Quick Look: Seidio Innocase II Surface for BlackBerry Storm

You can still access the Storm's dedicated Lock and Mute/Standby Buttons.
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2009 06:11 pm EST

The two piece case snaps together for unified sturdiness and allows the Storm to sit flat on tables/desks.

All side buttons and ports are still easily accessible. The Innocase II adds to the Storm's sturdiness - seems to improve the typing experience.
A Quick Look at the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Storm

During yesterday's podcast (listen to Episode 030) when we were talking about the BlackBerry Storm I mentioned the new casing I was using and absolutely loving, the Seidio Innocase II. Gary Mazo is working on an in-depth CrackBerry review of this product (stay tuned!), but in the meantime I figured it was worthy of a quick look post. If you're a BlackBerry Storm owner and haven't quite found a case solution that provides a good trade-off of protection and ease of use, this one is definitely worth checking out.

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the BlackBerry Storm is made of hard rubber and comes in two pieces which snap together to form a tight and secure fit around the Storm without adding much bulk. I actually prefer using the Storm with this case on than going naked. It gives the device a bit more rigidity (makes landscape typing feel nicer?!!), allows it to lie flat on counters/table tops for improved not-in-hand use, and the rubberized texture provides a sure grip. Two negatives things to be aware of: one, with the case on it won't fit in the BlackBerry Storm Charging Pod (booourns... cause I love using the Storm as my alarm clock!) and two, it takes a bit of effort/technique to pop the case off - not a big deal unless you're yanking your battery or MicroSD card out multiple times per week. 

The case comes in a bunch of different colors (I kinda like the red one I have - very "Verizon") and is available from ShopCrackBerry.com for $29.95. If you're a BlackBerry Bold user, be sure to check out CrackBerry member JReel's review and video of the Innocase for the BlackBerry Bold.

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Quick Look: Seidio Innocase II Surface for BlackBerry Storm


I have one for my Curve 8330 and I love it. I have to argue with one of your neg's Kevin. I like the fact that the case doesn't snap off easily. That way you know it's secure enough to handle a good drop and some neglect.

Seidio posted in the CrackBerry forums that they are indeed working on a charging cradle that will be compatible with the Innocase. So, +1 to Seidio. :D

of course they are, so they can the the most buck out of you for being so lazy that you can't take off your case.

Not to belittle your point but, if you have or have ever used an Innocase, you will understand that it is well worth its money from its looks all the way down to the way it feels. Now, unfortunately, taking it out of its case is not an easy task, and something I, nor anyone else, would want to do constantly. Therefore, a docking solution that works with the case seems to only make sense.


The one I have on my Curve 8330 doesn't make it feel significantly heavier, just more solid and sturdy!

What's the main difference between the Innocase I and II? Looks like they snap differently into place and that the "I" gives it a bit more protection around the ear speaker, no?

I have the Innocase or as described above innocase I for my storm and have been using it for about a month... the difference between the two is that the I covers more of the top of the storm and instead of your top bar completely open you have two openings for the buttons... the case is solid but has a rubber like feel which makes it easy to hold on to and being only 1mm thick it has virtually no weight to it at all... the case also has a felt liner to cushion the back of the storm... the design also makes it easy to use all the functions and nothing is blocked, sound, speaker, LED or any of the shortcut buttons on the sides... I also bought the matching spring-clip holster for it and the pair is really worth it... the storm clips into the holster solidly and the swivel clip allows it to rotate to the direction of choice... and if you buy them together at http://www.seidioonline.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2976 you get a little break in the price... I would definitely recommend this pair if you want a reliable protective cover and belt holster...

I have both the top loading vert blackberry case and the horizontal one. Does the add to much bulk to fit into these holders and will the magnetic sleep function still work?

if you are refering to the pocket type holster... the answer is not really... it adds just enough to make fit tightly in the holster but not allow the top strap to reach all the way over the front... as far as the sleep function... yes it works and the spring-clip holster from Seidio is equiped for this...

Have had one on my Storm for three weeks now. Yeah...they are great till the soft outer covering starts to come off or till you have to do the daily battery pulls for the Storm...other than that....its a nice case.

Does this case make the bold too wide to fit into the blackberry belt holder? I'm looking for something that will protect but still let me put my berry to 'sleep' when it's not in use. This looks like it could be a winner.

I have the Seido burgundy case for my Curve and agree with Kevin's comments on the feel and protection. I recently bought a charging dock for my curve and thumped myself in the forehead when I first tried to use it. I am a pro at popping open the case as I had to do it a million times a day after upgrading to the Verizon 4.5 and flipping out the phone until it bricked on me. Much better now with a replacement phone from Verizon, but I did just find the plasmic Nurse theme seems to freeze it up as with the previous phone.

I had one of these on my 8330 and now I have one on my Storm and I love it. Doesnt add too much bulk and it isnt sticky like those cheap silicone ones.

Noooooooooooooo! It won't fit in the dock?! I love using my storm as my alarm clock. It is awesome! Too bad, I would've bought this case if it wasn't for that. Thanks for pointing out the dock "thing" Kevin. I was gonna e-mail that question to the podcast, but you beat me to it.

Does anybody know if the innocase II is as thick or thicker than the verizon silicon case? And if so, by how much?

It is thinner than the silicon case and fits much better. I have been using the Innocase II for a few days and love it. I think it's the best case out there. The only down fall as mentioned is with the battery pulls. I feel like I'm going to break it taking it off so often.

A rep straight up told me not to waste my money on the silicon case. They wear out quickly and can tear pretty easily. She told me to go to the CrackBerry store.

I love the idea of this case, and think the aesthetics match the function end of things, so I want one.

Question is...can anyone confirm that it fits in the seidio holster? I see that seidio sells it as a combo on their website, with the holster.

But, How can the holster work with the phone, and also the phone in the case? Even at 1mm thick, it has to add some extra width/height to the phone...right?

Those are two different holsters ... I have the holster thats made for the phone when its in the shell... if you take the shell off of the phone and stick the phone in the holster its def not a secure fit and wouldn't dare try using it like that. Hope that sheds some light on your question.

I have no doubt that Seidio makes a darn good case, but for those who think $30 is overkill, check this one out: http://www.handhelditems.com/blackberry-storm-9500-9530-rubberized-shiel...

Similar style and only $6.99. I ordered one the week the storm came out because there were not many options, and I figured, hey, it's only $6.99. I have had no problems with the case, despite 2 or 3 drops... it protects the phone just fine. It's only ghetto-booth-at-the-mall quality but did I mention it's only $6.99???

I bought the Verizon silicone case, its okay, but I don't like the fact that when you put the phone in your pocket it clings and makes it hard to take the phone out. Could anyone comment on whether the material of the Innocase makes this easier.

I've had the case for 3 days and love it over the silicone skin i had before. There is no cling in your pocket. Not nearly as hard to remove as people are describing. Little pricey but gives the storm a solid look and feel.

i wish someone would put out a case with sides that overlap the black borders of the Storm's screen. this would accomplish a number of things; keep the dust and stuff out that i can see in there, block out the light that escapes around the screen and from what i hear, in the unfortunate event that you drop the Storm, the screen pops off. this would keep it from doing that. if anyone knows of a product like this, clue me in

I actually told my wife the same thing the other day. The lining around the case that would slightly go over edge of the screen or maybe fit ever so nicely in the gap between the screen and the case should be silicone as to not scratch the screen and for a good tight seal for keeping dust out. But who would dare to make that jump for an awesome product?

Just received my curve 8900 from T-mobile. I want to purchase a skin for my curve and I need to know what the difference is between the Innocase II and the Seido premimum skin case. Can someone help?

I love the Innocase II on my Bold, but the original Innocase for the storm looks more protective. The Innocase II let the top side almost unprotected. My question is if there are any difference on the inside part. Both offers: Soft felt lining offers interior protection.

Thanks for the heads up on this case. After reading these stellar reviews, I'm ordering one this weekend. (Just wishing vzw sold it for an employee discount ;) )

With the cases rubber material, is it hard to take out and put in your pocket? sticky like?
(I'm 15 and do alot of "undercover" texting in school with my storm, and need to hide it quickly at times)

Not at all. The Innocase II feels just like the rubber sides of the Storm. Slides very easy in/out of pockets!

I purchased the case for my wife and the combo for me for our storms. great fit and look. the only negitive is with the holster you can not use the charger plug. but other wise a great case.

Does anybody know if this case will fit over the blackberry storm when it uses an extended battery? The battery I bought comes with a new backing to the phone and I was curious if this will fit over that.

I just purchased the seidio innocase II in pink off of amazon.com for 49.95 including shipping. I hope I like it as most of you do!

For some reason that well, frankly escapes reason, they only put felt on the back half of the case. The front half is plain hard plastic that continually rubs against the phone and scratches the front top, front bottom and sides.

I would only recommend this case if you have a skin underneath. Otherwise, the damage it does, is not worth the protection it provides. It will not stay on from a fall 2.5 feet or higher onto any hard surface (ie concrete, driveway, brick, etc...) resulting in an entirely exposed unit should it slip out of your hand.

I bought a generic plastic shell case for my storm from a kiosk at the mall, it worked great for a while but then whenever i would click the screen it would click very hard and sound as if it was going to crack. I think that case was way too tight for the phone...

Has anyone had any click problems with this case? I would like to know before i drop the money on one of these.

I was very impressed with this case, until I had to remove it. It is ridiculously difficult to remove. Yet another great Seidio product that is wonderful, until you have to remove it, or, it breaks. If I didn't have watch back removal tools, I'm not sure I would have ever been able to get this case off. I needed to remove the case to use my extended battery. Really, really bad execution if you ever intend on removing the case.