Quick Review: BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Torch 9800

By Alicia Erlich on 3 Apr 2011 11:19 am EDT

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When it comes to my BlackBerry, the addiction is so strong my friends think I’m Gollum from Lord of the Rings. However, they don’t know the whole truth as to why the device never leaves my grasp. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. I suffer from chronic klutziness. Yes it’s true, as much as I hate to admit it. When out with friends if something is spilled, dropped, or knocked over it’s usually me they laugh and point to first. To further embarrass myself, I’ve walked into fire hydrants, slipped on ice, tripped over my own two feet (those darn pockets of air), and had a nail go through the outer display of my first flip phone when I knocked into a stockroom door. While I may not look like Michelle Pfeiffer, think of me as the pre-Catwoman Selina Kyle. When manufacturers sit down to design cases, there must be a picture of me on the wall.

If you suffer from the same affliction, then you understand what I go through day after day. I live knowing I am my BlackBerry’s own worst enemy. Just take my 9700. The one day I didn’t use the holster, it flew out of my hands onto the concrete next to a pile of mud. So you can understand my utter frustration at the Torch not including one. What was I to do? The only answer is the BlackBerry Leather Holster. There’s no way around it, the BlackBerry leather holsters are reliable and fit perfectly by my side or in my pocketbook no matter where I go or what I do. The clips are strong, sturdy and don’t become flimsy over time which is exactly why I love them. Plus, none of my devices have ever suffered a fatal injury when dropped in the OEM holster. I’m a firm believer in showing, not telling, so check out the video above and pick one up today at the ShopCrackBerry.com.

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Reader comments

Quick Review: BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Torch 9800


Unfortunately you missed the fact that most start to disintegrate after a few months of normal/moderate use. The felt lining inside is simply glued to cardboard, which is glued to the leather. Once the felt lining starts to peel (and it will), start looking for a new case.

I agree with Joesworld... My sone had the same case for about 6 months and he finally disintegrated. But the holster that came with my BB 9700 is awesome. Tried the 9800 in the 9700 case but the sleeper magnet is in the wrong place. So just bought a AGT GRT case. (I think that's what it is called).

I would like this holder because it looks like it would fit on my police belt. Chasing suspects over fences and through bushes tends to wrech havock on these cases. Is this a good enough reason to wish for the new leathere case? lemme know!

I've had this case since CB first released it and so far it hasn't unraveled on me. I'll keep my eye on that, thanks for bringing this up.

I agree. My Torch holster, which I've been using for about six months is already starting to fall apart and I baby my things. The previous design was much better.

Prefer the previous BB leather holster - been using it everyday for months & still like new - no felt liner to wear out.

This might be the best looking holster out there, but after two months of daily use, mine fell apart, the inner lining peeled off. i tried to paste it back but didn't helped cause it ripped off again after a few days.

Get this holster if you plan replacing it every two months.

joesworld nailed it with the comment. These holsters and the version without the clip are IMHO the worst BB accessories ever. Using BB's for years I've had many different holsters and cases for many different devices and none have been as bad as these. I got the Torch in August when it launched and I am on my second holster and I only use it half of the week. For the "sleeve" version I am on my 3rd, again I use the "sleeve" version for the other 3-4 days of the week, they are both terrible quality...

I ordered one of Amazon for $15. Still waiting for it to arrive.

But Right now I'm using the AGF RGT Endo w/ beltclip.

Hmmm. I used holsters for every device I have ever owned, never a problem. I used the original 9700 holster for an entire year, still looked brand new. I have been using this 9800 holster for almost 4 months, and again, looks brand new. Maybe you people are just careless :p

I had this case for my torch and it literally fell apart in no more than 3 months. That's surprising considering I had the oem holsters for the 7100i, 9000, and 9700 and those lasted me the whole time I had those particular berries. I don't know if rim is getting lazy on the quality control or what but mines (and looking at the comments I'm not the only one) sure didn't last long. Wouldn't recommend this. I think I'm going with the pocket pouch or maybe a seidio holster for my next case.

Nice! I would love to get my hands on this holster. I have tried many different holsters so far and judging from the video this one sure looks promosing for my Torch! :-)

Greetings from Holland!


Don't have a torch, but would a bold 9780 fit in this case? if so I'd use it by always having it on my belt and walking around town like I'm someone important enough to make sure my BB is never more than a fingers length away.. also someone who is to important to waste time searching around in my pockets for my blackberry.

At the very least I could give the torch case away to a great friend who has a torch :)

I have purchased many a leather holster on the ebay, but none last as long as the genuine RIM ones. I have the rim leather pouch for my torch, but would LOVE the oem leather holster. I thiink it would compliment my device, and look sharp with my new suit, starting my new job!!!

This one doesn't have the quality of all the previous RIM holsters, read the comments, most people aren't even getting 6 months of use out of this thing.

I have a Gola for my HTC HD7 and BlackBerry Torch, I really love this two specially when I'm just carrying it around. The problem with the Gola for my Torch is that it does not a have the metal thing that automatically turn the phone's lights of to save battery. That's the reason why I always end up low juice or no juice at all. With this product it will save me at much as 40% of my battery life and I won't have any trouble wrap the Gola's lace in my belt straps =]

Still using my holster from the 9000 - magnet is in the right place for the Torch. But let's face it, new is always nice! Would love to try this holster out!!

I love my torch and cannot be seperated from it!!! I am also known as clumsy too and unfortunately i travel from farm to farm repairing tractor tyres and one day the inevitable will happen. Please save my phone!!

I would definitely use it to replace my current one...Its starting to come unglued, but i guess its because I have the anti midas touch..Or, as the comments above suggest because RIM wanted to save some time and money using the cheapest glue they could find.

I use it to protect my Torch while it is hanging on my hip. I also love the magnet because I no longer have to remember to put it on vibrate. I have forgotten with previous phones and sometimes it went beyond embarrassment.

Same, 6 months of use and the thing has fallen apart. Worst Blackberry brand holster I've EVER had and I've had every one of them going back to the orginal 950. Junk. The liner starts to peel at the flap and once that starts there is no stopping it. RIM really should recall these pieces of junk, 6 months for a $40 holster is NUTS!

As a construction worker, this holster is a MUST for me. I go through one about every year and my current holster is looking BAD. I NEED this holster please!!!

I would love to win won, ever since I broke my last one I have had a pouch miss my case, this would be perfect,

When I'm in a rush to leave the bb gets tossed into my bag among other things. Nothing worse than it bumping and grinding against my keys or what have you.
Good luck everyone! :)

i will draw my phone out of its holster the same way client eastwood does his gun, every time i receive a call.point it at someone and push the answer button (the trigger),then right after i hang up i will blow the smoke off of it, imagine that its twirling on my fingers (no real twirling,cant risk dropping it) then slide it into my case,put the sleep magnet over it,and let that badboy sleep until someone else calls me bang!!!

My Torch is my first Blackberry ever. It was like love at first sight, I can't get enough of it since 3 months. However, I had a scratch on it since two weeks, right by the screen side and I hate myself so mush because I'm just seeing this scratch everytime I look at my BB. I definitely need a holster. RIM should have gave one with the phone, I didn't knew they did until the Torch.

I'm definitely getting one when my student loan are on.

Nice write-up, Alicia! I'm skeptical about the quality of the RIM Torch case also. My friend has a similar RIM holster case for his 9700 and the 'leather' around the strap was wearing out after a few month of use. I hope RIM has improved on their quality since.

Professional & Sleek...exactly what I sould have for my Torch at work because I need to look the part, Professional & Sleek

will be the first time i will be using a case. it will keep my 9800 from nick and dink and will still look an almost 10 out of 10 when am done using and moving up the ladder to the next best thing.

i believe that, this case will preserve my bb well until am reading for its sale and for getting a 2011 bb of similar or higher model.

I don't see why people are complaining about this holster, or posting a comment in a contest post. If it was such a bad case and you won would you give it away or post it on ebay and sell it like most people would do.
This is to win a free one and I personally would love it, you cannot beat free no matter how long it may last, but then again I'm not 6 and destroy everything I put my hand to, IMHO!!!

With mine, the belt clip started moving freely between the cardboard backing it was glued to and the leather hole it is inserted through. So if the leather hole ripped or stretched the Torch and the leather case would go flying leaving the belt clip on the belt.

That being said, I would like a free one to last for another 5 months.

Nice! I would love to have this holster. I have tried many different holsters so far for my Blackberry, now I am going to get a new Torch and I really need on of these. So hope I win!

Just because the Torch is such a nice product, mine has to keep its brand new state so that it looks in perfect condition for as long as possible :-)

i only have a silicone case id love to have a leather case it looks slick and i love that blackberry logo , all i do is shove my storm2 in my pocket and at work it sits on my desk because im afraid id drop it out in the field. I tried to stick it in my work shirt once i almost dropped it on hard concrete lucky i cought it before it smack the ground. Plus i work at a refinery so im always bending over to gauge a fuel tank or taking readings. think id crap my pants if my blackberry fell into a 3 million gallon gas tank lol

Well, since I am a courier for a pharmacy I need to access my Torch quickly and often, especially when driving. Due to the fact that I do not own a holster, I always need to get it out of my pocket, which is a pretty tricky task, especially when steering a car. With a holster like above I'd be able to attach the Torch to my belt, making my life and job so much easier. So, please pick me :)

The reason this case would be perfect for me is that I use my phone in many different situations for work, and working with kids it gets dropped a lot with the case I have. I have gone through 3 cases already for my torch and its soooo frustrating. Right now I have a gummi case I got off ebay for 2 bucks because it seems to be the only case it works with, but its not the best case to have. If I won this bad boy I would be stoked, and also be able to count on the fact I won't be dropping my phone as much!

the holster is the only way to go with a blackberry. i've tried to use skins, go naked in my pocket but it just wasn't right. i could never hear my blackberry ring!! besides, i AM attached to my blackberry at the hips!

Since I started at my new job, I need a case, because it just doesnt look good when your Torch is bulging out of your pocket, I have looked at this and it is awesome!

I so coud use one of these bad boys for my Torch, I too have the clutz syndrome, :( I have dropped many phones but to my luck they have stayed in one piece but they have had lots of road rash. I hate walking on eggs shells just because I don't have a case, help a BB member out :)

Could really use a leather case for my Torch. I currently use my Storm case for my Torch, and because I just bought a Playbook this would really help my pocket book.

I would use it to hold my berry to my workout headband, the duct tape just isn't working anymore. Isn't that where it goes?

I work in EMS and I am hard on my phones. For example My phone slipped out of my pocket and dropped on the ground during a call one night with out me realizing it and I ended up running over it with the ambulance. I got a Otter case for my Tour and its been great my phone has even survived working in Kuwait except for the belt clip holster part that broke ;) . Like I said I am hard on them. I now have a Torch from AT&T taking over Alltel and I did get the only case Otter Box has for it but I still need a case with a belt clip, or with my luck it will fall out of my pocket again and get crushed by another ambulance.

I currently own a Bold 9700. I have three swivel clip holsters with three different cases. I select each holster and case depending on whether its for formal, work or play use. If I win I will have to buy a Torch and three new holsters and two additional cases for work and play!
Thank you.


I do not know if the quality is worse or better than I've ever bought before. I bought it straight from RIM

A case designed for my Torch with the magnet/auto profile change sure would be nice to have. The protection it would offer would be greatly appreciated.

I would use this case in Texas> i'd cut the leather up, put it on my face as a mask..then start chain sawing teens and hitchhikers.

I have one for my phone, and I'd love to get one for my wife's Torch also since her Torch needs the same kind of protection that mine gets. Would love to win one.

With holster, it just makes everything easier. I couldn't live and work without holster, it's just too important!

As I've switched from the Bold, I have to get new accessories again! Would be great to have this to protect my new Torch!

I've been debating on the pocket holster ever since I got my 9800, but this would be even better to clip on my belt. During my breaks at work I tend to do a lot of walking around the city....over the Ohio river bridges. I'm always paranoid about dropping my beloved Torch off the bridge.

It would make a good quick draw case so that I can be first to pick up my annoying phone that is ringing during a very boring company meeting.

I'd definitely like to get this one to replace the original one that I bought for my Torch. It has been falling apart for about two months now and has finally gotten to the point where I can't reliably place the phone in it.

I need this so I can protect my Blackberry Torch when I know I'm not using it, and thus far there are almost no good holsters!! Please, hook it up.

Bought the oem holster for the 9780, can't find one locally for my torch... I would probably use my torch more often if I had one! ( hint, hint )

To the person who doesn't "see why people are complaining about this holster, or posting a comment in a contest post." I suggest you read the posts title. This is a REVIEW thread, the contest is simply an added bonus.

I for one am glad to see many of my fellow CrackBerry addicts are willing to help each other out by honestly posting their thoughts on a product instead of selling out simply for a chance to win something for free. This is why I come to the site!

Now for my on-topic thoughts:

I am still using the case from my Bold on my Torch phone, and I am sorry to say the review did not answer the one question that has stopped me from ordering a torch specific case (I can't find one local to test). "Will this case put the phone in sleep mode if the LCD faces inwards?" Other single piece BBs would sleep in either orientation, but the Torch and it's 2 part sliding assembly only sleeps if faced outward in other BB cases I've tried. I simply find it easier to grab a phone properly and quickly if the phone is faced inward.

What would I do if I somehow won the case? First I'd see if it works the way I want, then I would see how it holds up to real life use, FINALLY I would be a helpful member of the CB community by coming back and sharing my experience with my fellow addicts so everyone else can spend their hard earned money wisely.

I would love to win a case for my poor nude Torch. I would keep it clean and polish it daily. I would use it everyday and do good deeds for others. Thanks for the shot at winning

I would LOVE this case. I think it looks really professional. I particularly like the Blackberry symbol in the front. Very nice touch. This would be prefect for me because I don't use a silicone case so it would work very well. I WAN IT!

I love the leather holster no doubt. It is in fact my favourite one and I am sure no other case can beat it. It saves battery and that is one of the main reason why I uses it more. I am always on my phone either browsing, emailing or calling. Either way, I burn my battery fast. This holster actually does a big job for me daily. Love this and even better if can win another one!

My GF needs to go less naked with her torch. Send one my way and you'll make me look good for a day :D

I would like to win because i would give the case to my friend. He bought the otterbox for his torch but the top cover for the case keeps breaking :(

I bought this case at the end of August 2010, in 6 months it was unusable. The material inside had separated from the backing and basically fell apart. Nice looking case, but doesn't hold up.

I always like the leather holster's with the magnet to automatically lock my BlackBerry. I don't have a holster for the Torch yet, but will probably purchase one soon, unless I win this one :)

When I got the BB Torch, I had a new holster for the 9000 so I started using it. It is time to get one that fits it better.

I'd love to win one of these!! I'm also pretty clumsy, I bought this holster when it first came out but it started to fall apart a couple of months ago but I'm not sure if maybe I got a faulty one. i haven't replaced it and am still going around with the holster all torn up but only use it Monday through Thursday. :( Would love a new one!!

I'm FINALLY leaving sprint mid April, which means I'll now be getting a Torch. This would definitly come in handy for keeping a great new phone in like new condition.

I'd use it everyday! I too regret that the 9800 doesn't come with a holster of some kind. I don't really like otterbox cases or any of those since they take some of the beauty of the device away, I much prefer holsters so I'd love to win it :)

I would love a new holster, especially if it is sturdy. I hate to order a case online only to have it be cheap and poorly constructed.

I would use it to replace my 1st Torch case. The lining has separated from the leather.
Hopefully case 2 would be better!

Please pick me.

How would I use this? On my Torch year-round!

For those complaining about build quality, I can't comment on the Torch's holster as I don't own this particular one. I've found that the Torch fits both the old 8300 holster and the Storm holster. Mine is sitting in a Storm vinyl pocket pouch right now. I'd suggest that if you've had trouble with the Torch's holster that you try an 8300 or 9500 holster and see if it works better for you. I prefer the Storm 9500's holster over the 8300's personally, but I'd like to try the Torch's official holster before passing judgment.

Mine fell apart to the point where I had to buy a new one. It's sad to see such an inferior product from BB. On the upside, I noticed that there is a little tag on the inside stating that it's made in China (of course) but it has a revision number. The latest one I got has a revision number of 3.1 vs my old one which was 1.1. I hope that this revision number addresses the strength of the glue and this one holds up.

I would love to have a leather holster from my Torch. Not only would it make me more productive and make my device more accessible, it would also protect my device and keep it in mint condition which is very important to me. I would wear my holster on my belt every day at school and when out. This holster would be reliable, stylish and protective for my 9800. Thanks for this opportunity.

I really hope I win the contest!

Great !! I'm upgrading to Torch this month... I would like to win one of these ... Thanks for the contest..

mine is going to be in peices soon ! The belt support is incredibely solid but not the felt lining inside :( I will have to buy anotherone soon.

I'm on it but i will probably have to buy a new one anyway since the cheap inside quality of fabrication :(

I would love this holster! Need something slimmer than my current 8300 Curve series holster that the Torch is in at the moment. It has lasted me about 3.5 years but it's starting to show its age. Hopefully, if I win one of these it will last just as long? Piece out, the brother.

since i'm quite accident prone, i need some kind of protection for my torch. currently i keep it in my pocket but its not easily accessible.

My case lasted about 6 months and then literally almost disintegrated. The clip and the inside cam unglued. I liked it until it fell apart :-(

Unless they've redesigned how they have constructed this holster, it is definitely one of the worst that RIM has produced. Like previous comments mentioned, it looks like it is stitched, but in reality it is only the outer layer that has stitching on it and the cardboard and inner lining are actually glued together to the leather. I was very happy with the holster when i first got it, but after 4 months of use it is falling apart and i'm searching for a good replacement that won't end up needing to be replaced again in 4-5 months.

I bought one of these as soon as they came out. I have to say that it is already been thrown away. The lining began to come out after about 3 or 4 months. After that, it seems that the whole product seemed to self destruct. I have had Blackberry holster before and have been very happy with their contruction but have to say that this one was VERY poorly constructed.

The holster makes the Blackberry Torch still show its sleekness but still protects it in a fashionable way. I would loooove to get one :)

this would be great for me bcos i am a total klutz. on my old 8900, i even managed to chip the keyboard and bezel. and this was after changing the housing! now, for my new torch, i'm treating it like a total baby. this bezel would definitely help me! after all, i've already converted numerous ppl to blackberry phones, my next mission is to get all them to upgrade to the torch! :)

I would love to have a new holster case, currently I use the hip belt clip case that came with my 9700 and since I work in an area with not a lot of room I am constantly hitting the belt clip on stuff and knocking the phone onto the floor because the phone doesn't fit all the way in. If I had this holster I would be able to keep my sexy phone in the holster where it would belong.
Could so use one of these.
Thanks CB you guys are awesome, keep up the great work.

Oh to win a holster made for this Great phone the Torch 9800.
I've been using my 9000 holster (after 3 doses of Araldite for the clip to stay on) since I got my Torch. Thanks to Crackberry members, sleeper magnet works great, when I put the phone in upside down. 2.5yrs later and the leather is now far too loose for my 9800's safety, especially with running my Landscaping biz from the hip.
Would love to win this holster, as I know that my clutziness and hard yakka will put it to the test and it will come up trumps.

Just found another interesting thing on the latest update, I'm glad that this new version has stopped including the original senders name or number in a text message when you forward a text

I would love to get one of these. I used the one for my 9000 constantly while at work. Now with my Torch I have to keep it in my pocket, something I hate doing!

My company is switching from Nokia to BB. The process will take some time and the lucky people from our sales team are chosen in a kind of "lottery". Free holster might give some additional chance to get it on priority by saving company some money :'-).

because i like the nerdy holster! i like having to feel the naked bb but still protect it with a nice lux leather holster :)

I clip these to my car visor and that keeps the blackberry from hitting the floor or falling in the cracks.

I see a lot of complaints about the glue coming apart. It is true that the top edge separates after about 3-4 months of heavy use. However, considering I paid $8 for the case on Amazon.com and bundled it with other accessories when I got it back in December and I am still using it and STILL have no need to replace it yet I think it is holding up just fine. I will however buy 2 when I replace it and figure I will STILL be under the cost of 1 of the cases that everyone else buys for their devices retail. I also THIS swivel holster that I just got from Amazon.com that I use when I am playing music around the house from my BB so I would like to win one to give to my wife to save me from paying another $11 right now which is what I paid for IT last week...lol.

I love when people complain about how bad a product is when a manufacturer has done their best to make a product that will basically give you a basic accessory at a reasonable price. If you want a bulletproof gold plated case spend the cash, don't buy a $10 pouch and expect a $50 high grade product :-)

I would use this to keep my husband from yelling at me for keeping my Torch in my back pocket. He's afraid I am going to crack the screen...lol.

With the holster, I no longer have to worry dropping my torch with I carry books, laptop and foods or drinks around the campus! :)

My Torch is in some desperate need of a seatbelt, per say.

Having it falling around in my purse, just isn't the best for it.

The leather holster would at least protect it for a lil' while. Just sayin'

Thanks CB.

I can't see how these holsters fall apart. I've never had a problem with the several I have owned. I'd be happy to win this one.

I want to keep my torch unharmed and save its elegance from scratches, plus i work alot it would really help me to hook it to my belt.

I've wanted one of these for a while now; good way to keep my favorite BB nice and safe!

I'd use it to make sure my torch is always by my side! I hate it when I leave it at my desk. I have a bb for work and my personal bb (the torch). i'm not 100%sure where my work bb is located at the moment, but i genuinely NEED to keep my personal one close. I need the holster to ensure that when i move....it moves with me :-)

I had the holder for the Storm when I had a storm and loved it. Now I have the Torch and wish I had the BB leather holster, but alas I don't. If I did win this holster I would be able to make could use of it as somewhere nice and safe to keep my phone and yet be very close to me so I can post a quick tweet.

Putting my BlackBerry in the holster, clip at my belt, earpiece poke into my ears, music on, traveling through the busy streets and subway, through and fro between home and office. The holster, is the home of my BlackBerry.

This is insane! Using this holster will definitely keep my BB in perfect conditions and the holster itself is already a blast! Can't wait to show off to the rest when I am the public!

I really need a holster my phone falls and I have no where to keep it. Please pick me it would be great. I'm really desperate for it. I'm exactly what I need.

I have had my Torch since opening day along with my Blackberry holster. Unfortunately my holster is getting a little worn but my BB is still in excellent condition. I would love to win a new one so that my BB stays in good condition.

Thanks CB.....Phil

I would love this case.I to use the case from my 9700 but after a few years it is starting to have the wear and tear look.The clip has lasted extremely well.The strap has many wrinkles due to the constant opening and closing of it.I would love to have this new case,I have faith it won't fall apart as stated by some.

I can really use the holster because as a teacher of industrial manufacturing my torch is always subject to very harsh conditions. I use my torch often through out the school day to keep up with email and phone messages without having to constantly in my office and stay with the students in the lab. I am currently using my old worn holster from my Bold 9000 and it does work but looks terrable and my new torch deserves better. Thank you.

I don't have a holster, just got a Torch 2 weeks ago. I would like to have this one, even tho some posters are saying that it'll fall apart in a few months. I would still like to have one.

I wasn't sure about the holster for the Torch but after watching the video, it looks like a great accessory

I have tried the body glove universal pouch, unfortunately I am constantly taking a screen shout because I have the mute key at the top of the 9800 set as quicklaunch for screenshot. I have tried a NiteIze pouch, it is nice, but it doesn't have the sleep feature, so there is unnecessary battery drain when holstered. I would love to try this leather holster from blackberry, maybe it holds the solution.

To keep the Torch like new first and foremost !. Especially at airport these days. My boarding pass is electronicQR Code( need phone accessible), shoes off , belt off, laptop out, and of course suitcase in tow. The last thing to go on secuirty belt is my phone. I don't have enough hands at airport security these days. Keeping the phone secure on my hip until the last minute would be sweet.

Yeah so i'd make use of winning a new one of these since the one i have is falling apart! However, it's essential

I'am new to BB and just got my first Blackberry Torch 9800 would use thic case to protect the best cell phonw around. I hope I win!!

I believe there are other leather cases for the Torch that are of inferior quality, may or may not be BBRY products - I purchased one from a retail outlet about six monts ago and it is now almost unusable. It does not look like the one at CrackBerry at all... it is 'bonded' leather, has a smooth texture, has a stamped BBRY logo (not the silver one shown on the one at CrackBerry).

The one that CrackBerry is selling appears to be the officail BBRY product.