A quick look at the Mobi Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Torch - Enter to win your very own!

Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
By Michelle Haag on 18 Apr 2011 12:42 pm EDT

Want to win a free Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for your BlackBerry Torch? Keep reading to find out how!

I'm still coming to grips with my feelings on using a case for my BlackBerry Torch. I've been trying out the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case, and it's been going pretty well. It's a very slim case that doesn't add any bulk to your device. The low-profile design snaps on to your BlackBerry pretty securely. The back piece fits really well, and the cut outs for camera, side keys, and headphone/charging ports are well done. The case design leaves the top of your BlackBerry open so you can operate the lock and mute keys with ease. This hard shell case does a good job protecting your device from nicks and chips, and in the event you drop your BlackBerry it will help keep your phone in one piece. I did have the misfortune of dropping my Torch once while I had this case on, and while the front piece did pop off, it was after impact so there was no harm done. I think that is a common issue with Torch cases; because the slider part of the BlackBerry doesn't give much area for a case to snap on, that part is prone to come off when you don't want it to.

Something else I noticed with this case, but not with the OtterBox I tried previously, is that if you have any sort of scratchy particles between your BlackBerry and the case, you will end up with scratches on your device when you remove the case. I suggest cleaning and dusting off both the inside of the case and your BlackBerry thoroughly before snapping any case on. Overall this is a good choice if you aren't terribly accident prone and just want to add some light protection to your BlackBerry. It's pretty inexpensive and comes in several colors for the Torch so you can get a few and match them to your outfit or theme. You can check out more pics after the break and find more details on the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case at ShopCrackberry.com where they are currently on sale for just $12.95 (regularly $19.95)!

Contest: To enter to win a Mobi Products Hard Shell case for your BlackBerry Torch, leave a comment below. One entry per person, and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
Mobi Products Hard Shell case for BlackBerry Torch
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A quick look at the Mobi Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Torch - Enter to win your very own!



looks great, and lower profile than the casemate I have. that one tends to block my use of the trackpad and stuff :(

I agree with the author, finding the right case for the Torch is difficult. This case looks like it might provide protection yet not add a great deal to the bulk of the phone. I am a bit fastidious about keeping my phone looking great and a nice case and or pouch is imperative. I would love to be sporting one of these colorfull cases on my Torch.

I just got a used Torch and really need a case for it after all the refurbishing i'm doing myself to fix it up.

Also, I love that theme/wallpaper. What is it?

+1 for Torch on T-Mobile.

Sweet! I've been looking for the "perfect" Torch theme... Was using iStolePM and liked it but it wasn't it for me. I'm gonna give the demo a run and see if my broke college tush wants to pay the 3.99 for it (and may troll the forums for software coupons).

Right, I want this because my wife has the Torch. She *had* the Otter box but one fall and it was toast. The flimsy little latch on the back of the front case part snapped off after that fateful first fall and was done. I would like to save her phone before she destroys it like her old 9000 so if you want to put this thing through some real tests, let my wife bang it about :)

I'm in desperate need for a case for my torch. Dropped once and I'm afraid I'd drop it again.my torch needs proper protection. Please count me in this. Appreciate much. Thanks.

i have the Red case on my torch and its the worst product ever produced.

The paint started peeling off within a month and now I have Red spots in my pant & shirt pockets from sweat getting in touch with the paint. The top piece kept falling off and broke..

Their replacement policy is horrible.

Stay away

I just got my very first BlackBerry and thank you so very much for this site!!! It has helped me to figure this thing out lol I woudl love more than anything to have the opportunity to win this case as I do not have one. Thanks again for all your site does!

I have been looking for a slim case hoping that it will go into the dock I use without having to remove the case. This may be just what I am looking for.

This would be great since, I'm on the company plan, can't upgrade every year like I'm used to, but my BB would still look great.

Hi all,

Good luck for entering the contest. I hope I will get the chance to win.

My 1 year old niece accidentally dropped the phone when I left it and she is so smart to grab and tossed the phone on the ground. Totally my fault that now it has a small nick on the top right front bezel. I have started looking into protecting my phone and hopefully to win a mobi case to cover the damage.

Please let me win...!!! :)

AGF GRT Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800
The front snaps to the back and won't come apart unless you drop your phone which I have several times and nothing has happened to the case or phone, you just snap it back together!

This would have been a great contest to have... before my Torch skipped across the concrete garage floor! No functional harm to the device but it has got some pretty nasty dings on the chrome parts. Would love to have one of these for future "incidents".

looks great !!
i like how the back cover covers everything but the camera and flash, nothing else open!

I need a new case, my Seidio front piece is broken from it slipping out of my hands a couple times. Torch still as clean as day one.

Looks very nice! After my Torch took a fall onto the asphalt without a case I could really use this for next time!

I've needed a case for so long! I didn't even know they made cases like these! I've dropped my phones so many times its too long of a list to count but yet my phone's still working lol I do really need this case and it would great to win such a prize!

ummmmmmm HECK YES! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this on me 9800 Torchie. Please? Pretty please?!?!

this colour matches your nails! HOT


the brother

looks just like the one my friend lost; she hasn't gotten around to replacing it, so her torch's a little banged up. it would be cool if i could win this and give it to her, haha.

Looks good! I have tried three cases for my white torch with all of them keeping my phone in locked position. Would love to try this one out!

Well having gone through three cases since owning my Torch, I'm still looking for the best case. Maybe this is the one. Count me in please and many thanks to Mobi for donating and to CrackBerry for hosting the contest.

Hey guys - just last week I bought a Naztech case off of Amazon very cheap. It is the stylish one with the netting and grommets. Guess what? Scratch the paint right off my white Torch when I put it in for the first time! Yeah and they are out of business and the web site I bought it from said they'd gladly give me my $10 back. So help a brother out?

I would like to win this cos my Otterbox case sucks and the cover fell off so many times i lost it

Sign me up, While I don't have a torch, rather a bold 9780. This could earn me some bonus points with a friend of mine who has a torch

I'd like one, please. It'll make my torch distinctive and cover that slight imperfection on my bezel!

For the price of a comment or $20. You can protect your Blackberry 9800. Any protection is better than none

Thanbk You