A quick look at the new BlackBerry Protect options coming with BlackBerry 7

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2011 01:17 pm EDT

As you may or may not have noticed from some of the leaked device videos of recent, BlackBerry Protect is getting an upgrade in BlackBerry 7, all while becoming deeply integrated into the BlackBerry OS. The above video shows us some of the new options that will be available when the new version rolls out.

That's not to say anyone who isn't on BlackBerry 7 won't get the new features. Essentially, RIM could roll this out to every compatible BlackBerry device tomorrow if they wanted as an update to the already existing standalone BlackBerry Protect application but having it built-in on newer devices just makes sense. Thanks, @rr_yy!

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A quick look at the new BlackBerry Protect options coming with BlackBerry 7


Aside from being baked into the OS, you now have two additional back up options. Password keeper database, and WiFi profiles.

Music is great!
But even greater is this share of rroyy! Thanks!
Many questions in my head!! :) I won't be asking them though:)

Looks like there was the option to back up music and the password keeper, I know I'd be screwed if I lost my password keeper data! I have to agree about the icon, it's ugly. So why doesn't RIM just update the program for the rest of us right now?

Love the idea of self backing up. I remember to back mine up only when I misplace my phone.
If I ever lost it, and didn't back it up for a period of 6 months or more, it's game over for me.

DISCLAIMER: I use my phone for business, and a lot of material on it is VERY sensitive.