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Queen Elizabeth gets a Tour of RIM and a white BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jul 2010 09:58 am EDT
Queen Elizabeth gets a white BlackBerry Bold 9700 

On her tour of Research In Motion over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth not only got shown around by RIM's founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis himself, but also was presented with brand new white BlackBerry Bold 9700. We say that was a great choice, considering in the poll we ran last week that over 51% of you thought the white 9700 was the current BlackBerry device model best suited for the Queen. Greeting her on her new device was an image of children offering flowers to the Queen. Definitely a sweet gift to receive first-hand.

No real details emerged on what the Queen got to see in Waterloo, but were sure it was was certainly worth the trip and something all of us BlackBerry entusiasts would love (maybe she got to use BB6 with the new WebKit browser, or played with the new slider, or saw the storm 3?!). Now there's just two other things I'd love to know....  1. what do I have to do in this world to get a Mike. L tour of RIM? and 2. where can I snag one of those sweet RIM lab coats? Talk about style! :-)

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!



Its so awesome that HRH would stop by BlackBerry and pick up a device! RIM should feel extremely honored! Too bad they didn't have a special "Royal Edition" BlackBerry Bold. Maybe purple or something...


Wow RIM couldn't even give the queen the slider. That rumor made it so interesting to see if she would get it and so in sarcasm, she traveled all those miles for a free white bold. She could've just walked into rogers and probably get all the different bb hand sets for free no?


I don't understand, did RIM invite her? Did she just go to Canada to visit RIM?


To your question, just marry Prince William and be the next in line.


She is in canada because she is the queen of canada. She is in the currency there. But anyways this silly notion of having queens and kings today is freaking idiotic. She should be dropping dead at any second now.


She's only 84, not that old anymore. She could be long lived like her mother, she was almost 102.


Haha mad epic how she didn't loose her hat or purse. Real g


to get a personal tour, you have to be:
1. The Queen
2. From RIM?


I think it would have been nice to have made a special addition just for her!! At 84 will she really use all of the functions Blackberry has to offer?


I wonder if they had to make the Queen sign some NDA forms to keep her from telling what went on that tour :-)


I have been to the facility in Waterloo several times. It is an amazing facility, though they dont let people into the NPI area.


I am sure all of the media and attendants had to as well. Especially since cameras are NOT allowed in the facility (many of the workers use 7290s or 8820s).


cannon83, The Queen is somewhat of a gadget lover so I wouldn't be surprised if she did make use of at least the majority of the functions a Blackberry has to offer.


She is in canada because she is the queen of canada. She is in the currency there. But anyways this silly notion of having queens and kings today is freaking idiotic. She should be dropping dead at any second now.


LOL she isnt the Queen of Canada..shes head of the Commonwealth of which Canada belongs to so thats why shes on their a Canadian id be more happier if she wasnt on the currency...the monarchy is outdated and has no place in todays society.


I know this is a year later but yes her title is Queen of Canada. She is our head of state and technically has power that is beyond that of the Prime Minister. I think the monarchy is very relevent and sets Canada apart from their neighbours to the south.


That doesn't look like a OSHA approved helmet


Blackberry Entusiats nice one lol, is that how they say it in Canada Kevin.


15 seconds after that picture was taken, she handed that phone to one of her attendants and she will never see it again.


Headline from Buckingham Palace ...

Her Majesty's email was truncated. She was not amused.


Too bad she will have to upgrade to the refreshed version of the 9700 pretty soon only to run OS 6.
Even the Queen got screwed by RIM.
Bye RIM.


it is very likely the queen would have received a new device. If anything her device is VERY unlikely to ever have it specs leaked.


but not sure the two really go together.


I love how the Queen got a TOUR of RIM this weekend. I got a good laugh reading that.


They should have given her the 9800 with OS6 running on it.

Now THAT would have been news...


Now its time to get her PIN.


Wonder if she will quit being the queen for a RIM job? :o


Guess it depends how good of a RIM job it is!


Her contract might have a stipulation for tossed salads at lunch!


*remember to tip your waitstaff*


I would add her to my BBM


imotionsrt.... thanks for making me choke & blow Pepsi out of my nose!!! That was unexpected & so hilarious, I havent cried from laughing for a long time, that did the trick


Does anyone have her BBM pin?


Yes but the real question is White lab coat or Blue lab coat?


Is it really necessary to wear a lab coat while there?


80 years old people have problems with dvd players. Enough said, you got my point =)


I wonder if RIM now gets to put that House of Windsor Royal Supplier Seal on their product boxes that has a tag line that reads "Research In Motion, suppliers to the H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II".