Quick look at BlackBerry 6 running on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 [video]

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2010 06:32 pm EDT

*UPDATE* Social feeds is available, you just have to check it in apploader to ensure installation.

Here is a super quick look at OS running on a Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650. I just pulled it off of my PC and haven't even played around with it yet. My initial thoughts are that it runs pretty well overall, but its a bit sluggish at times. It has all of the revamped OS 6 goodies in there like the new UI, WebKit browser and Universal Search, but sadly no sign of Social Feeds (unless I'm missing it). So check out the video and if you decide you want to give it a go head over to the original post.

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Quick look at BlackBerry 6 running on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 [video]


I think Social Feeds was in the OS options, but it isn't check by default, along with YouTube player and Wireless media sync..

So the mobile viewing link don't work? Comes up with "The URL contained a malformed video ID." So there's no video??

What do you mean why does it matter. First if it didn't matter no one would ask. Second if it didn't matter phone company's wouldn't care to put any. We all need space. 512mb is ok. But I still wsh it had more. So either way it does matter and some of us would like to know how much room is left on the phone.

well if it can run well on a 256 ram, we shouldn't have much problem running it on this phone. Keep in mind that this is a leaked os with a different version number and also with verizon pushing all his content/settings back on to his phone it could very well slow down in parts.


BB6 is cool i am glad there was a leaked update i was consider a iphone4 but now i'd rather have a blackberry torch :). but i can not find the social feed app any clue where it is if you know can you BBM me the info

PIN: 323E9C07

I'm fairly new to blackberry and all (loven it btw) just wondering will the be a blackberry 6 for blackberry bold 9000??? thanks in advance!

I guess my first impression is that it doesn't seem like such a big change on a non-touchscreen device over OS 5.0. I think that OS 6 is more impressive on devices like the Torch.

what i would like to know that when this eventually leaks on to the 9700 will the apps have the name of the apps under them? i dont like the name flashing up at the top. in some leaked videos i have seen both, where the name of the app is under the icon and like this vid where the app name appears on top.

The name at the top saves them a fair bit of space, you would probably lose a row of icons off the screen for it not to be the way it is now and given most other videos are older it seems like they have upgraded to the names popping up at the top in newer software.

This one dont suffice for me. I mean it looks cool and all and glad it is finally coming out, but was way slow loading stuff. I mean if it was still loading service book stuff, why in the world would you make a video of it? You would think you would give it some time to settle in and what not, then have a crack at it. I mean he did 10 seconds in the browser and still didn't load. Hopefully it was just due to the service books, because if it is running that slow, I am better off with 5.0 on my 9700 IMO...here is hoping I am right on the pushing of service books.

Watching the video has made me want OS6, but I've got a Curve 8520 so it's probably never going to see OS6 :(

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This is a really hard decision on what to do with my 9700 (when we get the leak). If you think about all of the customization/setup/themes available on OS 5 that works well on a Bold, it's tough for me to justify why I should dump all of that and start over when OS 6 has a fraction of those options, and my device will likely be underpowered to run it.

I think the full web browsing experience is a pipe dream - at least until we get much better networks. I was at an NFL stadium yesterday, and realized that I didn't have a prayer of getting a 3G signal of any kind with 64,000 people sitting around me, and iPhones everywhere eating up AT&T spectrum. People five years ago treated mobile websites like a patchwork solution to devices and networks, but I would much rather use a good mobile site on something like Web Browser 5.0 than fiddle around with loading full sites (300k or larger) on my device.

RIM?? why y'all holding out on y'all best device. Wait i know, to perfect it... And my phone will not be sluggish nor laggy. i always have a solution for that. ahaha... Here comes OS 6.. 9650 users enjoy and give us feedback

i dont know if this a stupid question but ill ask anyway. is there a way to increase the ram of 9700? or is there gonna be an OS 6 that will run on a 256 ram just like the one on bold 9700. sorry if i sound stupid. i just could not find the answers in the forum. thank you.

Just installed on my Bold 9650 (Verizon Wireless). When I did a device restore all my stuff was there (Facebook, Twitter, Weather Channel, etc.)

Only problem I have is when I open the web browser I get the following error: "There is insufficient network coverage to process your request. Please try again later."

I called Verizon, tech support had me call *228 and do both options 1 and 2. Finally they told me it's my area it should work in a little while. Well, now I'm in NYC and it still doesn't work. Could it just be a software problem that RIM will fix eventually? Btw, when my wifi is on my internet works fine. And just for clarification, everything else on my phone works (texting, bbm, email, Google maps, weather, Facebook, twitter, etc.)

Debating whether or not to go to Verizon in person...but they haven't released yet, so they'll probably tell me to go screw.

Anyone know of any bugs etc?

Some people are having trouble with this... if you go to the leaked OS announcement comments, on the 2nd or 3rd page, you will see someone talking about this... its a service book error.... for some reason, some people are having issues with service books and the browser will not work because of this... search for a thread from xanderberry... he addresses this issue.

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I am very pleased with OS6. The install was very smooth and took under and hour. I noticed in some of the other blogs that some people were haveing some slugishness issues after the install. I know my unit was doing an extreme amount of syncing/service books. My advice is once you have os 6 installed put the berry down and leave it for an hour to stew. Mine did take about 45 minutes for it to reload service books etc. Adjust permissions for those programs that need it then do a battery pull.
You'll need about 30 minutes to re-organize your icons and create some new folders.
The Os seems stable, we are hour 12. Email, facebook, twitter, and texting are all working without any delete/installs. All of my favorites including BBM, Vigo, Foursquare, Sprint Football, ScoreMobile, Google Voice, Google and Sprint TV are working. I have not noticed any sluggishnes on any perticular program. Wi-fi had less receprion and radio seemed to have more reception when I was on the couch watching football.
I have noticed FourSquare loads faster and that in some cases opening a text or starting a messagd requires an extra button push . I'm working on a learning curve and cant get App World to work nor can I figgure out the podcast icon. MIQ needed to back up everything again.
I enjoy the main menu located at the bottom of the screen. The menu gives you the ability to have 20 icons along the bottom of the screen available in a horizontal scroll.
From having experience with other Berries, I feel the main screen is a little cluttered. (one of my favorite things about Blackberries compared to some of the other phones was an nice clean desktop.) I will get use to it.
Head Scratcher: went to bed last night and this morning radio was disabled and needed the chech box to be re checked. I do have the profile set for when charging to go to bedside mode with the phone only option enabeled. I will play this evening and see if it happen again.

I'm wondering if there is any shortcut to bringing up the whole tray of icons... I don't like the idea of having to press the BB menu key every time I want all the icons displayed, if those who have 6.0 on their 9650 or 9700 could let me know that would be great! currently I'm debating upgrading from my Bold 9000 to a Bold 9700 or doing for the Torch 9800?