A quick look at BlackBerry Management Center

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2011 02:23 pm EST

While the announcement of the BlackBerry Management Center went mostly unheralded, it really is quite a compelling offering from RIM for small businesses of under 100 users. The goal is to offer small businesses a solution to manage not only business owned, but also personal BlackBerry devices in a manner that is easy for all. As detailed in the video above, BlackBerry Management Center has some great features built into it:

  • Wirelessly back up BlackBerry smartphones automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to aid in the recovery of lost business-related content stored on the handset
  • Protect content on an employee's lost or stolen BlackBerry smartphone by remotely locking it and, if necessary, wiping the contents, including the microSD card
  • Locate a lost BlackBerry smartphone by remotely locking it, initiating a loud ring, and displaying a message on the Home screen
  • Easily restore the settings and content on a new or replacement device
  • Reset a password 

Aside from offering the security solutions users would expect, BlackBerry Management Center is available for free. If you're looking for a better solution of protecting devices but not looking to fork over a ton of cash, then BlackBerry Management Center is certainly worth a look for business owners.

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Call it 'Myberry' Like 'iCould'


Blaize, Kevin and Chris U.,

Here's the part that is being missed. When you invest in a company - you buy the management. Jim and Mike have "MISLEAD/LIED" to us for a few years now with their hyperbole "roadmap gonna blow you away" to the last debacle BB10 phones.

THEY KNEW even before they downgraded the outlook on 12/2 that they did not have the proper chipset to launch BB10 phones in Q1 2012 AS PROMISED... this is intentionally misleading and therefore - THEY DO NO DESERVE OUR TRUST ANYMORE...

Oh and what happened to the Playbook 2.0 OS upgrade - NOT MENTIONED IN CON CALL YESTERDAY...

The CO CEOs of RIMM ARE CLOWNS AND LIARS......I am done with them...


want some cheese with that wine.


Looks pretty cool. I wonder why they don't simply open it up to everyone, not just businesses? I mean, sounds great in order to troubleshoot/'manage' family devices, no?

Maybe I'm too techy. Most people probably don't want this, though I can see parents liking this for parental controls, etc.


Well, anyone can sign up really.. pretty sure they're not checking to see if you're a REAL business lol.


BB Protect would be the single user version of BB Management Centre. Maybe a couple things missing.


The plural of "business" is "businesses."