Quick Review: BlackBerry Protect

By Adam Zeis on 6 Apr 2011 02:50 pm EDT

While there are tons of security/backup apps out there for BlackBerry, RIM has finally decided to make the choice easier for most users and release their free BlackBerry Protect application. The app is a simple tool with a good amount of features, although it could stand to pack in a bit more. The basis of BlackBerry Protect is that of a backup utility. You can backup your contacts, calendars, tasks, memos, browser bookmarks and text messages. Seems like a bit of an arbitrary mix and we would definitely like to see more options for email messages, profile settings and options among other things. Secondly, BlackBerry Protect has a great web utility in case your device is lost or stolen. You can locate your device via GPS, sound a loud ringtone, send a message to be displayed on the screen as well as lock and wipe the device. Again, some things that would be good here would be more features to protect your SIM card as well (a thief could easily remove your SIM rendering the location features useless). All in all I really like BlackBerry Protect but I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. If you're on a BIS you can grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

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Quick Review: BlackBerry Protect


I downloaded this bad boy a few weeks ago and set it to automatically backup every week...thankfully! I bricked my phone on Monday. Had to install a new OS and lost everything in the process. Re-downloaded BB Protect and restored the latest copy...good to go! Definitely worth a download.

Well, my BB Protect must be faulty then because I upgrade from .480 to .526 this week and when I opened up Protect, everything was gone after I logged back in. Basically useless or maybe just a bug but one they have to fix.

I use this utility and I like it a lot. I have it set to backup weekly. My only question is: What happens to my applications? How do I back those up? I'm not sure this program does that...

if you downloaded from app world, then they are all saved to your blackberry ID and you can just download it again

I love BB Protect, but neither it nor BB Desktop will back up all third party apps. Yes, you can reinstall them from App World but not if you downloaded them OTA from another site. My favorite tool for 3rd party app backups is BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife). It's donationware so it's free to use but they request a small donation if you like it. It has a one-button app backup that works great.

Loving it - one problem I have with it is that although it knows which BlackBerry you're using for models that don't have GPS (like my mom & brother's 8520s) it still tries to find a GPS lock when you tell it to trace and then, obviously, fails to.
It'd be smarter if it:
#1 knew the phone didn't have GPS - this shouldn't be too hard to do seeing as it already knows what the model is.
#2 if a phone didn't have GPS or couldn't get a lock it gave some triangulation (obviously not expecting near as good accuracy as GPS) based on Cell Tower signal strength.

Downloaded the program a few weeks ago from App World. Nice simple features, not sure what else could be added. Located my device within 1 minute and tested each feature and quick response.

I'm looking forward to install this device on the wifey's phone and pull a couple of pranks while she has lunch. Specially with the Loud Ringer option. :D

And what exactly isn't working in SmrtGuard for you guys? EVERYTHING on that works for me. Only issue it had was when it was automatically set to backup nightly. I turned that off to backup manually and it's fine. Hopefully BB Protect uses all the same features as SmrtGuard Pro in the near future. I need more things backed up than what BB Protect is backing up.

I just DLed. Looks really nice. While I won't necessarily have locate capability (I don't normally leave the GPS on), the other features are great and work wonderfully.

What happend if someone change the SIM?
Can he use the Phone with his SIM, or is it locked to my SIM?

My question is where exactly is all my information going? On RIM's servers? And if so all of my information text, email, and everything included is given to rim? I am not one of those "Big Brother" self-conscientious security freaks, I’m just curious as to where this info goes. There was a large breech into which emails were leaked from Epsilon, again where is this information stored?

i had mine backup my bookmarks but when i formatted it the other day and tried to do a backup restore it didn't restore my bookmarks. any ideas?

Any word on when this will be available for Asia/Pacific? I read somewhere that it was going to drop around April 2 but is still showing as 'not supported' in App World.

Is a Super APP RIM come out with !
But the only problem is if some one steal your phone and uninstall the APP you can say bay bay Phone cuz is not a password prompt for uninstall :(

Other then that this app is a super app i like it allot it give me a bit of security for my phone in case i will lose contacts ;) or calendar entrees.


Downloaded today. Great app. Works well on Bold 9650. Tested all features and all work well. The location was off by several blocks; however, if I leave it somewhere, it will trigger my memory as to where I was in the neighborhood. It won't get me to the exact place it's sitting.

I have tried downloading this app and each time I try it, it get teh message that you can not run this app on a BES.

The funny thing is I am not on a BES. Anyone have any suggestions what I am doing wrong?

what blackberry protect NEEDS is a password system. i would like protect to require a password in order for it to be deleted in case someone ever steals it.

if a thief were to ever steal a blackberry protect'ed unit, they should not be able to delete this vital piece of security software!

But, if you don't already have a timeout/password set on your berry itself, you can use protect to lock the phone. I would bet most people that have a berry, have it with them almost all the time. Thus, I would argue that they would know the unit has been stolen rather quickly. And if so, then they can fire up the protect website and lock the phone remotely.

damn, half the stuff you guys tell me about, I can't get it. it either says not available for your device or carrier. craptaculous!

Great App. I've been using this for the past month while testing the Sprint BB Style 9670. Although I'm switching to the Evo 4G tomorrow, this app for the BlackBerry is the most simple and reliable *free* backup/locator I've used. Not only does it back up quickly to the internet whenever I want or on a schedule, but it's very precise when locating the device. Last weekend I was throwing a party, and way way into the night, very very buzzed, I suddenly realized my phone wasn't in my pocket, and I had nooo idea how long I didn't have it for. I looked everywhere, started by looking in my normal spots out of habit when I don't wanna carry it around, and then under furniture or hiding spots or anywhere. I started asking people if they saw my phone when suddenly I somehow magically remembered about the BlackBerry Protect app. I went to the website, logged in, used the GPS map under Bird's Eye view and it showed exactly where my device was down to the inch (it could have been luck that time it was so damn precise, who knows). I had a row of cars in my drive-way and it showed exactly where I had left it, I was very impressed. So I clicked the Loud Noise option, ran to where it showed it was, and BING. I compared where it was to the map and thats how I knew it was basically down to the freakin' inch. But then again I get amazing 3G/4G service here in Near West Side Chicago so that could have been a factor. But like the review said, maybe a little to simplistic, more options! 9/10!

As a person who really isn't all that concerned with making sure my stuff is backed up (a semi-weekly backup on DM is enough for me) this app is great. It would allow me to find my phone in the event that it was lost (which for me seems far more likely than stolen) by either reminding me where I left it (a restaurant or something like that) or actually ringing to find it in my couch because it's otherwise on silent almost all the time. Ha.

So for the very few times I might actually need this and for the few things I'd really like it to do, this is a great app! And at free, what could be better?

this is ideal for making doubly sure i'm all backed up and also can reach back ups when away!!
also great for the good lady's BB as she's Useless at backing up!!

have recommeneded this to many bb owners! Great app!!

FWIW, I have the same message and I am STILL arguing with Rogers about this issue. My Torch on Rogers is the ONLY BB I have (and I have 4 total) that will not work with BB Protect. Their tech support put the onus on me to contact RIM to resolve it, but I refuse. I asked them to escalate the case and have THEIR tech support dept. contact RIM on my behalf, since I'm the customer but to no avail. We've tried everything, and since it's ONLY on this account and only on this phone and only on this carrier, I think it's up to Rogers to step up to the plate. There are others on the BlackBerry support site complaining about the same thing with Rogers.

This is a solid app but its lacks many features. No antivirus or in app cache cleaning. But it does backup all my stuff which we all could use.