Quick Look At Storm 2 Hardware Updates!

By Bla1ze on 1 Oct 2009 10:27 am EDT
Ahh, another day, another quick video of the Storm 2 in action. So far out of the BlackBerry devices leaked I certainly do believe this is RIM's worst kept secret. This device has had more pictures and videos taken of it than Kanye West after he flipped his wig at the VMA's. Nevertheless, Salomondrin takes the time to walk us through some of the hardware changes he has seen in the device over the past little while. It's brief but covers some key changes. Check it out!

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Quick Look At Storm 2 Hardware Updates!


it is a big deal to a lot of people.. that click was annoying. and light leakage is annoying to a lot of people as well.. this proves that videos that are put up to complain about early builds are being looked at by rim and being fixed.. so if it wasn't for people like sal doing everyone a favor and making these vids maybe some things would never get fixed before release..so start appreciating people and what they do for the community, instead of putting dumb ass comments like this ..

Thank you for stepping up and responding Knowledge 6. Nothing wrong with making comments (even negative ones), but people need to make it constructive!!

Sal (and others like him) take time out of their lives to provide us with these videos/insights. The least we can do is show them respect.

Remember, if you don't like how something is you have two choices: accept it -or- DO something to improve it!

Salomondrin, How do you get to be a tester for these devices? Good video -- I actually got to watch it before RIM pulls it down. Keep posting more, I'm excited that I might actually get this (trade in my current Storm) for the new one!! What apps/themes are expected to be compatible with the new one?

"So far out of the BlackBerry devices leaked I certainly do believe this is RIM's worst kept secret. This device has had more pictures and videos taken of it then Kanye West after he flipped his wig at the VMA's."


Nice improvements. I am really considering trading up from my Storm 1. Depends on what kind of deal Verizon offers to us original Storm owners.

Expect no upgrade deals from VZW. I'm an original Storm owner myself. So, I'm expecting to be disappointed, regardless of how much I like my VZW service.

This may be RIM's worst kept secret on purpose. They may be trying to build momentum for the device, get early feedback, and or just trying to show everyone that this will be a lot better than the storm 1. I have to say though, .230 is AMAZING and makes the Storm 1 a lot better.

That's what I like about Crackberry.com ... not only do we learn the latest and greatest about Blackberry devices and software, but we get lessons in the correct use of the english language as well!

The posts in the Storm II forum that is:

"On my fifth S2 and finally got a quiet screen!"

"Do the Mexico or Canada builds have the squeaky screen?"

"Finally got my green dot S2, no more screen squeak!"

to get rid of the damn click sound completely. So great...now the click sound is at the level of the Storm 1 and we don't know for sure if it's just that he got one that is slightly quieter. I'm on my 3rd Storm and my 2nd one clicked louder than Starvin Marvin on South Park, but my newest one barely makes a sound.

If you have an updated version, that is registered...seems to me this might be a strong inclination of a release here soon.

I noticed the word you typed on the device on the right was troll yet you never hit the "T" key to initiate the word. How is the SureType on the Storm II? I'm wondering if that was a mistake!

Hope that made sense.

Come on Sal, tell us when the SureType is messing up! You obviously tried to type Hello just as you did on the first one and SureType came up with Troll. Don't try to blow wind up our skirt and tell us it's Marilyn Monroe.

Sal... again, you rock. Its nice to see that the new hardware has been tightened up all around. Its also nice to see that the software seems to be coming around, and that the accelerometer seems to be nicely responsive! Nice to see it switch orientations quickly, with minimal lag.

Now, we just have to wait for the actual hardware to hit the streets for the rest of us to play with.

Yo Storm 2, i'm really happy for you and im gonna let you finish, but the iPhone is the best phone of all time, OF ALL TIME!

Having never used a Storm I noticed in the video that each key on the keyboard has 2 letters. Is this the normal keyboard on the Storm?

What is it like in landscape mode?

With all of the smartphone and touch screen technology, and products, I found that surprising. It seems like only 1/2 step up from the numeric key pad on a dumd phone. If that is the normal mode of operation for the Storm it could prove a deal breasker for me.

I guess I just need a full Keybourd, be it physical or on-screen.

Se7enth Sinn, thanks for the reply to clarify my keyboard questions. That sounds a lot more user freindly for a finger kluts like me. I appreciate the info.

The storm 2 WILL have wifi!! That was an old software that did not have the option in it. I mean even the we have doesn't even show the option so calm down and google and see the many posts that confirm wifi.

i liked the sound of the air noise it sounds like a paintball gun (if any of you play you'll know what i am talking about) i was cool.....o well the click sound is ok i guess lol