Quick Look: BlackBerry 10.2 lock screen notifications

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2013 11:43 pm EDT

OS leaks when they come are always rather interesting. Some times they contain no substantial differences and other times, they're a bevy of information. With the latest 10.2 leak, we're getting a good glimpse at what features BlackBerry is working on for the next big release of the operating system.

The last few OS leaks had references to lock screen live previews that left many folks wondering just what they were and how they would work as they were disabled in older builds. With the release of though, we're getting a clear visualization of what BlackBerry has in mind, though what exactly they're calling them seem a bit muddled. Interactive notifications? Live Previews? In any case, they're sweet!

Granted, this is all subject to change given the fact it is a leaked OS but the feature in its current form is working pretty awesome and it certainly jives with what BlackBerry customers have been asking for. Go head and check out the video to see what we mean. Just remember, this is only coming by way of a leak currently so if you like what you see, you'll have to wait or try out the leak.

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Quick Look: BlackBerry 10.2 lock screen notifications



I am typically a dummy when it comes to computers and jargon. However i have this loaded 10.2 leak and it's awesome. Wait not for the carriers. Go get it. Follow the forum directions. Viola!

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I would have been able to do that if the CB10 properly supported the native browser...

Posted via CB10

tap the image works fine on my z10... not just that hold the image and click open in browser so you can watch it from native browser... what are you smoking?

Posted via CB10

I watched it on my Z10, so I'm not sure what it is that you are complaining about.

Thanks Bla1ze! This is AWESOME news!

So let it be Zed, so let it be written.

The CB10 site is the best Blackberry 10 app period also for Bloomberg , Gold.Globeinvestor.com , and the rest of the coming apps please do not disappoint us !!

You would probably be able to do it if you wern't here to type negative comments with your IPhone, the imore site has the non flash enabled videos over there! Video link worked fine in my z10!

The new os looks amazing!

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I also had issues, sometimes YouTube videos don't play well, sound gets muted, image quality goes very low, stops playing at all, etc.

Are you feeling ok? CB folk tend to get a little snarky some times. Don't blame us. It was our upbringing that made us this way. Enjoy your weekend, friend.

It is an optional feature. So you can turn it off if your privacy is paramount.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. You actually explained it better than the 'professional' writer.

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Tou didn't watch the video before commenting. just be honest cos he said it in those exact words that they can be disabled for privacy reasons....

I understand. But I meant when the preview feature is switched on. I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

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no worries, but i think if you have privacy issues you wouldnt turn it on at all, right?
its like on the iphone how it pops up and shows what the msg says or you could turn it off so it says "text message"

They should have it so that it works in conjunction with the password time out so that when the device is locked you can't see the preview. Hopefully this comment won't attract ant idiotic comments.

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well its not like you can open the msg unless you unlock it. you can see it. basically see see no touch.. er open
For me its pointless since the Time out and Lock are set to the same interval . this is good for me it lets me see the msg and see if its worth unlocking my phone for

Haven't seen the video yet but i think i get the gist of how it works from the comments in this thread. In any event if my thinking is correct, i would agree with you on the preview not being displayed at all if the device is password locked. Sometimes a preview could be too much info for prying eyes :)

Are you blind or just ignorant? My posts clearly say 'Posted via CB10'. I don't have to explain myself to some freak like yourself. They're probably more welcoming on the iMore side anyway.

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Clearly it's just attacks now. Where the hell does Apple come in besides a general comment. Stop embarrassing yourselves. Wow what the hell...

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It's not hard to identify where the Apple/Attacks came in, it's about 4 comments up: "He is probably a stupid Apple freak." Put the blame where it belongs.

has anyone tried to tap the date/time to see if it shows more calendar previews?? that would be frickin awesome, cuz it's pretty annoying how the only way to see what OS7 called "agenda view" is at the top of your hub and it only shows two days!

@NinjaB When you tap nothing happens only when you tap on message icons will it expand on Lockscreen. The next calendar events do show right along with icon notifications.

There you go, very awesome indeed and now on par with what everyone seems to be doing with the lock screens.

Can't wait for the 10.2 update!

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This is pretty Epic. A fantastic addition the UI and a much needed one.

This will appease some and, while others will be concerned with privacy, the lock screen will be a bit more useful now.

Cannot wait for the update now!

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

this is making it so hard to resist jumping on a leak
my only gripe is I dont wanna reload all my sideloaded apps, albeit theres on 4 or 5, but i dont wanna redo the debug token either
and then theres the compatibility of the blackberry world apps

Bro, you won't need debug token anymore in 10.2 all Android apps work because it is 4.2.

Posted via Cb10 Khalistan Zindabad

really? so even say Instagram? or Candy Crush
but Id still have to resideload
and not all the download app will work under 10.2

I think your last point is the crucial one, while this leak is interesting, do you really want to even temporarily give up some of your normal apps just to try it out this early.

Battery Guru is not showing that I am charging, time to charge etc. Only glitch found so far.

Are you certain about this? That's the only reason I haven't installed any leaks myself

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I didn't need a token bit then I tried a token but neither of them work now, Instagram boots up both ways but I can't take pics. Candy Crush crashes when I press play

Glad you posted. I didn't realize any of that. I've never leaked....... yeah I said that....... thanks for the food for thought.

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Thanks for this video Blaze. That was a good sell right there. All this is part of what makes owning an OS10 device very exciting. Always something new and more to come. So dynamic

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I could not agree more.

This OS is amazing and it deserve so much more credit (read: any credit at all) than it currently gets.

I understand that key features are have been left out. Some of those features still baffle me. But it was like TH said, they delay the release due to the software not being complete it will never get released at all. Every major update (hell, even maintenance releases) brings forth great features.

BlackBerry hating is just the flavour of the month and no matter how amazing they make their software or how innovative they make the OS it will not impress the mainstream media.

When iOS7 hits and people rave about the features it has that we have been using since the release of BB10, it will all fall on deaf ears and Apple will once again bask in the glory of being the innovation kind.

Gage me with a spoon.


Now i know for sure i have chosen the right mobile computing device which helps me save hours compared to using just a smart phone ... Haha. Can spend that extra time on the LADIES ... YEAH!!!

I hope the notifications will be actionable, as in if I tap on the message it takes me to the hub to that message. If my screen is pw locked then the pw screen should come up and then take me to the hub.

I like these updates. Just making an awesome phone better.

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I agree with this. I live the new lock screen! I want to tap on a particular message, and go to it. (That, and allow me to go directly to the main hub no matter which hub app I was last in).

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can anyone clarify this?
with the iphone, when the screen is alseep and a message comes in, the screen lihgts up and you see the message(s) on the lock screen. if you do nothing else the screen goes back to sleep. this feature is good when the phone is next to you and you just glance over and see the message and either ignore or investigate. with this new feature on BB10, when the screen is asleep, do the messages show up OR does the red light go off and only when you swipe up on the screen do you see the notifications? i could not tell from the video demo because he left the screen on when the message came through. thanks in advance!

As of now, the screen does not light up but that's not to say it won't eventually or have it as an option.

This would be the one thing that would make this perfect for me. I'd like to be able to glance over and see what it is when the screen is off. Come on, BB... you can do it! (HUB++ has this feature in their app, but you have to be running the app, and until it's headless, no thanks)

Another difference from iPhone seems to be when you see a message on your lock screen, if you want to go directly to that message or notification, you just swipe it. Watching Bla1ze's demo, this didn't seem to be possible on Z10?

I think i saw elsewhere that the message notifications are 'actionable' and will take you into the hub. However, just as with the iphone, if you see the message 'snippets' on the lock screen and you click them, if your phone is locked you will have to unlock it first before going into the hub/message. i prefer the bb10 way as it adds one degree of privacy. if you are sitting at a table with someone and a message comes in, the iphone just lights up and the message shows...if there is a picture in the message the picture also shows up as a thumbnail on your lock screen which has now turned on! with bb10, the message comes in and the light goes off BUT your screen remains asleep. if you want to quickly see what it is you just slide up 'peek' at the snippet on your lock screen and then let it go dark again as your thumb goes back down. you can choose to look at the snippet when you are ready, but with iphone it just shows up. your other option with iphone is to turn off all notifications, or just the snippets.

sevoman wrote: "However, just as with the iphone, if you see the message 'snippets' on the lock screen and you click them, if your phone is locked you will have to unlock it first before going into the hub/message." This is wrong, you don't have to unlock it first. If your phone is locked(iPhone) and you see the snippet on the lock screen, you swipe the snippet icon and it unlocks the phone and takes you right to the app associated with the message/notification. This is different than what was demonstrated in the video, it seems you cannot directly slide to unlock the notification on the Z10, you have to unlock the phone as per usual, then make your way to the hub/notification.
P.S. I currently don't have a Z10 to play with and so it is possible that I am misunderstanding the notification procedure, and thereby also misunderstanding what you are saying.

...im pretty sure that when the iphone is locked and you receive a lock screen notification, pressing the notification does not bypass the lock. you still have to unlock it before going into the message.

nope....my phone was locked with 4 new email notifications (snippets) on the lock screen. i swiped left, right, tapped on them. did everything. when the phone is locked you cannot go from a notification into the actual message app. you have to unlock first. when the phone is unlocked, you can go from a notification to the message app. as expected, it would be silly for the phone to be locked and for you to be able to bypass the lock by just swiping the message preview.

ok. lol. but i must say, if you can bypass a locked iphone and get into a message by swiping the notification, then i'd say yours is defective. the video you linked to is from ios5 maybe some changes have been made since then? ios6 = you swipe right on a notification and your password dialpad pops up asking for password.

hahaha. sorry you where wrong. hostile from the get go. so you checked your iphone and you have been wrong all this time and you call foul on me?? absurd. you have a nice day as well.

I didn't know you were talking about a PASSCODE lock! You never once mentioned the word "PASSCODE", however, I'm certainly willing to apologize for the misunderstanding, I hope you can see how no mention of Passcode could have contributed to this? I now see what you meant by it being silly to be able to bypass a Passcode.

LOL. no worries mate. i figured 'locked' meant passcode and not just screen lock. we are both right! cheers.

Sure wouldn't surprise me that the led may alert you. Besides, hub++ and Bebuzz pro will take advantage of that if BlackBerry leaves it out

Posted via CB10

Personally, I like that the screen does not come on. I hated that about the iPhone - it's so disruptive. I would, however, like it to be an option for those that do like/want it.

agreed.... id rather the LED light go off alerting to a new message. THEN, at your convenience you can check the lock screen and see if you want to unlock to reply.

This is much better. I have an iPhone for work and everyone has that friend that sends embarrassing pics. I like the notification light blinking and screen dark.

It is not too bad from experience. Especially if they go a different route than the iPhone by using the notification light. I set my notifications to just one line so I can see the subject but nothing important in the message.

What about if you have a pin code set? How would that lock screen come up after you input the pin? Thanks.

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BlackBerry will take over the world. Interactive notifications, priority calling auto replies, this is the best leak ever.

Posted via CB10

How will people learn of these features when BlackBerry even with a new CMO still has the worst marketing in the industry?

People still don't know BlackBerry 10 exists.

Plus, I really don't think the Z30 will stand a chance in the marketplace this fall as it is just not up to par with the competition in any way really.

Time to lift my jaw back into place after it hit the floor. Awesome work BlackBerry!! Keep the goodies coming!!

Great feature now lets just hope BlackBerry expand on that idea some more, keep the screen intuitive and adaptive. teamblackberry keepmoving BB10

The handy thing is that you can selectively disable it on a per account basis so you could switch it off for your emails, but leave it on for something less private as you prefer.

Mind Blown by the possibilities can't wait for 10.2 going to be CRAZY the Z30 is going to be a BEAST

Posted via CB10

are you able to use the toasts on this update? if so, how are they? im really looking forward to being able to respond even faster than i am already able to.

Wu hoooooo! I'm joining the Borg! Get that Hive a buzzin'
Liking it. Join the collective!
LOL... it's a recruitment something or other..... I got nutthin' Cool!

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Just got the latest 10.1 mr. So far no issues,seems a bit smoother after some initial lag. Now I can't wait for this release!! Maybe it's time for my z10 to get its first leak! Keep these updates coming BlackBerry!

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Good if one can disable it for privacy reasons. I am already not happy to have my appointments visible on the locked screen.

Posted via CB10

You can make your appointments private so that no information is actually shown, it just let's you know you have something coming up.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

This is not an official update from BlackBerry. 10.2 is still probably months away from public release.

This is a leaked version. If you want these features though, you can obtain this leaked version and install it on your device by visiting the CrackBerry forums.

Looking good, but does anyone know if the make a call feature is coming back. Having to unlock to do so is a true pain in the arse (or tell me if I have embarrassingly missed it on my Q10)

Posted via CB10

At the rate Verizon has been going with software updates, you better be referring to Christmas 2014 or you're being very optimistic lol

Never loaded a leak, and I was about to go sleep. But now I can't wait, I'll ser you all on the other side :)

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There are no actionable home screen notifications?
I want to be able to answer messages directly in the home screen (like with toast notifications) without having to unlock the phone.
Come on BlackBerry. You can do better than that.

Real answer is because too many dumbasses (love how BB10 auto corrected to dumb assessments) don't understand simplistic gestures and are stuck on activating icons.

Sugar coated answer: because it's easier to hey to something when it's right in front of your face my child lol.

Posted via CB10

Lol, thanks. Just another icon I'll have to throw in a folder.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

For now iPhone and Android have sorted this better than BlackBerry. Hope that will change by 10.2 official release.

Well, i have a SGS3 running android 4.1.2 and really haven't seen actionable whatever on it. Is it hidden somewhere? Or have they rolled out a newer OS version? I know the newer phones came with 4.2... but i have no access to that yet. I'm gonna side load this on my z10 now while I wait to see what android version has it, then I could tell how well the BlackBerry is doing. I like the idea that it's coming though. This on a z30/a10, coupled with decent battery life and vibrate on pings (if they gimme those)......then I'm so oooo good to go

Thanks for sharing...cool new feature..hopefully in the next update, we will be able to tap to get directly into the message...super...

The bb10 phones really will be the world's best phones in no time - they are already but will be even more awesome!!!

People that ain't brain washed own BlackBerry's

Have this and lice it runs pretty smooth as well. Toast notifications now have a nice text beside each icon saying reply delete... little subtle enhancements make this UI so rich and beautiful. Live 45 minutes from head office. Always been a BlackBerry user always will be

Posted via CB10

Live Previews seems to be a better connotation and roles off the to fue much better with the hipsters whom seem too dumb to get with the Interactive Notifications.

Posted via CB10

Now add swipe to open message same as on N9 + on Q10 sleeping screen and after two years the first OS would be comparable to MeeGo/Harmattan!

Posted via CB10

Nice! Thanks for the update!

If this had been posted before last night I would have jumped on it - what's kept me off the 10.2 leaks are the radio issues.

That said, the MR (.4181) is a marked improvement, in terms of a smooth os - can't tell battery life as it's too soon but. .2309 was poor. This already looks smooth!!!

Anyone loaded this yet? Smooth? Decent reception?

And can anyone tell me if this is compatible with commercial vpns? (pptp, l2tp and openvpn)

Cheers!!! :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

This is it! Now i am DEFINITELY getting the Q10. This is one of my most loved features on the iPhone.. Wow that looks hot!

Very awesome. Imagine if it could display say pictures from things like fb messenger whatsapp, audio clips etc, after clicking on them.

Posted via CB10

I knew BlackBerry will do something like this. It was just a matter of time.

Now give us the option to arrange our icons eg. Type, Alphabetical order, Date, whatever.

Kills me every time I move an icon, there's a hole and when I download something It fills that hole and I go searching for it and I can't find it.

Posted via CB10

Sweet, a lock screen pre-Hub, too bad you can't tap the preview and go to the message, maybe coming down the pike later? Mmmm, then it'd be a lock screen Hub basically ;-). Can you configure which accounts preview on the lock screen?

Thats a neat feature. Is it possible to scroll on lock screen if you have like 10 new emails or FB updates ?

My eyes widened and I literally shouted "holy c#@p!!"
Thank you for sharing this update. I need to have 10.2 even more now :)

Both Z10 & Q10, cause I want the best ... and can't decide which is better :)

Hi everyone, I've got a z10 with the but I haven't got any of these notifications, does anyone has the same problem?
I also haven't got the weather and calculator apps and also box and dropbox are not here anymore, and I can't add my Facebook account, the BlackBerry Hub only let me create email accounts, the rest is working fine.
Or maybe I'm not on the latest release? In that case does anyone have a link of the latest release?


Posted via CB10

The first emails and Text i got on the Z10 i pressed the notification icons and thought thats not good having to go to Hub so this solves it all,Brilliant.Can not wait for the official release of 10.2 and all the other goodies

Nice feature. Unlocking is a pain right now if you want to take a peak at what came in.

Posted via CB10

This is awesome! But can you specify which messages you want to appear or is it an all or none option?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Can anyone tell me if there has been any changes to Blackberry Remember? I am hoping for some added functionality as far as setting reoccurring reminders and specific date/time for reminders. Thanks in advance!

When people say apptmt notifications "still" show, what os are u guys running cuz i don't have that on official did that start in 10.1 mr?

Posted via CB10

Installed right now awesome features...
But the interactive notification is deactivating every time I leave the display menu is that normal ?? And after I have read the notification on the look screen I lock but then I want to read it another time it has desapear ! Anyone else has the same issue ??

Posted via CB10

I can't turn this feature off. I don't want people viewing my messages when it's locked.

Posted via CB10

Well .. another step forward ... now, in my humble opinion, should be added to the features in this release of the previous ones, ie you can interact with them (reply bbm, sms, email .... Open an appointment or a reminder) as the video shows that you can't do nn .... I hope to be proved wrong.

Can't seem to get interactive notification up, it keeps turning itself of when I try to turn it on :(

Posted via CB10

Cool, but should have ability to mark as read/delete as well as should be able to open that app from the screen directly without having to unlock. Again should be an 'option'

Posted via CB10

So you want the ability to use the phone without unlocking it? All of those things are pretty integral in the operation of a smartphone. The idea of being able to simply bypass a device password/code doesn't sit well with me.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Hope it's out soon with jellybean 4.3 or 4.2. As if not its Just another lie from BlackBerry like os 10 for playbook was.

Posted via CB10

I think this is an awesome feature, however with the screen lock set to a maximum of 5 min on the phone. You kinda miss the whole feature when you swipe to unlock the phone. I wish I could lock the phone without going to black....but amazing feature regardless

Posted via CB10

Great find Bla1ze, keep them coming!

I'd never use this feature because I really like to lock down my device, but it's a great feature. And it's done in true BlackBerry fashion, for the busy user who gets multiple notifications of different types. It's not just a preview of the last message that came in, but all the messages of each different type. Exciting!

Glad it's an option. There are times when I need privacy.

I'm cool with it not being able to action it on the lock screen.
If they make it an option to do so. A small timed long press or swipe would be good to eliminate any accidental presses.

It doesn't work in the Settings, even if you turn it ON when you check back it's OFF again. Any solution to this?

Posted via CB10

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Awesome! Exactly what I was waiting for. Do you guys know if Airplay is going to be available for BlackBerry 10 ? In the upcoming updates ?

Posted via CB10

I tried it and it looks cool but I wish if BlackBerry allows us to control which one to be visible, privacy is our main concern :))

Posted via CB10

I think it's better to have this feature in App settings where you can turn on/off predicted notification

Posted via CB10