Quick Look: Seidio Holster for the BlackBerry Tour

Long belt/pocket clasp keeps the holster securely attached to your belt or pocket.
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2009 02:59 pm EDT

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The holster leaves most buttons and ports exposed.

This holster has a beefy/well-built feel to it. You place your Tour's screen facing the soft velvet.
Hands-On Look at the Seidio Spring Lock Holster for the BlackBerry Tour

I go through phases of what type of carrying solution/protective casing I like to use on my BlackBerry and trust me, I've used them and abused them all -- rubber skins, hard cases, leather pouches, invisible shields -- you name it. However, my first experience with carrying around a BlackBerry smartphone and one I'm still very fond of is the holster. Both my BlackBerry 7290 (old blue) and my BlackBerry 8700 came with a holster in the box, and I always loved the Quick Draw McGraw feeling of being able to whip the device out of the holster in just a moment's notice (see picture). I also love the whole sleeper magnet thing. Being able to customize alerts for when the device is in and out of the holster is simply brilliant and one of the things I love about Research in Motion - they give a lot of thought not just about the device as it is in your hand, but how you use it throughout the day. While you see less people wearing holstered smartphones these days (at least I seem to see less of them), I'd argue it's still more than acceptable. Afterall, the BlackBerry is the ultimate communication tool and we all know that tools can be worn! For shakers and movers, it's a must.

I never gave much holster love to my BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm, but somehow with the BlackBerry Tour it has found its way into use again. I've been really impressed with Seidio's Spring Lock Holster for the BlackBerry Tour. There's enough material to the holster to wrap around the device and keep it snug, and the spring lock and whole holster for that matter is very well built. The ratcheting clip on the back is a good length and offers 7 preset angles of tilt. The holster has a sleeper magnet built-in, and the screen-facing-in design ensures the device is well-protected when not in use. The holster retails for $29.95, but if you're a holster-using kind of gal or guy it's worth it. If you like holsters and own a Tour, I'd recommend this one. It's a 5/5 for me. You can see more photos and learn more here.

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Quick Look: Seidio Holster for the BlackBerry Tour


the only thing I worry is where it clips in at the top of the tour...when it locks in each time wont it scrape the heck outta the top of the phone on that shiny black part?

on the curve 8300 holster i had that issue. this one seems pretty good. if you snap it into place without lifting on the spring clasp, i could see maybe over time some scuffing happening. but if you actually lift the clasp up then pull out the device, it'll never scuff as there's no rubbing.

thanks for the fast response...but at the bottom of the holster inside is lined with velvet material right so there is no chance for scraping there right?

the velvet goes to the bottom down the inside panel (to the bottom of the keyboard). i think the bottom should be pretty safe from scratching. the holster itself is sort of out of a rubberized material

I owned the Seidio spring clip holster for my 8330 before upgrading to the Tour. The pros definitely outweighed the cons.
The only problems I had with holster were: a.) The metal ends of the belt clip spring would sometimes get caught on my shirt; and b.) The area of the holster that makes contact with the outer shell of the phone near the keyboard rubbed the gray paint off of the plastic. Although the damage was just cosmetic, this would be a big deal for some people.
I never noticed a great deal of wear at the point of contact with the spring clip.

When I bought my Tour, I knew I wanted a Seidio holster to go with it, but I didn't want any wear on the phone. I pre-ordered the Innocase/spring clip holster combo. I received it almost two weeks ago, and I really love it. It slides right in and is a perfect fit, and I don't have to worry about the holster creating any wear on the phone. If anything, the wear will be on the Innocase shell.

This looks very nice. I would be concerned with the clip scratching the top of it though. Albeit, something I might have to look into.

I have the clip/case and the top clip is made of this soft plastic, that actually does NOT clip onto the phone but surrounds it and keeps it from coming out. It doesn't actually touch the phone.

This is a great case. Very slim and sleek. The entire inside is covered wiht velvet and no the top clip does not scracth. It's made of a soft but firm plastic.

Yea it is, Kevin said in the latest PodCast that he took that with the BB Camera of an actual Optimus Prime figurine! Rad. Kevin, post that bad@ss picture on the CB Wallpaper Section!!!

I've had 2 of these cases for my Curve 8310 and each and everyone has fallen apart. The part that clips to the top always was the factor. The pin would slide out and it'd become weak to hold. Buyer beware. I like all their other stuff, just can't do this type of holster.

I'm really thinking about getting this. I used the rubber, form fit sleeve for my 8830 WE and I have one on my Tour, but it always makes it hard putting it in my pocket or taking it out.

My only concern about this holster is how well the clip actually holds the phone. Does anyone have any idea of how easily it could be disengaged if someone were to bump it or if I were to bump something?

I just moved from the 8330 to the Tour. I had this holster for the curve and the one made by blackberry. I have to give credit where it is due. The Seidio holster is head and shoulders above the Blackberry OEM one. Sure it costs a bit more, but in the end, it's protecting your investment so why risk it...

I got this holster as soon as it became available. I use this type of holster to secure my Tour to a pocket on my purse and the OEM holster from RIM was way too flimsy for my liking. Also, I was sure that it would scratch my Tour because it's just hard plastic.

The Seidio holster is great. The felt lining totally protects the face of the phone, and the whole holster feels like the rubbery sides and back of the Tour. No worries about scratches.

The clip is nice and wide, and it goes around the top of the phone so it's really secure---no chance of it getting knocked out of the holster. It doesn't look like scratching will be a problem, although I do have a piece of PhantomSkinz on that area of the phone (not because of the holster).

I've had holsters where the pin that attaches the clip starts sliding out; as soon as I see that happening I just tap it back into place and it's as good as new. It's really not a problem. This one looks like it's built a little differently, so I don't think that's an issue with the holster for the Tour.

I've tried a lot of holsters and I always come back to Seidio, and they've outdone themselves with the Tour holster (at least in my opinion).

Clip looks cool but what I want to know if when you plan to upload your Optimus Prime wallpaper so I can put it on my Bold.

I have had 4 different devices with this holster. You can also order them larger to include the Innocase II for those that prefer that method of protection. For me, I have exactly what you have shown. I had one for my Treo, Tilt, BB 8800, and now my 8900. Wifey also has one for her 8310. Love these holsters!!!

This is by far one of the best holsters that I've come across. As I'm reading Kevin's write-up I thought it was me thinking aloud as I'm of the same mindset. Cycling through cases and holster, as women do with their purses. I just wanted to give my .02 about this new addtion to the Seidio lineup, along with two thumbs up!!

Only gripe, which hasn't been a problem yet, but I'm monitoring. The swivel clip is very tight to turn. Try turning it in your hands and watch it, it appears to be twisting things and stressing the plastic surrounding the clip pin. Kevin, did you notice this. I don't swivel often so not a problem, but hope that others don't encounter a problem if they do.

I'm an accessory junkie like Kevin. I have tried many different holsters and cases and I always go back to the Seidio holsters (I've had 3: Palm 755p, BB8330, and now BB9630). The Innocase combo is great too if you don't mind the extra bulk. If you prefer your phone naked, definitely go with the Spring Lock Holster.

BTW, on the 8330 holster I took a fine sandpaper to the spot that rubbed on my phone (L side of phone as you face it, near the keyboard). There was a slightly raised seam on the holster and once removed, the phone was fine.

Seidio is top notch!

I bought one of these as soon as it was available for the Tour. Review is right on - a great holster. Very secure, very snug, and just well put together. You'll be happy with this purchase!

seidio has the best holster case combo ever. yeah its $50 but better than 400 for a new tour or $7 a month for insurance plus a $50 deductible..
sleepr mode is the best and seidio is the best in the biz