A quick look at the Mobi Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Torch - Enter to win your very own!

Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
By Michelle Haag on 18 Apr 2011 12:42 pm EDT

Want to win a free Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for your BlackBerry Torch? Keep reading to find out how!

I'm still coming to grips with my feelings on using a case for my BlackBerry Torch. I've been trying out the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case, and it's been going pretty well. It's a very slim case that doesn't add any bulk to your device. The low-profile design snaps on to your BlackBerry pretty securely. The back piece fits really well, and the cut outs for camera, side keys, and headphone/charging ports are well done. The case design leaves the top of your BlackBerry open so you can operate the lock and mute keys with ease. This hard shell case does a good job protecting your device from nicks and chips, and in the event you drop your BlackBerry it will help keep your phone in one piece. I did have the misfortune of dropping my Torch once while I had this case on, and while the front piece did pop off, it was after impact so there was no harm done. I think that is a common issue with Torch cases; because the slider part of the BlackBerry doesn't give much area for a case to snap on, that part is prone to come off when you don't want it to.

Something else I noticed with this case, but not with the OtterBox I tried previously, is that if you have any sort of scratchy particles between your BlackBerry and the case, you will end up with scratches on your device when you remove the case. I suggest cleaning and dusting off both the inside of the case and your BlackBerry thoroughly before snapping any case on. Overall this is a good choice if you aren't terribly accident prone and just want to add some light protection to your BlackBerry. It's pretty inexpensive and comes in several colors for the Torch so you can get a few and match them to your outfit or theme. You can check out more pics after the break and find more details on the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case at ShopCrackberry.com where they are currently on sale for just $12.95 (regularly $19.95)!

Contest: To enter to win a Mobi Products Hard Shell case for your BlackBerry Torch, leave a comment below. One entry per person, and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
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A quick look at the Mobi Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Torch - Enter to win your very own!



Would love one of the very cool Mobi Hard Shell Cases to protect my awesome Torch. Thanks Crackberry for all the awesome articles and great contests, keep them coming.

... And as it seems should offer some basic protection to all of us who try to be very nice to our small little jewel.

Very nice looking case I wish I could get them where I live and not be paranoid about dropping my torch.

Just got this phone last week but did not buy any protection for it yet ,this case looks like a great "bodyguard"!

Blackberry Torch2 would love this to put on this case,it would be like its sleeping with Blackberry Torch 1ns wife,now that's a low down and dirty Blackberry Torch2,because this case is meant for the Torch1,2 better hope 1 doesn't Torch his ass

I am in desperate need of a case :) I have the white Torch, and in the 3 weeks I've had it, it has definitely accumulated some scratches -- oh no!

Michelle, I love your reviews and awesome contests!

Would love to win this for my Torch. Not liking my pouch. Almost dropped my Torch a few times trying to take it out of the pouch.

It would be an excellent weekend to pick up one of these courtesy of CB. Thanks guys for the chance to win one.

I have an otter box case and its the worst case ever it broke 3 times on me the first day I got it this case seems like a much better one I don't see any complaints like I do about the case I have now I would love this case in purple!!!!! Its cute slim and protects the phone what more could you ask for!!!