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Quick Interview with Mike Kirkup of RIM With Reactions to WES 2010 BlackBerry Announcements

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2010 08:01 pm EDT

Following the WES 2010 Keynote (and just before we did our WES 2010 Solution Showcase Speed Tour) we put RIM's Mike Kirkup behind the big CrackBerry.tv camera to hear his quick reactions on the BlackBerry announcements of the show. In his role of Director of Developer Relations, it's easy to see that Mike is clearly excited for what's coming in BlackBerry 6, both for the consumer and what it will mean for developers. Check out the video above for Mike's remarks on BlackBerry 6 as well as BlackBerry MVS, the Pearl 3G and more!

Stay tuned for more... our next CrackBerry.tv video to air is an awesome compilation of Bloggers' reactions to WES 2010. 

Reader comments

Quick Interview with Mike Kirkup of RIM With Reactions to WES 2010 BlackBerry Announcements


I'm really looking forward to the 6 but i'll be honest that I won't be using it on any other device than the next storm rendition. Till then me and my Tour will just be patient.

i'll probably just wait till the posts start coming in on how it works on our tours. After the nightmare i had with upgrading to 5, partly due to my MacBook Pro. Luckily I back up info like OCD gone wild. I really hope I can stick to my guns, the truth is i would love to get this OS the second it hits the street...

Great little interview! Thnx for posting. Awesome to see the stoke in the guy's replies! OS 6 will be awesome as will the 3G Pearl!

And nice to see RIM acknowledge about making OS 6 "pretty" but also making sure it will be - *keyword* - SNAPPY!! Good on RIM to keep the focus on the important factors of what makes a BB appealing...

Great interview...nice to see the enthusiasm in RIM's replies. This guy knows his stuff.

Kevin...keep them coming. This is great coverage!

Amazing phone...I was on sprint and could not wait for the EVO.

So waiting for blackberry to duplicate Android/Apple isnt my thing.

I will watch on constantly to see how it works for you guys...wishing for the best.

Hey guys I'm a new blackberry user got a blackberry curve anybody got to say its pretty cool anybody got any advice for the newcomer?Peace and chicken grease. :)

The forums here are great for help and advice. The tab is at the top of the page right next to the "blogs" tab. :)


When upcoming news like the Pearl 3G and new Bold is one of the biggest news for blackberry, all I can say is WOW what a joke!!

Iono about everyone else but I paid particular attention to the end comment in regards to the colour of Pearl 3G...He said he's the "typical RIM conservative type." All the people that want RIM to innovate and stay one step ahead of the market should really pay attention to this comment.

Just my 2cents...

I'm not sure he is as excited as he's pretending to be..To be excited about the "Pearl" ha ha ha!!

that phone looks like something from the early 90's ..

I love my storm-2 but RIM is fading fast...

OS-6 is my last attempt at my continued love affair with BB..

I'm looking forward to a snapdragon or better processor in a black berry.

Storm 1 was a good idea but a STUPIDLY manufactured phone. 128.... seriously....

Storm 2, love it but dam not everything looks like is getting better fast on other phones. RIM needs to keeps up. 512MB shouldve beeeeen in my storm 2 WTF RIM!!!!!! 256....... ^&%#%$ &^$

I don't know if a BB would need to have a snapdragon processor, they are actually okay now in terms of speed but it's memory leaks that kill it and the retarded decision by whoever at RIM to give these devices low app memory.

Seriously...it's been, how many years and their latest device is coming with 512MB of app memory? It should have been at 1GB a long time ago. At least you have 256MB...I got a Bold 9000, try 128MB for size...

They seriously need to put things in top gear.

The memory leaks do suck. I hated my storm 1 for it.

It probably is "ok" with the current proccessor but thats just not good enough for the consumer market. This need to think big and stop takin baby step or they're gonna lose a lot of buyers. Even if all that clock speed is useless, its still holds weight in what the consumer sees. Now everything comming out is HD this and HD that... RIM is so far behind the curve its sad. Maybe they shouldve remained marketing to enterprise users and keep it at that but they just opened a can of worms and i don't think they can handle it.

Or they can make the next storm 2GHz with 2GB App memory and like a 500GB hard drive lmao

If you are a hardcore BB business user, you'll probably never leave BB, if you are not, and especially if you have a Storm, try the Incredible, you will NOT be sorry.

You're right ajfstorm.... i just really can't see myself without a blackberry. I would get a itouch for the apps but thats it... But if RIM was gonna get in that market then they should go all out instead of F-ing around and upgrade a lil thing here and there every new blackberry. Love/Hate

This guy is obviously on another planet. I saw nothing at all. What a let down. They stick the black eyed peas in some half hearted video and they call it fresh, new and exciting. Not one journalist had the cherries to just come out and push for some hard core answers. I saw nothing but guys kissing butt. Seriously, you go to one of these events, it costs you money and time, get some freaken answers from these guys. I was seriously pissed off listening to some of the assinine questions that just went no where. It seemed to me that most everyone were too intimidated of the god of Rim to ask the tough questions.

Iono about everyone else but I paid particular attention to the end comment in regards to the colour of Pearl 3G...He said he's the "typical RIM conservative type." All the people that want RIM to innovate and stay one step ahead of the market should really pay attention to this comment.- http://www.electronicswholesaledistributor.com