Quick Review: Cogimap for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Ryan Blundell on 22 May 2011 12:46 pm EDT

A good brain storming session is always a good way to wake up your brain. In some cases, it gives your brain a chance to clear the cobwebs, fold some laundry and throw out a slice of week old pizza that’s been hiding under its couch. To avoid forgetting whatever brilliant scheme you’re concocting, you may reach for a pen and a pad of paper to try and map out thought and processes. After an exceptionally furious brain busting session, your map might be so indecipherable that it may as well have been drawn by a toddler.

“Uh, Jim? Is that our sales strategy or a pony?”

“…I don’t know..”

Cogimap for the BlackBerry Playbook really helps keep your ideas in a neat little package; making it easy to review, as well as where you can be more efficient in your project. While it was extremely easy to create and move around, Cogimap has a colour coding option to prevent you from getting carried away. The application is incredibly quick at responding to commands. It works in both portrait and landscape mode, but I did find maps created in portrait mode cannot be fully viewed in landscape. Other options in Cogimap allow you to clone maps (making for ready to use templates), change parent links and renaming maps. If we don’t have a zoom option available, I would like to be able to change the font size/type. Cogimap is available from Blackberry App World.

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Quick Review: Cogimap for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I haven't fully tried both, but I have mindmaps and I saw this video, and the biggest differences seem to be:
1. Cogimap has access to recent activity in the menu, Mindmaps just has undo/redo, new, load, and save
2. in Mindmaps you have to press the "+" button to add a new bubble, but you can double-tap in cogimap
3. in Mindmaps you can export and import files to and from a computer readable format

But also it seems like everything that mindmaps has and cogimap doesn't will be coming to cogimap soon, and everything cogimap has that mindmaps doesn't will be coming to mindmaps soon, so just look at the screenshots and pick your favorite UI :)