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Quick Look: Video Walkthrough of VZ Navigator 5.0 for BlackBerry

By John Yester on 15 Feb 2010 11:58 am EST

VZ Navigator was recently updated to version 5.0, bringing along some cool new features. You have the ability to not only navigate via the GPS, but also search locally for movies, gas and weather, update Facebook status and more. VZ Navigator is a great alternative to other GPS apps for Verizon users that need quick navigation on the go. The update is still being rolled out to Verizon devices, and will run your $9.99/month (or $2.99 for 24hrs). Check out the video above for a quick look at all the features, and head to the VZ Navigator page for more info.


Reader comments

Quick Look: Video Walkthrough of VZ Navigator 5.0 for BlackBerry

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The Jury is still out on this one
I love the new look particularly the map however I found the program loads much slower on my 9630. Additionally I miss scrolling ahead to preview the upcoming segments on my route. Also am I missing (unless I’m overlooking it) the auto complete? Example typing the first few characters of a city name saved from a previous trip.

i dont know about it loader slower, on mine it seems to be the same as the older vznav. You can put the nav into "List" mode by going into Menu while in the turn by turn screen and it lists the next few turns and it updates in that mode as well. I use that mode more than the 2d or 3d modes. And it does have auto complete.. when i start typing the first three letters, a drop down menu appears and you can scroll down, hit enter, and it'll fill the rest of the address in.

Ive been using the vznav 5.0 for a few weeks now, including a little road trip this past weekend. Never got me lost and every feet increment before the next turn was right on target. I also do love the Pedestrian option as well. I'm always in Manhattan and whenever I want to try new restaurants or find new stores I haven't visited it, I plug what I'm looking for into Nav, it finds it, and maps it out for me. Even when I'm on foot, the nav counts down how many more feet I have left before I turn the block!

I like the upgrades they made to the app but it does feel a lot slower and when typing in addresses it can never keep up with what im typing and ends up mixing up letters which is frustrating. The new maps and actually navigating seem to work well though.

I like the upgrades they made to the app but it does feel a lot slower and when typing in addresses it can never keep up with what im typing and ends up mixing up letters which is frustrating. The new maps and actually navigating seem to work well though.

I prefer the Sprint version.. I even prefer it over the one built into my car.. Also, it's *free* and extremely accurate *thus far* .. Over $100 bucks a year for Navi.. Neverrrr...

Verizon is going to have to do something. Other companies offer turn by turn for free. Verizon owners have to pay. Now the Droid is out and they get Turn by Turn through Google for free. I had a non-smart phone and my plan which was less expensive had VZnavigator for Free. Something has to give. Got a Tom Tom now so its not a big deal for me but it just the principle of it.

This is by far the best GPS out there for the Blackberry. I love it. I use it every day and well worth the money!

that app is deleted on my storm. $9.99/yr..no thanks. ive been using amaze gps for a couple years now. i paid the one time $30/yr for that. i'm happy with it.

Can you elaborate on that? You have multiple contradictions.

$9.99/year, do you mean month?

and a one time payment of $30 per year? how can it be $30/year AND a one time payment?

U got me there. I was quick to type and heading out the door to food shop. I meant 9.99 a month for VZ Nav. Amazed GPS for one year is actually $33. I paid my $33 and use it frequently. No monthly payment.

I need help w/my BlackBerry 9630. Unable to get my internet running on it. My phone was given to me from my friend who was with Spint and I am with T-mobile.

Such as weather, movies (used often), and I think even gas. But the interface does look alot nicer, and it's handy having the different info scroll on the home page. I agree with the previous poster, that it's a little slower to use however, which is key for GPS... eyecandy is nice, but not at the expense of functionality...

...when choosing a destination. Instead, I get an error message and the app shuts down. Is anyone else having this problem? (The tech guys as Verizon were unable to duplicate it.)

can't believe people actually pay money for this. Verizon should be offering it to folks for free as a perk for being with Verizon. Instead, Verizon uses it to fleece existing customers. Free voice turn by turn is just another reason I went to android. You get the best mobile voice turn by turn, and it's free. Uses street view even!

this version just seems too confusing the previous was faster and simpler interface and basically had all the same features. And like someone previously said, not being able to scroll ahead while navigating to upcoming steps is annoying. Unless maybe you can with this version i just havnt figured out how to...

Does anyone know how to get the previous version back?

To view upcoming turns:

While navigating:


To return to Nav:


It's super easy. Seems some folks are in an uproar because some features have moved. No features were deleted and many were added. This version is great!

If anyone has any questions on this new version, PM me or post


in that thread and i will help you out. i've been using the 5 since it was released and it's awesome!

If I wanted a software that updated my facebook I would get one. I am paying a rediculous price for the vz navigator because I am held hostage by verizon with their locked up gps crap. The least they could do is give us a GOOD gps and not this bloated up piece of crap. Its sloooooow SLOOOOOWWWW SLOOOOOOWWWW! Does not keep up with the vehicle and causes one to drive around in circles. The old version was better.