Quick Look: Android App Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2011 04:49 pm EDT

Earlier today, the Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook leaked out and as expected, you really can't do much with it aside from have some fun just poking around. Since the time I did up this video, folks have now found out you can in fact use the Android SDK to install some apps but given the buggy nature of the Android Player -- not all apps will work. If you decided to pass on downloading it, check out the video abouve to see what you're missing. If nothing else, take joy in knowing the BlackBerry PlayBook has a newer version of Android than 81% of Android users.

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Quick Look: Android App Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook


It's basically a full Andriod email client.
You will see more options like Compose, accounts and settings if you swipe up from the top.

This is a testing environment... the end user will not be able to access all this when it is actually on the Playbook. I am unsure why u can even access it now....

Cool...but I won't install it anytime soon or never at all but it is a nice option to have if I ever need an andriod app in the future

RIM is doing a great job with this. Most people agree that the playbook has great hardware and design to most tablets (android tabs known for their specs, and ipad for its design). Playbook is like in between.

I thought the android player was simply a wrapping of an android app into something executable with QNX. I then thought android apps could be sent in and just put on app world to play through this android app player.

Maybe it is just a testing environment. I was not expecting RIM to port the android OS onto the playbook, LOL.

If they are porting it all over, RIM's not messing around. They're trying to beat all other android tablets at their own game. They've got their email coming with their 4G tablets (of which few android tabs are 4G), better cameras, sleeker design, option to tether free with blackberries, THE ANDROID OS, gesture support, the best multitasking, best flash, best browser, decent price(with 100$ staples coupon!), faster update cycles, high security etc....

But then again, could be just the testing enivronment, which is more likely.

This thing is getting better and better. I really hope RIM keeps up this productivity for a long time.

"World's first dual-operating system tablet" lol

Great video Blaze! One thing that you should have covered is how to get the keyboard enabled. You need to go into the keyboard settings, enable the android keyboard, then restart the Android Player.

Blaize, Thanks for the the video man.
I installed it, messed with it a lil bit but !! how do you pull the keyboard up ? I tried in messages and email, I click on the field but nothing happens. tried messing with the keyboard settings, but again nothing happened, NO KEYBOARD :(

I pulled my keyboard (bottom left corner swipe) out but nothing happens when i type..

Edit: You're supposed to use the android keyboard. Go to settings and activate it :)

I did but it never popped up. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and mow it wont run, PB gives me a notification on the left corner. when i click on it, it gives me a yellow triangle and error code 1. :(

Nice overview, well done. I'm not quite that anxious to have android running on my Playbook just yet, I would be a lot more excited to have Sheets To Go working right at this point. Still its always great to see progress being made. Thanks again.

I can’t wait to get Android player! It’s good to know they are working on it and that they’re on track (hopefully). I hope to see more codecs added to the PB such as AVI, VLC and MP4. Also, like to see USB hosting too.

Looks like it is basically a VM running Android. Awesome idea. Since the OS is free and open source no licensing. They could probably do this with any OS, but would have to pay licensing. You'd think they would have a BBOS7 VM our first.

That looks like a lot more of Android than RIM intended.

If you can install Apps without going through App World then you can bet that isn't what will be released.

Android is the only thing that can run on it what i mean by that is that u cant have more then 1 thing running no browser camera nfs jus the android player can run...but its alot of fun... cant wait rim