work" error message when trying to listen live without wifi. I believe this is a Rogers blackberry only problem

On your Rogers phone, go Options>Device>Advanced system settings>TCP IP> for APN put:internet.com everything else blank.

Yeah, I don't get the point of this app. its too expensive for one, and lets be honest. everything but the gameday audio can be gotten for free from a free app.
Now, if I'm going to listen to the game, I'll just turn on the radio.
Unless you are a fan of an out of market team..i just dont see the reason to have this over priced app

Bought this app last year, it's alright -- the live audio is pretty useful at times but I'm gonna try to stick to ScoreMobile as long as I can. Hope they eventually bring MLB.TV to BlackBerry on the QNX platform.

I bought the app yesterday - and am listening to the TB/Jays game right now - and t his app makes the device run really hot. Otherwise battery life seems OK and it does everything they advertise it does. $15 does seem like a lot but I paid it because it's the only way to get the audio streams... If anyone has questions just reply to the post and I'll try to answer them.