Quick Review: Canucks app for BlackBerry smartphones

Canucks app
By Ryan Blundell on 19 May 2011 02:52 pm EDT

Ah the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s an exciting time of year to say the least. Who am I rooting for? The Vancouver Canucks of course. This year, you can associate the Vancouver Canucks with the phrase “this is what we live for”. I guess that same phrase can apply to hardcore BlackBerry users, as well. Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the first game of Round 3. My son had a blast; I think I’ve created another Canucks fan (and a future BlackBerry abuser to boot).

To keep on my favorite team (the Canucks, in case you forgot) I would check out Twitter for updates and read up on them in Sports news. A few weeks back, I installed the Canucks app. Through the app, users can stay up to date on their team and access videos, message boards, images, etc. Push notifications will remind you that it’s game day and give you updates on the scores after each period. The home screen will display a new message icon (the Canucks logo), reminding you to open up the app to see the message. The Main screen is alive with stats and options. The app gives you game analysis by period, goal and penalty. The Player Pulse section makes sure you have your favourite players stats at hand. The ever scrolling Recent Updates section is rolling through news, trivia, photos, video links and more. Standings will tell you how the Canucks and the rest of the NHL teams are doing. The social feeds let you see what people are saying on Twitter.

The included Rogers Arena map will display the sections and locations of stores/concessions. Are you ready to get your game on? From within the app, you can access the TicketMaster site or call regarding ticket packages. The app was developed by using the Orchard Mobile Framework from Atimi Software – the same Framework used to power the Calgary Flames app (iOS). It’s easy to navigate and offers quite a bit of information in such a confined space. I had a few problems with the application. It can only be used in landscape mode on my Torch – so no portrait mode support. Only a handful of BlackBerry models are listed as supported: 8900, Bold (9000, 9700, 9780), Tour 9630 and Torch 9800. I also found this app to be a somewhat heavy drain on battery life, but probably because it works so hard to harness the awesomeness of the Canucks. You can pick it up, for free, from BlackBerry App World. Pics after the jump.

More information/download the Canucks app from BlackBerry App World

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Quick Review: Canucks app for BlackBerry smartphones


looks and works great on the Torch too. I love the push notifications and the speediness of the app. works a lot better than the older version that was available. great post!

Vancouver CaSUCKS! Hope the Sharkies get back into the series. ;)

There should be apps like these for all the teams.

Blame the loser Ben Eager for their loss.....
what kinda a guy taunts another team member when they;re down 7-3 and 2-0 in the series....just wow...

on a sidenote, he was flashed in the penalty box!

I hope they got 'permission' to use the logo and "Go" chant! lots of silliness going on these couple of weeks over permissions to 'support' your home town hockey team.

Anyone aware of a working Habs app? I heard awhile back Bell released one but its accessibility has remained elusive...

this app is a waste of space. might as well install a more useful app like the fart app. Go Sharks!

go canucks go!!

i say we destroy the sharks in 5!

to all those out canadians out there hating on us... suck it!

really? you hate the canucks because we don't have enough canadian players? really?

looks like somebody's grasping for straws

Great. So I guess they discontinued the other Canucks app that I paid $10 for so I could watch streaming games? I mean, this one is much nicer (other than the inability to use it in portrait mode for the Torch), but it would have been nice to have an updated version of the paid one as well. Sigh. Rogers...

i saw many a Canucks game when i lived in Vancouver for a while, even saw them on my 21st Birthday Vs Calgary.

but i always used to think the chant sounded like "Coconuts go" - just like when i went to see the NY Rangers last year.. - it sounded so much like "Glasgow, Rangers!" lol :-)

Coming next week: The Canuck Green Man App! With up to date info on the Green Men and their crazy shenanigans!