Quick Review: Fieldrunners for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2010 04:25 pm EDT

Fieldrunners is one of my favorite tower defense games - it is super easy to pick up and play, and highly addictive. That being said - the BlackBerry version doesn't really hold its own against other platform versions. I was excited to try it out when I heard it was available, but after a few hours of play, I found some drawbacks that just make it a no-go in my book. A few gameplay "quirks" and the random lag make other tower defense games much more appealing. Fieldrunners also rings in at a whopping 5mb - purely insane for a BlackBerry game. If you're a glutton for punishment and want to try this out for yourself, you can grab it from from BlackBerry App World for $6.99. Check out the video above for my review.

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Quick Review: Fieldrunners for BlackBerry


Appreciate the honest review. Way too big unless they make it so it can be stored on the card. Little pricey as well for a game with the mentioned flaws.

Like I'd show off my REAL strategy for the public. Its on now .. Adam and Kevin Fieldrunners high score challenge :)

ARGGGGG. Just purchased and installed and played it for a bit. I don't mind the controls - quick enough to get used to. The hourglassing is NOT cool though. Brand new white BlackBerry Bold 9700, not yet a week old, not that many apps installed on it yet at all, and it's hourglassing like crazy on this game. Makes me sad. Also, didn't see an option to Fast Forward the gameplay like the iPad version has.. and I love fast forward mode.

Completely agree with the awesomeness of fast forward on iPad. It's really disappointing that this game isn't anywhere near the iPad version considering its the same price. They need to drastically reduce it to make people buy.

I have a question. I know the developers can optimize a game to make it hourglass less (and this game can definitely use it) but isn't there a certain point where no more optimizations can be done? Isn't it the simultaneously running apps + faulty OS of the Blackberry that contributes to the lagging?