Quick Review: Fixmo Extend for BlackBerry

Fixmo Extend
By Ryan Blundell on 25 Apr 2011 12:12 pm EDT

Some of us here at CrackBerry.com are fans of the products that Fixmo Inc offers. In the past, we’ve had an in-depth look or two at their ever evolving Fixmo Tools application. That app just keeps getting better and better the more functionality they shove into it. For example: through Fixmo Tools you can, via WiFi, remotely print directly off of your BlackBerry. Through Fixmo Extend, you can make yourself even more mobile. It allows you, much like Tether for BlackBerry, to use your BlackBerry as a gateway to the tubes – I mean – internet. Currently only supports Windows PCs (XP or higher), which is definitely a lack for Mac users.

So if you find yourself away from any WiFi network, and you need the power of your laptop, you can give Fixmo Extend a try. During the beta, you have 1000MB to play with in a month. In order to use Extend, you need to install software on both your computer and your BlackBerry. Oh and a USB cable might help as this is required to complete the connection.

All it took was a little fiddling with the APN settings until I was up and running, powered by BlackBerry and Fixmo Extend too. On my laptop, the Fixmo Extend App would display data transfer history, which was represented by a line graph. I could also click on the Export Log option to view traffic in detail. This allows you to keep an eye on your usage. According to Fixmo Extend, it requires 636 kb to load the CrackBerry homepage. Speeds while on the go were comparable to speeds while connected to my WiFi at home. I am hoping to see Fixmo Extend make use of Bluetooth in the future, so I can leave the USB at home. No word yet on pricing for the app (or even final features) when it comes out of beta, but hopefully it will be competitive to Tether. You can pick up the Fixmo Extend beta app for free from the CrackBerry App Store. Keep reading for more screenshots.

More information/Download Fixmo Extend from the CrackBerry App Store

Fixmo Extend BB Screen

Fixmo Extend Usage

Fixmo Export Log

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Quick Review: Fixmo Extend for BlackBerry


This will be a really nice app when released,i just hope "The price is right" (just like the tv game show)

Tether for BB worked good until I lost the app during a upgrade & can't seem to find registration & they won't reply to my E-mail

Gave it a shot last night and it worked great! Easy install on Storm 2 and PC. Every bit as good as Tether and maybe even better. Big question is what its going to cost.

What is with the monthly limit? How is this different/better than Tether? If you have to pay a monthly fee that seems like a huge drawback.

Mine won't connect to the internet it says its connected but I have no internet connection. How do I "fiddle with those apn" settings?