Head to Head: Google+ on BlackBerry vs. Google+ on Android

By Ryan Blundell on 24 Feb 2012 09:01 am EST

Adam’s post yesterday about the App for Google+ beta got me excited. I’ve been really wanting to get into using my Google + account but, unfortunately, there wasn’t a simple way to do so from my BlackBerry smartphone. Having been forced, I mean, politely instructed to use an Android smartphone by my boss at my other company, I’ve been able to dabble with my account a bit. Call me loyal, but it always felt like cheating when I did that. After the news hit, I immediately installed App for Google+. Understanding it was in beta, and with a few Google+ features missing, I could tell that I would be putting the focus back on my BlackBerry. Just another reason to not answer my work phone I suppose.

Before I tucked my Android smartphone into the darkest corner of my bag, I put together a quick comparison between the two applications to see how well they stacked up, and where improvements could be made. The first feature I hope to see drop is the Messenger – that is a crucial part that should be addressed first if possible. Perhaps also giving users the option to see various streams, like what’s hot or what’s nearby, would be good as well. To me, it’s another way of discovering new people to place in your circles. If you have a Google+ account, or thought about getting one, I strongly suggest you give the App for Google+ from Smarter Apps a try. You can grab the beta for free from BlackBerry App World.

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Head to Head: Google+ on BlackBerry vs. Google+ on Android


First! I've had the latest G+ update for a week or so on my Atrix and didn't realize that it now had a "what's hot" pane until watching this video. Thanks CrackBerry nation!

The messenger function is great. Wait until they get that working. You're not really getting the complete experience until then.

Thank you for this, but I also have a suggestion for crackberry nation. Most people including myself do not have a Google+ account. It would be great if Crackberry can post a comprehensive article on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. I know there are other sites which explain the differences, but crackberry can have it's own spin I guess. :)

G+ is #Fail, Google give up Facebook beats you hollow.

With the new BB10 phones RIM should expand BBM to have things like easy photo share and music sharing fully integrated. Basically expand BBM to a social network.

For it to get beyond BB users, it has to be something the non-BB people want. Right now it is just another IM to them. They have to beef it up.

You are missing the whole point.
BBM is a Blackberry exclusive. It is one of the few things on a Blackberry that does not need anyone else.
With BB10 they need to add video calling support to make it hit harder and it will be complete. The base is there already on the Playbook.

Since this isn't an official app, devs have to make do with what Google gives access to via the API... There is a still a long way to go.

Very good start, Check-in location looks good, I don't think I'm able to tag people yet via +Name. Hoping to see improvements as a beta, I'm very happy for a G+ app on BlackBerry, I am not a big fan of Google pulling away from the BB OS, no Plus and unsupported Gmail app now...

The first thing I did when I got my first BB phone (only this past September) was to get the Gmail app. It was what I had known on my feature phone. After seeing how well Messages integrates Gmail, I have no need for the Gmail app. Further, Gmail works fine in the browser, though the integration with Messages is better and faster.

Integrate it with Social feeds and you'll have a winner!

Oh, while you're at it... Maybe you could cover another base: LinkedIn.

Nice for those who use google+, but the few people I know that bothered haven't posted there in months including myself. Sorry Google but FaceBook for all its faults still rules.

Why not use the 9810 or 9850 where its a much better view and doesn't look so crumpled? But still as with Facebook the Google + app is better on other platforms and that quality is what is lacking in apps.

I like that RIM is responsible for Facebook on BB phones. My friend had all of his Android phone contacts automatically sucked into Facebook when he used the official Facebook-made app. With Facebook for BB, you can switch that off, as well as a host of other security things, like your location.

Yes, and INCREDIBLE keyboard that no shotty Android or iOS device could ever, ever come close to competing with.

I recently disabled my Facebook due to preference. I still have my Google+ account and if I didn't read this and watch the comparison video, I wouldn't have considered it.

After I get my sexy new white 9900 set up, I'm getting this! I do agree about how it should be available on the playbook too though!

After installing App for Google+ on my Bold 9700 I don´t see G+ notifications on the web G+ and on BB too.
Thank for good job!