Quick Preview of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

DM for Mac
By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2009 03:13 pm EDT

To say Kevin was "overjoyed" with the news of Desktop Manager finally coming to Mac would be an understatement. I ventured into New York today for a T-Mobile event to check out the Curve 8520, and I was excited to see an early version of Desktop Manager for Mac up and running. RIM Product Manager Andrey Feldman took some time to give me a quick look at the software, and I must say it is great to finally see it in action. There is no exact release date (none that I could get anyone to admit at least) but I was told it will be available in September. I was able to play around a bit and got a good look at some of the features.

The software for Mac is a "trimmed but functional" cousin to that of Desktop Manager for PC. It will operate in the same manner with some mild differences like the ability to sync with iCal calendars and easier OS updates. It has the "same functionality with a different interface", and has been designed to be as user friendly as possible as it is geared toward the consumer market. You will be able to easily sync with iTunes, even across multiple Macs, and install OS updates with a few clicks. The biggest note is that the software will supposedly not allow you to install a leaked operating system on your device, only those that have been officially released by a carrier. I'm not sure exactly how this could be achieved, but details were vague so we'll have to wait and see. Not many of the features are new, but overall just a quick look those included are as follows:

  • Integrated Media Sync for iTunes
  • Backup and Restore
  • Install/Remove 3rd party applications
  • Ability to automatically sync multiple iCal calendars
  • Ability to sync with Entourage
  • Ability to sync multiple devices on multiple Macs
  • Event settings for syncing (which device calendar to sync with, merge etc.)
  • Automatically detects new carrier released OS upgrades for devices
  • Ability to rename a device and view available free device memory

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Quick Preview of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac


guess i'm sticking with parallels for leaks on my storm huh?!?! lammeee...

At least we're getting something half worthwhile finally though!!

Well, I'm not exactly thrilled. "Trimmed but functional" seems like a bit of a placeholder software. I mean, it's there, we cannot complain no more mac users won't have their DM. Still, if it's not on par to its windows cousin, we have a crippled software, which is just no good. At least to me, methinks. See, that unclear software update issue: we're just too much restricted by our mobile operators, now RIM wants to leash us to them? Come on, fellas. I'll stick with my XP VM, which actually runs DM 5.0 just fine.

It's just a file on your mac. It's probably safer and quicker than running bootcamp. I use it all the time...well not all the time, for leaks and blackberry apps that they won't make for mac like my password software and banking stuff.

I am excited ... this is why I had to get rid of my Omnia no support for MAC and at least this is coming soon. For me just the ability to backup and sync is what I need and I don't need leaked OS functionality.

about time. I don't see anything about device switch wizard though, hope that's included as well...

no need for device switching...you just unmount one and plug in the other. Device switched.

It isn't about mounting different devices, it's about importing info from one device to another, in the case of getting a new phone, and wanting to transfer EVERYTHING over. If you've not used DM in Windows, and just the crippled lame software that's available for Macs at the moment, you're missing an important functionality that hopefully will be built into this version of DM.

At this point, besides app installs and backups, they are nowhere close to doubletwist and their new version is coming out in a couple of weeks. I just keep fusion running for OS installs and continue using DT. www.doubletwist.com

If it is available out of the box for consumers right now buying this new devicem then why not release it to the rest of us? Do we need to find a leaked version torrent or something? I don't understand why there's a wait until next month supposedly since there is no set date yet???

Can I use BBDM on my Mac at home and my PC at work without screwing with my BB's head? Pin me please: 31e686d7


There's this AWESOME feature that comes on computers now-a-days which is called SPELL CHECK.

Will Apple kill iTunes support like they did the Palm Pre? or because it's on a MAC they will let RIM live happily?

they are not hacking itunes. BBDM just pulls from the open api which is legal. It really just read only. Itunes does not see your BB ever. You still have to go in an make your playlists through Itunes. Doubletwist uses the same approach.

I second your motion, Sir. RIM already has a starting point in Barry and OpenSync, I would like to see a nice GUI package on top of that, with extra functionality added. That would be welocmed by Red Hat/SuSe enterprise crowd and regular desktop distro users alike.

Have a PC at the office and had been using a PC at home - of course no trouble syncing with both. Now have a G5 at home and have only been using the office DM with my Bold as current Mac software for BB sounded disappointing.

When I saw the announcement the other day regarding new DM for Mac I admit I was very excited, but the comments "trimmed but usable" make me wonder if this is going to be trouble going back and forth now between PC and Mac.

Time will tell as I intend to try, thats for sure!

Thank god! I've been wanting to update my OS for awhile now and now I finally can!

Do you think they'll make this available as a free download or do you think those who already have blackberries will have to buy it?

Winning this awesome Blackberry will make me able to finally take and save pictures and video. I"m stuck with a 8703e< so there you go. Thank you for the chance to upgrade :)

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the update! As a Mac user I was going to switch to the iPhone 3Gs for better synching between a smartphone and a Mac. I assumed Apple would make their products sync but I was wrong! My BlackBerry syncs better to a Mac* !!!

With the new BlackBerry DM for Mac synching will be even easier, and hopefully better than Pocket Mac and Missing Sync. As RIM product they will need to ensure it works and provide support.

-- Robert.

* iPhone can't sync Tasks and without using Microsoft Exchange can't reliably sync Calendar or Address Book to Entourage.

I'm on the "its about frigging time!" side. As both an iPhone and Curve owner I have to say that RIM pretty much handed Apple a huge chunk of the market when they didn't support the OSX community. (Tech savvy, with money)

I am stoked, because my curve has been without my own application for MONTHS, a casualty of attempting to use a 3rd party app loader for the Mac. Looks like there might be a second life for the 8310 after all.

I was just wondering since Desktop manager will be released the same month as Snow Leopard, will the Desktop Manager work under Snow Leopard operating system?

Actually DM for Mac may support Snow Leopard, It will not be coming out in 2013, actually, it'll be released later this year. Probably around October or November.

I wish I could just blackout for a month and awake when this things releases. I will never stray from a Mac nor will I stray from Blackberry. This is going to be as significant in history as women's right to vote

Oooo let's hope BT and proximity syncing works with this! No leaked OSes? Say what? hm. We'll just see about that ;)

If this really does sync seamlessly with iTunes, I'm gonna have to get a larger SD card :D