Quick reminder - Just a few days left to grab NeverMaze for free

By James Richardson on 23 Jul 2014 10:15 am EDT

We posted last week that the developer of the popular BlackBerry 10 game NeverMaze was giving away the game for a short period of time. Over 10,000 of you have taken advantage of the offer and judging by the comments on the original post you are enjoying the game.

So here's just a very quick heads up that if you missed the offer first time around, there's still a few more days to get it for free.

To download NeverMaze for free just follow these simple instructions:

  • Find NeverMaze in BlackBerry World

  • Pull down from the top bezel and select 'Redeem'

  • Enter the promotion code C00423973 and you are good to go.

Enjoy and thanks again to the developer. We love free stuff!

Download NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10

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Quick reminder - Just a few days left to grab NeverMaze for free


NeverMaze in BlackBerry World will show as $1 you need to enter the promo code to get it for FREE.

Pull down from the top bezel and select 'Redeem', then enter the promotion code C00423973 and it will be FREE.

It should then also show up on your PlayBook if you refresh you app list (sorry, no way to redeem the code on PlayBook).

Hi we made the game to be simple and fun and it seems everyone agrees (check out the reviews). There are no permissions required and there are no ads or in-app-purchases. It's free with the promo code for another day or two, so give it a try.

Love, Krungie Factor

I love it. Great for fidgety fingers. Has no ads and *thankfully* no background music, so you can play it without disturbing the commuter or meeting attendee next to you. One free download lets you install it both to your phone and Playbook. Go for it, I say!

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Wow, thanks. I'm glad to see someone who appreciates this. A few people complained about the lack of music. We intentionally made it quiet so you could play it in public... and I think this is the first time someone has seen this as a good thing. :-) You made my day.

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Yup, you can always play your own music in the background if you wish. Glad you enjoy the game. Consider leaving a review on PlayBook if you can, we only have a few there.

Uninstall? And remove from your BBID?

A few electrons inconvenienced and some rewrite cycles on your phone's flash memory wasted on a few sectors...

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To download NeverMaze for free just follow these simple instructions:

Find NeverMaze in BlackBerry World

Pull down from the top bezel and select 'Redeem'

Enter the promotion code C00423973 and you are good to go.

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The code is good for another day or two, but you do have to redeem the code to get it for free (instructions in the article above).

Got it, thanks CB! Like many of the games on my Q10 I'll likely never play it, but it's free. And me, I want what's coming to me... Blackberry World chico & everything in it!

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You should find it works well on Q10, give it a try if you have a free minute, it's designed for short sessions of quiet pensive gaming.

Fun game....and it's free. why not? I just wish I had smaller index finger. Lol

Not Fours Years But A Lifetime

Glad you enjoy it. We did add code to ensure you don't have to touch exactly in the smaller maze corridors, or right under your finger... it will "rubber band" somewhat to allow you do play even on smaller screens. You'll find you don't need to run your finger exactly down the path you're travelling, just close enough.

wow..simple but it is so much fun...good for killing some time

OS - White Z10 on Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

FYI, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only game ever designed specifically to run on the BB10 Android player.

We noticed that there were plenty of native apps and even more ports from Android, but we'd never seen anyone write an app specifically for the BB10 Android player so we wrote one. This was a BB10 exclusive for almost a year,and contains lots of BlackBerry specific features (like the code we wrote for the PlayBook version that makes it harder to accidentally hit the Switch Apps gesture).

I have to admit I'm a bit baffled by the occasional review that says it "should have been native". If we'd made it native, there would have been no apps exclusive to the BB10 Android player.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. We had fun making it.

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It's also seemingly the only touch maze game (most others use accelerometer or onscreen button controls) and also has sophisticated mazes. If anyone finds a better touch maze game, let us know, we're curious!

We do have a native app, we made Krungie Player, a media player for audiobooks and podcasts, using the native Cascades framework. And I also made Alpha Memory using the native GamePlay framework. NeverMaze uses the Android SDK (but is designed for BB10 and PlayBook), right now I'm pretty keen on Unity (another game framework), and someday I might use HTML5. It's a big world, let's judge apps based on performance and features instead of prejudices. :-)

Its a great time waster. Hard to stop playing once you get started. One of the very few games I plan on keeping.

Glad you are enjoying our game! It's small enough to keep on your device for a long time, because it's handy for amusing children even if you get tired of mazing yourself.

I just grabbed it, a very good time killer.

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Thanks everyone for trying out the game, we actually put a lot of work into it (as Stefan mentioned above).

Hey if you want to stay on top of development for my next games, easiest is to follow @marc_lepage on Twitter, I only really post about game development stuff. I have a few games in the pipeline, all will support BlackBerry 10.

Also if you want another free game that's good for kids on BB10 or PlayBook, try "Alpha Memory" it's an alphabet memory (concentration) game. I actually made it open source, you can find the Lua source code here: https://github.com/mlepage/memory-game

Apparently it's an Android port. Anyway the game is actually good, love the concept.

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Sorry but it is not an Android port, it was designed specifically for BB10 and PlayBook (using the Android SDK to run on the Android Player).

Yes I believe it is a new feature in BlackBerry World. To all who are having difficulties, it is working if you follow the instructions posted in the article carefully. If it still doesn't work when you go to redeem the code, it's probably either expired (it will expire later this week) or maybe there is an issue with BlackBerry World's redemption system (maybe worth reporting as a bug?). The game will not show up as FREE, you have to redeem the code. Enjoy!

Hasn't been free for me since the first day you posted it here on crackberry. $.99

It's a BlackBerry Z30 on Big Red

Thank you for the opportunity to have this free game. I know I will love it from all the good reviews. :)

PEOPLE! Figure it out. Normally $0.99, with promo code Free until it expires. In BlackBerry World pull down the top menu and select "Redeem". The Green $0.99 button turns into FREE.

How hard can it be?

Besides, why all this agony over 99 cents?

Thanks. We literally spent hundreds of hours (i.e. weeks of our lives) making this game, yet so many feel it isn't worth one measly dollar. It would be the end of the world if one couldn't redeem the code. :-)

This is an android port isn't it? It's just that it took a few minutes to load and I can go back in the app with the swipe of the bezel ala android runtime

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Hi, this is literally a FAQ (addressed in the comments above), NeverMaze is not an Android port, in fact it was on BB10 and PlayBook for almost a year before we released it on Google Play. Yes it uses the Android SDK but no that doesn't make it a port.

But, it IS still Android.

There are some of us who have high standards, and no Android anything will ever be on my BlackBerry.


Take a deep breath. Your BlackBerry already runs software I wrote. I write lots of native software. It's OK to write a little Android game once in a while, as others have mentioned the game runs very well. The app asks for no permissions and gives only enjoyment.

Ya, but you are in a diminishing population of android haters. Pretty soon the list will drop to almost zero with only you remaining.

That said, I have used BlackBerry for at least seven years. now using my fifth model and still going strong. I simply don't hate androids.

I don't hate Androids.

I just don't want Android software on my BlackBerry.

At all. (and I am not alone)


I'm not judging, but I'm curious: why do you care so much which SDK people use to write the software you use. Shouldn't it be the final product that matters?

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Hey everyone if you enjoy the game, consider leaving a review in BlackBerry World so others can appreciate it. :-)

Downloaded when the offer was first posted. It's too easy and doesn't anything other than difficulty levels... No high scores, leaderboards, games modes or anything to make you want to play the game again. Crazy how they made people pay for this.

Yes we literally held a gun to peoples' heads while they purchased the app. And we got away with it!! You caught us. If it weren't for those meddling kids, we'd have got away with it.

Badland is a well made and nice looking game, have you considered purchasing it to help support the developer?

Felt sorry for you so I coughed up the $.99
The cat might not eat next week but what the hell.

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I tried it on my Z10 and found it to be very quick and smooth. Nicely done.

My youngest son loves maze games so I downloaded it on my PlayBook too for him.

Thanks for supporting BlackBerry !

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It works very well on PlayBook (we added code to ensure touch mazing didn't interfere with side swipes) and you get it for both PlayBook and BB10. Glad you enjoy it, and yes it's a good game to keep around for younger children, it keeps them amused (and amazed).

Anyone else feel their faith in humanity damaged by reading the comments in this thread? From the "It's $0.99!" to "It's an Android port", despite every second post explaining how to get it for free and the devs explaining it was build for the Android runtime on BB10/Playbook... yikes.

Anyway that said, does the promo code work on the PB? I checked and don't see where to select "redeem code" there...

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Yeah it's depressing sometimes but I still keep making new games. I promise the next one will be cooler than the last one, however it will require a homemade VR headset. :-) As for making native apps, I work for the world's leading publisher of BlackBerry software, so I get to do enough of that in my day job, people should not be so quick to judge but hey it's the Internet.

My understanding is that there is no place to enter the redeem code on PlayBook, and the BB World client is no longer being updated on PlayBook. However, people have confirmed that if you redeem the code on BB10 and refresh your apps list on PlayBook, it does show up there. So that's the workaround, otherwise the app can still be purchased on PlayBook if you don't have BB10. That will cost a dollar. :-)

Read this after I spent the buck to get it on the tablet :p It's fun on the Q10, even better on the PB. Thanks!

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I see some people don't read that you need to use the promo code, they just run straight to the comments to complain. Well played :)

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It's true the code has now expired. Many enjoy the game and you get it for both BB10 and PlayBook, you might consider it worth $1 to support a BlackBerry indie developer. Cheers.

So, the post says the promo is good for a few more days, but the day after the post it's expired already? Booo.

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The promo code was good for a couple days after the post, it expired on the 24th or 25th depending on your jurisdiction. The code has been good for almost two weeks (and as mentioned was featured earlier on CrackBerry), this was just a last reminder that the code was expiring soon. The game is still available for $1, people seem to enjoy it, we put a lot of work into it, you can help support BlackBerry developers by purchasing and leaving a review. Cheers.

The game was never free, it was always a promotional redeem code that made it free. That code has expired, sorry, but you are free to purchase the game, many people like it.